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Katrina Vegter, Academic Advising Director The Final Countdown: Preparing for Graduation.

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1 Katrina Vegter, Academic Advising Director The Final Countdown: Preparing for Graduation

2 Agenda 3. Plan Your Final Term  Curriculum Reminders  Winter 2013 Course Planning 2. Register  Course Bidding Refresher 1.Graduate!

3 MBA Curriculum Reminders Minimum 57 credits needed to graduate  10 of 57 may be non-Business coursework Strategy 503: World Economy (1.5 cr)  Winter A & Winter B sections

4 MBA Curriculum Reminders Business Law/Ethics class (choose from a list)  BA 512 (B), LHC 507 (B), LHC 508 (B), LHC 509 (A), LHC 514 (B), LHC 582 (full term) Communications requirement (choose from a list)  LHC 522 (A or B), LHC 524 (A)

5 MAcc Curriculum Reminders 30 credits end of Winter Winter Core  ACC 630  ACC 625 One of required electives  2 if you waived a core course

6 Your Final Semester Electives What did you want to learn when you applied to Ross? Have you accomplished that goal? Which skills do you still want to develop? What do you find interesting, exciting and energizing? What challenges you? Think outside the box. Finish on a high note – stay focused and fully engaged.

7 Electives with applications BA 685 - International Business Immersion (3.0 credits): Health Care Delivery in Emerging Markets (11/5 application deadline) BE 688 - Washington, D.C. Residential on Health Care Policy and Politics (3.0 credits) LHC 688 - Washington Campus Business and the Public Policy Process (3.0 credits) MO 623 - Becoming a Transformational Leader (3.0 credits) STRATEGY 659 - Global Projects II (3.0 credits) More info:

8 Elective Options Graduate Business Coursework (500-800)  47 minimum credits Graduate level Non-Business Coursework  Up to 10 credits towards 57 total  500-800 level, sometimes 400 level – n/programs/  Every department is different – reach out  Be aware of class times and locations!

9 Elective Options Undergraduate Foreign Language Coursework  Need Instructor Consent & file request with Ross Academic Services  B or higher grade required  Half credit earned toward MBA  (5 credit class = 2.5 credits towards 57) –Included in 10 credits of non-Business coursework –Max 6 credits earned toward MBA

10 Winter 2013 Registration Timeline NOW: Winter Course Bidding is OPEN  Closes Monday 11/12 at 10 am Monday 11/12 at 10 am: Deadline to clear Financial Hold November 19-21 and on: General Registration via WA

11 Course Bidding Specifics Bidding for Winter A + Winter B combined Results will be max 16.50 total with no more than 10.5 credits in either A or B Seats awarded in order of highest to lowest bids You can bid for overlapping classes but won’t get overlapping classes

12 Course Bidding – Tips Watch course pre-reqs Bid for degree requirements If course is the focus, bid on multiple sections (degree requirements – do this!) If time is the focus, bid for only that one section

13 Course Bidding – Tips No point carry-over – spend them all Use prior market-clear information carefully  Your points = your prioritization Spend non-standard points Don’t wait until the last minute CLEAR FINANCIAL HOLD before bidding ends

14 Applying for Graduation Make sure you are ready to graduate Review degree requirements, rules and regulations, and complete a degree audit in Wolverine Access by selecting "Academic Requirements."degree requirementsrules and regulationsWolverine Access You are strongly encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor if you have questions Deadline to apply – mid-February (TBD)

15 Applying for Graduation Log on to Wolverine Access at and select "Student Business," which will direct you to the “Self Service” page. Under “Degree Progress/Graduation,” select “Apply for Graduation” and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Select Fall for December graduation, Winter for April/May graduation, or Summer for August graduation. Indicate how you would like your name to appear on your diploma. Provide an address to which your diploma should be sent. Watch for an automated e-mail confirmation after you have successfully applied for graduation.

16 Commencement Applying for graduation does not obligate you to attend a Commencement ceremony. Ross Commencement, May 3, 2013:  4 pm – MAccs  7 pm - MBAs University Commencement May 4, 2013 :

17 Resources Registration Info: iMpact > Academics Tab > Registration Menu > Register Elective Options: iMpact > Academics Tab > Curriculum Menu> Elective Options Appointments: iMpact > Academics Tab > Academic Advising System

18 Walk-In Hours E2420 Walk-in Advising: M-F:1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Winter Garden Hours:  Wednesday 11/7: 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.  Friday 11/9: 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.  Thursday 11/15: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  Monday 11/19: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  Wednesday 12/5: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

19 Questions? Academic Services E2420 (734) 647-4933

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