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The Top Ten Reasons to Attend Dyersburg State Community College.

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2 The Top Ten Reasons to Attend Dyersburg State Community College

3 Reason # 10 It costs less. Most 4 year colleges in Tennessee charge at least twice as much per semester hour while private schools are much higher still $

4 Reason # 9 It’s more convenient We have 3 locations to serve you Dyersburg, Gibson Co. Center & Tipton Co. Center in Covington. This translates into even more savings in regards to travel and living expenses! $

5 Reason # 8 Smaller IS Better Put off for two years the daunting prospect of being a little fish suddenly thrust into a BIG POND! UT Knoxville (1 in 30,000) UT Martin (1 in 6,000) …Use our small, DSCC pond to discover where it is your heading before swimming off into the BIG LEAGUES

6 Reason # 7 Though we’re small, we’re better! In an independent 2000 Yahoo “Most Wired” national survey of 2 year colleges measuring modern technology accessibility in the classroom, DSCC ranked 40 th in the nation, and number ONE in Tennessee!!!!

7 Reason # 6 Get a degree, get a job, get a LIFE ! DSCC’s 2 yr. Degree programs provide a fast track for students wishing to start earning a living at a decent wage. Nursing, Justice Services, Communication & Information Technology, Administrative Office Support ……Just to name a few

8 Reason # 5 Got to work while you go to school? Then DSCC is the place for you! We schedule our classes days, nights, weekends and online all the time to accommodate the working student.

9 Reason # 4 $ Financial Aid $ Can’t afford school at any cost because of those measly wages they pay you for flippin’ burgers? Don’t despair, here at DSCC we have financial aid packages available and scholarships. Over half of our students get some monetary relief.

10 Reason # 3 No Hazing! …rites of passage, mandatory binging or other heathenistic initiation tortures you might have to endure if you attend one of those other schools with those silly fraternity and sorority clubs (except we DO have PTK Honor Society for our high-achieving students….and athletics, and theatre, and music, etc., etc.

11 Reason # 2 You don’t have to be a DSCC graduate to belong to the DSCC Alumni Society, Just have completed 24 hours of coursework while a student here. But while you’re here, why not pick up an Associates degree before transferring or entering the workforce?

12 The # 1 Reason to Attend Dyersburg State Only through education can America win the global war against terrorism. Smart bombs work on caves, but education works on minds! Help stamp out the ignorance that sows the seeds of hatred. Do it with a “Smart Mind.” 1

13 The End

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