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1 Presented by: Samantha Burns
Learning by Sharing Implementation of the Oman Academic Standards for General Foundation Programmes Effective Assessment Tools to measure / evaluate Learning Outcomes – English Dhofar University Presented by: Samantha Burns

2 The context in which the assessment takes place
Open door policy Cultural background Educational background Limited exposure to English ‘helping’ each other

3 Evolution of the GFP at Dhofar University
3 tiered system Level hrs Level 2 12hrs Level 3 9hrs 16 hrs

4 Expansion of levels 3 level programme extended as follows:
Level 1 1X extra support needed low 1R regular high Bridging Programme – 2 additional hours of English support hours of English


6 A Way to think about the OAC Learning Outcomes Learning Outcome 1
LEVEL 3 Outcomes Recall important points and interpret text by answering factual questions. Use text features to predict general idea of a text (e.g. visuals, title, headings) Compare and contrast relationships/ Scan a text to identify and explain specific information. Summarize/ Paraphrase information from text. Goes to ENG101 Skim a passage to determine the organization, general ideas, and scan the passage for relevant details. A Way to think about the OAC Learning Outcomes Learning Outcome 1 Reading L.O.1 Read a one to two page text and identify the main idea(s) and extract specific information in a given period of time. .

7 Development of In-house Materials
To ensure cultural appropriacy Students level of English moving from communicative to Academic English To support OAS

8 Assessment Placement test Exit exam Course material evaluation
External testing system Student evaluation

9 Assessment Breakdown Coursework External test 2007-8 85% 15% 80% 20%
2008-9 75% 25% 70% 30% ITP TOEFL IELTS

10 SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
Performance Reviews: Key Performance Measures (English) A student completing each of the three levels: Shall sit for a comprehensive exit exam prepared by GFP. Exit exam for Level 3 would be ITP TOEFL or IELTS Shall have a passing grade in the coursework of the semester (min. 60%) Shall be promoted to the next level (or year one) if the aggregate average of coursework and exit exam is 60% and above (70% coursework + 30% exit exam (or ITP TOEFL/IELTS) The target aim is 50% coursework and 50% external test.

11 ITP TOEFL vs IELTS International English Language Testing System Institution Testing Program Test of English as a Foreign Language Idiomatic language Culturally biased No speaking component Does not differentiate in the lower registers No writing component 4 skills are rated based on practical skills which are used for academic study provides a variety of contexts and range of situations and speakers in line with OAS

12 Coursework Assessment
Skill Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Final Value Reading 20% 40% Writing *20% *40% Speaking 25% Continuous assessment 10% 10% Listening 50% Total Grade of the course 100% All tests and other assessed assignments are kept in students’ portfolios with instructor for evidence of progress. All writing papers are marked by two teachers to ensure fair grading. Journals are collected on a weekly basis for teachers to identify common errors and for student – teacher feedback. Involvement in Project work is encouraged for further learning opportunities.

13 Listening Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome Standards Learning Outcomes Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 A Activate schema with visual or textural clues to predict content. B Listen to a conversation between two or more speakers and be able to answer questions in relation to context, relationship between speakers, register (e.g. formal or informal) C Listen for main ideas. D Listen for specific information. E Take slow simple dictation. F Recognize signpost phrases. G Distinguish between statements and questions. H Identify important information by word stress. I Transfer specific information from a listening passage to a table / diagram. J Paraphrase information from a monologue/lecture. K Use contextual clues to make inferences. L Identify the opinions of speakers. M Distinguish fact from opinion N Take notes and respond to questions about the topic, main idea, details and opinions or arguments from an extended listening (e.g. lecture, news broadcast). O Follow spoken instructions in order to carry out a task with a number of stages.

FINAL EXAM- LISTENING Name: ID No: Class: L3/ S TOTAL MARKS:50 SECTION 1: Listen to the conversation and circle the correct answers. (2.5 marks each) The caller can book a car by pressing button number (a)One (b)Two (c)Three Who is the caller? (a)Maxine (b)Melanie (c)Moris The booking reference is (a)ASFY15AG (b)ACFY15AG (c)ACFY50AJ The caller wants to………… (a)make changes to his car reservation ( b)complain about a car (c) make a car reservation Mr Maxine will have to pay a total of ………….. (a) ₤ (b) ₤ (c) ₤ 15 SECTION 2: Listen to the lecture and answer the questions. How much money was given by Alfred Nobel to establish the Nobel Prize? ____________________________________________ Which are the two Nobel prizes given by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences? _____________________________________________ How many members are there in the committee for Nobel Peace prize? Which was the sixth Nobel prize established in 1969? ______________________________________________ What is the last date for receiving names of candidates for the Nobel Prize? (continued…

15 SECTION 3 : Listen and complete the table below
Main areas dealt With (11) City ……………… North suburb Rent From (12) ₤………………. to ₤ 500. Depends on Quality of the area Availability of (13) ………………… Garage Properties available West park Rent (14) ₤……………… a month Including (15) ………….……………… bill Tithe road Rent ₤ 380 a month Including (16) ……………………….. rental When to see? Meet at office on Wednesday at(17)………… pm Need Letter from (18) …………………….. Reference from employer Must Give (19) …………. weeks’ notice of moving in Give deposit of one month’s (20)………….. Pay for contract.

16 1 Prepare a dialogue on a familiar topic with a partner. Demonstrate:
Speaking Level Assessment Tasks 1 Prepare a dialogue on a familiar topic with a partner. Demonstrate: initiate conversation / asking and answering questions asking for clarification / concluding conversation. Research and talk for 2 minutes about a current news item. provide the reference /show clear understanding of the topic use vocabulary that the class can understand be able to answer questions seeking clarification paraphrase successfully Give a presentation of 5 minutes about a career you are interested in pursuing or the major you will take at the university. evidence of research effective use of visual aids provide clear information and ability to answer questions

17 Student’s Name:______________________ Level 3 Section: ____
SPEAKING RUBRIC Student’s Name:______________________ Level Section: ____ TOTAL MARK: ____ / 30 THINGS WE LOOK FOR Pronunciation All words are clearly understood 4 Most words are clearly understood 3 Some words are clearly understood 2 Not many words are clearly understood 1 Intonation Interesting to listen to Sometimes interesting to listen to Boring to listen to Use of Grammar Meaning is clear Most meaning is clear Confusing Fluency Can keep speaking Stops and starts with pauses Only gives 1-2 word answers Developing confidence Appears confident Trying to be confident Makes listener uncomfortable Content Excellent ideas Interesting ideas Ok ideas Not interesting Task Fulfillment (Paraphrase graphic information) Excellent interpretation of graph Very good attempt at explaining graph Good attempt at explaining graph Confused explanation of graph Vocabulary (Use of target language) Demonstrates excellent use of vocabulary Attempts to use target vocabulary Limited attempt to use target vocabulary Use of visual aids Interacts well with visual aids Attempts to interact with visual aids Doesn’t incorporate visual aid Things that were good: Things that I can work on to improve my grade: All words are clearly understood 4 Most words are clearly understood 3 Some words are clearly understood 2 Not many words are clearly understood 1 Demonstrates excellent use of vocabulary 3 Attempts to use target vocabulary 2 Limited attempt to use target vocabulary 1

18 Reading and Writing test process
Teams present outline of outcomes to be assessed and draft test All level teachers sit the test and provide input Coordinator reviews and amends test in light of group meeting. Convenor and Director modify the test if necessary. Writing topic is set. Coordinator formats and sends for printing.

19 SAMPLE OF READING TEST Questions 1-4 Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. 1 Global warming causes a set of ____________________________ patterns.  2 The IPCC meets annually to review the ________________________ and then prepares a report.  The gas that is responsible for most global warming is ___________ or CO². Questions 5-8 Choose the correct letter A, B or C. 5 IPCC stands for A International Peace on Climate Change B International Panel on Climate Change C Internal Panel on Climate change

20 Using the information in the passage, complete the table below.
SAMPLE OF READING TEST Questions 11 – 13 Using the information in the passage, complete the table below. Write your answers in the space provided. 11. Today, water services are inferior to those of ancient________. 12. Around ______ to _____children are killed every year due to water-related diseases. Questions 14 – 17  Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 2? Write your answers in the space provided:  YES if the statement agrees with the claims of the writer NO If the statement contradicts the claims of the writer NOT GIVEN if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this 14. In the future, governments should maintain ownership of water reservoirs. _________ 15. Industrial growth is increasing the overall demand for water _________

21 SAMPLE OF WRITING TEST good ideas content topic sentence
WRITING – TASK COMPARE AND CONTRAST PARAGRAPH- Focus on good ideas content topic sentence concluding sentence organization supporting sentences good use of vocabulary spelling use of English punctuation grammar Choose one of the following and write 120 – 150 words. (10 marks) In a well organized paragraph, compare and contrast two friends you know well. OR  In a well organized paragraph, compare and contrast two cities, (for example: Dubai and Muscat or Muscat and Salalah).

22 SAMPLE OF WRITING TEST Essay Writing: (about 250 words for each essay)
Directions: Choose ONE topic from Part I and One topic from Part II: A or B Part I: Agree/disagree topics( 20 marks) 1. Some people feel that it is better to have separate classes at university for male students and female students. Do you agree or disagree with these people? Give three reasons. 2. Mobile phones are helpful in many ways, but they also cause problems. We should limit our use of mobile phones. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give three reasons. Part II: Cause/effect 1. What are the effects of using public transportation? Give three effects and explain each. What are the reasons some students get bad grades at university? Give three causes and explain each.

23 Sample rubric – Compare and Contrast Essay
LEVEL THREE WRITING RUBRIC – COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY – TEST 2 Organization & Organization Shows a good introductory paragraph including a thesis statement. 3 Shows a reasonable attempt at an introductory paragraph including 2 a thesis statement. Shows a limited attempt at an introductory paragraph including a 1 thesis statement. Mechanics Demonstrates a good command of spelling, grammar, punctuation and effective word choice. Demonstrates a reasonable command of spelling, grammar, punctuation and effective word choice. Demonstrates a limited command of spelling, grammar, punctuation 1 and effective word choice.

24 The next step in our process of improving our assessment tools
High stakes assessment Other forms of data collection Tests Exams Quizzes External testing systems Journals Portfolios Project work Oral Presentations Homework assignments Informal observations of student proficiency How do we quantify these other forms while maintaining reliability and validity?

25 The future ... Effective educators must, by the very nature of our
changing society, adapt and redefine the goals of student learning and the tools used to assess these. Assessment guides instruction and aids us, as teachers, in improving our programmes to meet the needs of our changing student base our students’ increasing exposure to English and awareness of world affairs the increasing fields for job opportunities and the paths taken to attain employment.

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