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Titan Degree Audit (TDA) How to access, use, and understand the TDA.

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1 Titan Degree Audit (TDA) How to access, use, and understand the TDA

2 Contents  What is the Titan Degree Audit (TDA)  When to use the TDA  How to obtain your student’s TDA  Understanding the TDA  How to fix your issues on the TDA

3 What is the Titan Degree Audit  A TITAN Degree Audit (TDA): Helps in keeping track of a student's academic progress toward completion of a declared major program. Shows completed coursework at CSUF, transfer courses and courses in progress Shows what requirements a student has met, what courses a student can take to fulfill requirements that have not been met, and the remaining requirements a student must meet to complete his or her degree. Includes general education and major requirements, as well as other minimum unit and grade point average requirements of the University. Minor requirements can also be included through exception.

4 When to use the TDA  TDA's are most useful for students when: additional courses have been completed students are considering a different major, or have changed a major just prior to registration or meeting with an academic or department adviser  Faculty will access a student’s TDA when advising a student.

5 How to obtain your student’s TDA  Login to SIS+, type DR1, press enter

6 How to obtain your student’s TDA (con’t)  Input the student’s CWID number, press ENTER Student’s declared degree program

7 How to obtain your student’s TDA (con’t)  Press F5 to initiate audit. Press ENTER until it appears.

8 How to obtain your student’s TDA (con’t)  Enter “S” to pull up the audit, or “P” to print audit (Be sure to input printer code)

9 How to obtain your TDA (con’t)  For “what if” scenarios, input the required information for Colleges, Degrees, and Majors - then press F5 to initiate the audit.

10 How to obtain your TDA (con’t)  Enter the correct number for the appropriate catalog year of the degree program, press ENTER. Press F5 on next screen to initiate audit.

11 How to obtain TDA (con’t)  Sample TDA

12 Understanding your TDA  Generally, the TDA consists of the following sections: Report heading General education requirements Summary of GE units Major requirements Major GPA Upper-division writing requirement/EWP Summary of overall units, including upper-division and residency units, as well as grade point average in CSUF and cum GPA’s

13 Report heading  The report heading contains student’s personal information, brief information about the TDA or announcement, and the legend: Information about the TDA OR announcement

14 Legend

15 General Education  All degree requirements are subdivided into: requirements and sub-requirements. Requirement Sub- requirements

16 Course List  The TDA provides the viable course options for completing each sub-requirement.

17 In-Progress Courses  Courses that are in-progress are applied to the requirements that they satisfy but do not carry unit values until completed. They are denoted by the IP code.

18 Transfer Coursework  For students with coursework from other institutions, the transfer course title and institution name will appear on the degree audit.

19 Summary Of General Education Units  At the end of the GE section, the summary of GE units, is displayed which consists of: # of GE units completed, # of residence GE units completed, and # of upper GE division units completed.

20 Major Requirements  Requirements for a Degree program generally consist of the following (varies per program): Required core courses Required concentration courses Concentration electives Emphasis courses Major GPA Writing Requirement/EWP

21 Core and Concentration Requirements Core Requirements

22 Core and Concentration Requirements (cont’d) Concentration Requirements Concentration Electives

23 Emphases Courses

24 Major GPA

25 Upper-division Writing Requirement  Students must complete the upper division writing requirement and pass the Exam in Writing Proficiency (EWP)

26 Courses not applied to a specific requirement  General Electives – This section only appears when there are courses that are not listed in any of the requirements.  Remedial/Non-Baccalaureate Coursework

27 Unit/GPA Adjustment  This section lists repeated classes

28 Unevaluated Coursework  This section is displayed when transfer coursework exists which falls under one of the following groups: Taken prior to Fall 1989 Taken from an institution with which CSUF does NOT have articulation agreement

29 Summary of Units & Academic Record  At the end of the TDA, a ‘Summary of Units’ is displayed which provides the following information: TDACalculations Student Academic Record

30 How to fix issues on the TDA  Modifications to GE coursework Academic Advising will submit corrections via TDA Exception Form  Modifications to Major coursework Department Advisors will submit corrections via TDA Exception Form  Missing transfer coursework or other issues Students can contact the TDA Unit directly at:

31 Accessing the TDA Exception Form  Exception Form available at CSUF website  Click on TITAN Degree Audit Exception Form  Complete the fillable form as necessary  To submit: - click on Submit by Email (lower right-hand corner) - click on OK (on the select email client window) - click on the Send Data File button (on the Send Data File window)

32 TDA Exception Form

33 How to fix issues on your TDA  Important points: Course substitutions, waivers, or any other modification to degree program requirements should be documented by department advisors via TDA Exception Form. The TDA Exception Form is a fillable form and can be submitted via email. You will receive an email response from the TDA Unit when completed.

34 TDA Workshop  Questions?  Thank you attending the workshop!

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