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Ivy Tech Community College Indiana’s Education Roundtable May 24, 2011.

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1 Ivy Tech Community College Indiana’s Education Roundtable May 24, 2011

2 Unique Role in Higher Education Ivy Tech shall meet the needs of state and local officials, employers, and labor organizations by designing and delivering educational training courses and programs. The primary objective of this effort shall be to provide economic and workforce development support to the state’s employers and communities, by meeting their needs for better educated and trained, more productive, and more competitive employers and citizens. In addition Ivy Tech shall provide educational opportunities and appropriate workforce development, assessment, and training to those who have graduated from high school and want to earn credits that will transfer to a four (4) year college. Excerpts from Senate Enrolled Act 296 - Enacted July 1, 2005 2

3 A Changing Community College EnrollmentGraduatesTransfer 2005104,7086,3153,881 Current166,55012,36611,047 Change59%96%185% 3

4 Total Undergraduate Enrollment (2009-10) System Total Ivy Tech-Statewide166,555 Indiana Univ.-Statewide 98,013 Purdue-Statewide 66,964 All Other Publics 66,586 4

5 Ivy Tech Community College Mission Students Who Transfer11,047 Workers Trained23,226 Certifications Administered40,074 Totals86,713 2011 Totals Work Ready One/Two-Year Graduates12,366 5

6 Most Popular Programs Accounting Advanced Manufacturing / Industrial Technology Business Computer Information Systems / Technology Criminal Justice Education / Early Childhood Nursing 6

7 Lowest Cost Provider Appropriation Per FTE Student 7

8 Best Student Return on Investment 8

9 Limiting Increased Costs to Education 2006-07 2011-12Increase/ Cost per FTE Cost per FTEDecrease Ivy Tech Community College $5,882$5,861- $39 Indiana University $16,073$17,157+ $1,084 Purdue University $17,509$19,878+ $2,369 9

10 The College Gap 10

11 Lumina’s Big Goal - Indiana 6,454+ Graduates / Per Year Ivy Tech will likely provide 75 percent 11

12 Complete to Compete (NGA) Need to produce an additional 8.2 million college graduates Cannot be met with recent high school graduates alone Need to focus on improving educational attainment among adults 12

13 Indiana’s Challenge / Opportunities Nearly 1 million adults without the skills needed for the workforce 80% of new jobs will require an associate degree 13

14 Indiana Adults in Need of Education and Training (Ages 18-64), 2006 No College Education, Earning Less than a Living Wage 651,609 No High School Diploma 524,370 No College Education, Speak Little or No English 63,450 256,112 226,0291 385,775 27,445 12,360 8,861 14,784 14

15 88,000+ on Financial Aid 15

16 20% Single Parents 16

17 Median Income $19,103 (Independent FA Students) 17

18 73% Working Adults 18

19 81% are Part Time 19

20 17,859 on Food Stamps 20

21 10,630 on Medicaid 21

22 23,134 Minority Students 22

23 69% Need Remediation 23

24 Ivy Tech and Pell Grants 54.5% of Pell recipients 50.7% of Pell dollars Recipients2009-10 Awards Ivy Tech68,411$201,647,513 PU – West Lafayette6,502$25,386,868 IU-Bloomington5,887$24,226,385 24

25 Significantly increase the number of Americans with a degree or certificate Close the attainment gap for traditionally underrepresented populations Focus solely of dramatically increasing the Nation’s college completion rate by changing State policy Complete College America 25

26 Remediation Reduce Time and Accelerate Success Structure and New Models Performance Funding Complete College America Targeted Strategies 26

27 Customized approach Co-requisite, not prerequisite Embed in course work Self paced modulars Optional Remediation 27

28 Block schedules Cohort Faster pace or accelerated Eliminate unnecessary prerequisites Competency vs. seat time Structure 28

29 Graduation is goal Eliminate unnecessary courses Audit degree programs Effective transfer and articulation Reduce Time 29

30 Indiana national leader New formulas for Indiana Successful transfer Successful remediation Completion of General Education core Student incentives Performance Funding 30

31 Florida Policy Initiatives Florida High School Initiatives Community College Initiatives Achieving The Dream Learning from Florida 31

32 Florida Policy Initiatives Have to go to community college first Have to complete degree Incentives to transfer Common course numbering – mandatory course transfer Common general education core Dual credit in every high school and guarantee to transfer Clearly defined college readiness-remediation in high school 32

33 Florida High School Initiatives (2009) Florida College and Career Readiness Initiative Testing of high school students and remediation courses prior to graduation Expands college/career readiness testing to 11 th grade students “College ready” or prepared to enter college credit coursework when they meet the state defined cut scores on approved common placement 33

34 Florida Community College Initiatives Clear academic and career goals Orientation and advisement programs Completing a Student Success course Connections with college personnel during their first term Ability to pass developmental courses 34

35 “Achieving The Dream” works in Florida 4-year graduation rate = 27.8% Up from 22.8% Federal IPEDS graduation rate = 41% Up from 34% College-ready students completion = 43% Remedial students completion = 21% 35

36 IPEDS Dilemma IPEDS Cohort (2007) Enrollment6,898 IPEDS Cohort Graduates (2010) 608 IPEDS Cohort Transfers (2010)1,291 Total 2010 Graduates9,419 Total 2010 Transfers10,047 36

37 Ivy Tech Success 6-Year Success79% Graduate 18.6% Transfer/Still Enrolled 25.4% Course Credit to a Better Job/Improved Skill 35% 37

38 New Completion Initiatives Achieving the Dream (2009) Mandatory orientation Mandatory advising for remedial students Mandatory success courses for remedial students Remedial course completion Retention numbers increased by 20 percentage points for those students that went through the above ATD interventions 38

39 College for Working Adults (2008) 2-year cohort based Full-Time Modeled after Executive MBA University of Notre Dame Success New Completion Initiatives 39

40 Associate Accelerated Program (2010) “New Tech High” for Associate Degree Full-Time / 5 days week 10 months to degree Free and reduced lunch 2.5 GPA Complements Daniels’ Scholarship well New Completion Initiatives 40

41 Full-Time 12-15 month Diploma Technical Program HVAC Welding Automotive IT Modeled after Tennessee 70% Completion Ivy Institute of Technology New Completion Initiatives 41

42 Dual Credit Assisting Completion 21,126 Students 101,190 Credit Hours $10 Million in Savings for Hoosier Parents 42

43 Honors Division (2011) Focus on Transfer Bound 2 + 2 Program Mandatory Tracking New Completion Initiatives 43

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