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Megan McDonald By: Anna Rogers A Work in Progress Working on Citations.

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1 Megan McDonald By: Anna Rogers A Work in Progress Working on Citations

2 Childhood Born: February 28, 1959 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Megan was the youngest of 5 sisters. She was very quiet as a child. Often wrote her thoughts in a notebook. Megan loved to read long before she became a writer.

3 Younger School Days First story published about a pencil sharpener at age 10. This story taught her the importance of using her own voice.

4 Oberlin College Megan decide to chase her dreams and study Creative Writing The Professor of her first class told her to rip up and throw away all of her poetry because she was a prose writer She got confused and upset, but she still worked hard and finally got a full scholarship to study Library and Information Literature in1981 She also met her to be husband there, his name is Richard Haynes

5 Megan’s Books Is This House For a Hermit Crab, 1990 The Great Pumpkin Switch, 1992 The Bridge to Nowhere, 1993 Beezy, 1997 The Bone Keeper, 1999 Judy Moody, 1999 The Night Iguana Left Home, 1999 Shadow in the Glass House, 2000 The Sisters Club,2003 All the Stars In the the Sky: The Santa Fe Trail Dairy of Florrie Mack Ryder, 2003 Penguin and Little Blue 2003 Judy Moody, M.D; 2004

6 Did You Know … Megan begins writing each book on a napkin. Her favorite book when she was a child was Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. She is a lifetime member of the REAL Toad Pee Club! When Megan was born, the fifth girl in her family, the family doctor yelled, “It’s a boy!” for a joke.

7 Did You Know This… Megan loves ice cream so much (especially Screamin’ Mimi’s) that she once fell down a hill when chasing the Ice-Cream Truck and had to have stitches! She has two dogs, two horses, and fifteen wild turkeys that land on her roof to wake her up every morning.

8 How about This… The Rubber Hand Trick is the best joke she ever played on her sisters. Read the first book, Judy Moody, to find out all about it. Her middle name is Jo… She once wanted to change her name to Megan Jo Amy-Beth McDonald so it would contain the names of all four Little Women in the book by Louisa May Alcott.

9 You Don’t Know This… Or Do You As a girl, she collected bugs, fancy toothpicks, scabs and Barbie doll heads! I collect stones, beach glass, books, weird pencils, tiles, dragonflies, crazy Band-Aids, mood rings, rubber stamps, postcards, puppets, troll dolls, PEZ thingies, charms, beads and sock monkeys, to name a few. I don’t collect bugs, scabs and Barbie doll heads anymore though!

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