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Services You Need. People You Trust. Outsourcing is NOT a Four Letter Word: Services from the Clearinghouse Pam Gilligan, Director, Northeast Region PA.

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1 Services You Need. People You Trust. Outsourcing is NOT a Four Letter Word: Services from the Clearinghouse Pam Gilligan, Director, Northeast Region PA BUG - October 27, 2003

2 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE About the Clearinghouse Created in 1993 as an independent, non-profit association to simplify the student enrollment verification process to the student loan industry. Managed by a 18-member Board, broadly representing higher education and financial aid providers (NASFAA, NCHELP, AACRAO). Recently changed name to National Student Clearinghouse to emphasize that scope of services extends beyond original student loan function.

3 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Clearinghouse Mission To serve as a central repository and single point of contact for the collection and timely exchange of accurate, comprehensive post-secondary student information.

4 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Clearinghouse Database Overview Based upon loan related verification process Successful, 10-year-old process Over 2,750 institutions participating Over 91% of U.S. enrollment (16 million students) 60 million historical records

5 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Benefits No charge to institutions NSLDS SSCRs are done by Clearinghouse Paper deferment forms are sent to Clearinghouse for processing Reduces technical defaults Interface exists in Banner system

6 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Clearinghouse Optional Services EnrollmentVerify To credit card, health insurance, housing, computer, travel providers, etc. DegreeVerify To employers, agencies, search firms EnrollmentSearch Track your prospective, current, former students now enrolled in other institutions

7 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Old Verification Process - Registrar Perspective Receive phone calls/fax requests Non-standard formats Usually interrupt normal workflow May require manual processing Generates expense

8 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Old Verification Process - Requestor Perspective Labor intensive Time-consuming & expensive Often hire/transact without verification Fraudulent degree/enrollment claims Some alumni disadvantaged

9 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE New Process: Clearinghouse Verifications One place to report/inquire Standardized data formats Fast, easy, reliable Available 24 x 7 on the Web Confidential Economical

10 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Why Use Clearinghouse for EnrollmentVerify and DegreeVerify? Reduce workload and staff interruptions Expand service to students/alumni No addl programming (EnrollmentVerify) Combat credentials fraud (DegreeVerify) No charge to institutions Generate revenue (DegreeVerify) Completion of paper Perkins & private loan deferments free of charge (EnrollmentVerify) Proven track record



13 DegreeVerify

14 # of Schools DegreeVerify Participation Over 500 DegreeVerify schools participating…











25 Service Features 24 x 7 availability via Web Password-protected + Public sites Over 2200 employment agencies, search firms, background screening firms & employers obtaining degree verifications Cost = $2.00 - $6.50 Institutions may mark up DegreeVerify Currently, free service available to small employers Software interface for DegreeVerify available

26 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Getting Started DegreeVerify Sign agreement Program computer (shrdegv.pc) Transmit files Refer requestors EnrollmentVerify Sign amendment Refer requestors

27 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Additional Features DegreeVerify - Refer all your DV Requestors Free Student Self Service EVC Free DegreeVerify use by: Human Resources Office Staff Admissions Office Staff EnrollmentVerify Enrollment Verification Certificate (EVC)









36 EnrollmentSearch

37 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE How it works… Identify cohort of students by name and DOB, ftp to Clearinghouse. Clearinghouse responds with school of subsequent enrollment, enrollment status and dates of attendance, etc.

38 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE What Does It Contain? Names of students and alumni SSNs Post-secondary institutions attended Dates of attendance Enrollment and graduation statuses Degrees Major courses of study

39 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Two Methods of Inquiry On-line Inquiry Batch Data File Exchanges

40 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE EnrollmentSearch Institutional Research Presidents Registrars Admissions Enrollment Management Financial Aid and Loan Collection Trio Program managers Benefits College officials from different departments:

41 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE EnrollmentSearch - Institutional Research IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey Increase success rate (graduation and transfer-out) Studies of subsequent enrollment Improve retention strategy Outreach program participants (TRIO, etc.)

42 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE EnrollmentSearch – Admissions/Enrollment Management Verify prior enrollments for transfer applicants Verify subsequent enrollments for admitted students who decline offers Verify subsequent enrollments for applicants denied admission Enhance recruiting strategy

43 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE EnrollmentSearch - Financial Aid/Loan Collection Verify current enrollments of graduated/transferred Perkins borrowers Verify cohort default rates Verify parent/sibling enrollments

44 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE FERPA Consideration EnrollmentSearch is compliant per U.S. Dept. of Ed, August 2, 1999 Student FERPA blocks honored, as required Only directory information is disclosed, where required

45 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Eligibility All Clearinghouse schools in good standing Sign participation agreement Submit annual subscription payment Begin use

46 NATIONAL STUDENT CLEARINGHOUSE Northeastern Regional Office: Pam Gilligan 46 North Street Norfolk, MA 02056 Ph: (508) 541-8057 Fax: (508) 541-8007 Contact Information Main Office: 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20171-3242 Main phone: (703) 742-7791 Fax: (703) 742-7792

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