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OneBrowardNetwork Planning Workshop Rhode Island-Wireless Innovation Networks (RI-WINs) Project Lead/Presenter: Bob PanoffDate: January 31, 2006 Organization:

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1 OneBrowardNetwork Planning Workshop Rhode Island-Wireless Innovation Networks (RI-WINs) Project Lead/Presenter: Bob PanoffDate: January 31, 2006 Organization: Business Innovation Factory Country: United StatesEmail: Web site:

2 Background RI is a small state of approximately 1000 square miles and 1 million people - but a representative microcosm Infuse traditional economy with innovative culture and technology Open and receptive regulatory environment Close knit community with history of successful collaboration Statewide effort to upgrade IT infrastructure and take advantage existing wired broadband networks

3 Project History Launched in October 2004 by the Business Innovation Factory, a non-profit dedicated to enabling collaborative innovation and promoting public/private partnership Based on BIF’s “Innovation@Scale” Strategy – idea that Rhode Island is an ideal place to test new business models Feasibility study led by IBM with partners from public and private sectors – Spring, 2005 Business plan completed to fund pilot network and applications – Summer, 2005 Pilot network goes live February, 2006

4 Mission & Objectives Stimulate innovation through a statewide network that: –Accelerates “test-trial-deploy” innovation cycle. –Offers border-to-border, wireless services that enable speeds in excess of 1Mb/sec. –Covers markets outside of typical commercial models. –Enables collaborative development and integration of innovative wireless enterprise application solutions. –Enables a “network of networks” in support of cross-industry collaboration.

5 Mission & Objectives Create statewide, border-to-border, wireless broadband network that: –Breaks down barriers to innovation –Improves interoperability among new products and technologies –Establishes Rhode Island as an ideal place to explore and test new business models.

6 RI-WINs Overview RI-WINs focus on innovation is unique –Applications and solutions –Not cheap Internet access Collaborative private-public partnership is the most flexible approach –Partnership preferred to competition –Clear return to partners –Wholesale model –Non-profit enterprise membership structure –Avoid silos with shared multi-purpose network Reach every level of the value chain across every sector of economy

7 The RI-WINs Wireless Ecosystem RI-WINs End User-Provider Collaboration Neutral Forum Aggregation of Requirements, Demand, Application Knowledge, User Creativity Joint Development Field Trial/Beta Site Deployment@Scale End User Access Industry Expertise On-going Operational & Communications Requirements Provider Wireless Technology Access Application Expertise Technical Resources Technology Roadmap Wireless Innovation Lower Cost Operations Better End User Services & Products Economic Development Bigger Wireless Market & Market Share

8 Project Economics Cost structure: –Pilot Network approximately $1 million –Full network deployment approximately $20 million Partnership funding –Pilot project funded by a combination of federal, state, and private funds –In-kind contributions of spectrum, tower and building access, fiber for backhaul, network engineering, etc.

9 Project Economics Revenues produced by membership and usage –Annual memberships to include standard services and user population –Incentive to add applications and usage –Incremental user service fees Operational Model –Estimated annual budget at full operations approximately $7 million –Conservative demand estimate produces significant surplus to invest in new innovation and sustain state-of-art

10 Pilot Applications Rhode Island Port Security Project RI-WINs accessed as part of port security demonstration project to create seamless and secure broadband wireless network for waterborne first responders. CVS/Pharmacy IT Field Support Information technology personnel from CVS/Pharmacy will use the RI-WINs network to access corporate applications and data while in the field. Brown University Mobile Higher Education RI-WINs pilot will provide wireless broadband connectivity to facilitate the RI Teacher Education Renewal (RITER) project, a partnership composed of all 8 approved teacher preparation programs in Rhode Island. Rhode Island Department of Administration RI-WINs will pilot innovative wireless solutions for activities at Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management and the Department of Health.

11 The RI-WINs network architecture Internet BTSBTS BTSBTS FOTFOT FOTFOT WiFi Area Cluster FOTFOT Router FOTFOT Policy Mgr BIF Cluster Aggregation Cluster Core WiMax

12 Deployment RI-WINs Pilot –Deployed Feb, 2006 and runs 6-12 months –Geography covered Providence, Newport, Narragansett Bay Pilot to validate feasibility study –Significant demand for statewide network and services –Financial self-sustaining within 2 years –Generate “Innovation Reserve” to sustain state-of-art approach

13 Impact Analysis Widespread interest and support –Public-private partnership includes organizations user and provider organizations –In-state, national, and global organizations Pilot scope close to original objective Generating spontaneous participation from new sources

14 Lessons Learned & Next Steps Broad-based partnership and collaboration required for success –Difficult and time-consuming –Must keep focus on shared value proposition and core objectives Implementation and Execution

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