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Welcome Landrum High School 2013-2014 Registration Meeting.

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1 Welcome Landrum High School 2013-2014 Registration Meeting

2 Meet Your Staff Landrum High School Brian Sherman – Principal Kim Sloan – Assistant Principal Joe Steadman – Assist. Principal Penny Cardell – Guidance Shannon McCrimmon – Guidance

3 Meet Your Staff Landrum Middle School Crystal McSwain – Principal Jeff Phillips – Guidance Campobello-Gramling John Hodge – Principal Brad Rothell - Guidance

4 Purpose Guide through registration process for 2013-2014 Graduation Requirements Filling out registration cards EEDA Information Answer any questions

5 Diploma Requirements 4 English 4 Math 3 Science 3 Social Studies (Gov/Econ, US History) 1 PE or ROTC 1 Computer Science (beyond keyboarding proficient) 1 Vocational or Foreign Language 7 Electives *4 year College Requirements

6 Registration Materials Course Description Guide Registration Card These will be distributed on February 4 to 9 th, 10 th, and 11 th graders. CGS students and Landrum Middle School students will receive theirs on February 11 th – 13 th

7 Filling out the Registration Card Card Colors 2 Sides (Core front – Elective reverse) Career cluster part of elective side Teacher Recommendation (on front) Parent/Student Signature Alternative Courses importance of choices Must choose 2 Due February 8, 2013 for rising 10 th -12 th graders. Due February 20 for rising 9 th graders.

8 Teacher Recommendations What is a “Teacher Recommendation”? Reason for Teacher Recommendations Parent Override Student/Parent Responsibility with Override

9 Building Master Schedule Schedule Requests How sections are built Example (110 requests = 4 sections of 27.5 or 5 sections of 22) Number of sections determined by types of class, curriculum, student makeup, etc. Schedule changes – “They affect us all.”

10 EEDA What is it –Economic Education Development Act Purpose –To make sure students put thought into career choices before graduating high school Who does it affect –All 9 th – 12 th graders –Rising 9 th graders choose a “Cluster” –Rising 11 th graders choose a “Major”

11 What is an IGP? A Sample Individual Graduation Plan Cluster of Study: Health Science Major: Health Treatment Specialties Required Core for Graduation 9 10 11 12 Math–Four UnitsAlgebra IGeometryAlgebra IIPre-Calculus English–Four UnitsEnglish IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV Science–Three UnitsPhysical Science BiologyChemistry or Physics Physics or Biology II Social Studies–Three UnitsOne unit of Social StudiesU.S. HistoryEconomics/ Government Required Courses for Major–Four UnitsHealth Science Technology I, II, III, IV; Medical Terminology; Others Complementary CourseworkAnatomy & Physiology, AP Biology, AP Calculus, Emergency Medical Services, Sports Medicine Career-oriented Learning OpportunitiesCareer Mentoring, Shadowing, Service Learning, Internship, Cooperative Education, Senior Projects Professional Opportunities After Post- secondary Education 2-Year Degree: Dental Hygienist, Paramedic, Registered Nurse 4-Year Degree or Higher: Athletic Trainer, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Medical Doctor

12 How the EEDA affects your student? Core requirements will remain the same for diploma Students will have to declare a major Students can change major in the spring during registration process Allows for guidance in career interests Both college and vocational services are offered with the help of Swofford Career Center

13 Swofford Career Center Call Swofford Career Center with Questions 592-2790

14 Questions? ?

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