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Unit Elections Jonathan Cirillo Course Area: Inductions.

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1 Unit Elections Jonathan Cirillo Course Area: Inductions

2 Unit Election Basics Chiefs and Advisers are… –Leaders and expected to be knowledgeable. (Why you’re here at LLDP!) –Responsible to make sure all election teams are trained by the Lodge. (Why you’re here in this class!) Things change… Plan ahead.

3 Resources for Unit Elections The LLDP Your LEC Notebook The Unit Election Packet The Guide for Officers and Advisers; AKA GOA –Available at http://oa- People!

4 THE SCOUTMASTER AND THE TEAM Who has what “right” in what situation.

5 Scoutmaster Rights Permits or denies an OA election –Please record and report all denied elections and forward that to the Inductions Chairman Certifies the youth eligibility –Changes are permitted only until the election starts (The election form is signed)

6 Rights Cont. He may introduce and describe what the OA is before the team is presenting. If he is not a member, please consult what he or she will do. First impressions are everything. He can count votes with the election team privately He can announce the results immediately –Please encourage the scoutmaster to wait until a public callout ceremony Decide on that before the election

7 The Scoutmaster Must… Certify youth eligibility before the election –Meet all the requirements to be in the OA Sign UE form before the election has begun

8 The Scoutmaster May Not… Change eligibility list after the election has begun –Forms are signed/names revealed to voters Change the outcome of the election Prohibit a 2 nd round if none are elected on the 1 st

9 Scouts with Disabilities Any member with disabilities who is classified as a youth member of the unit shall be considered a youth (voting) member of the Order of the Arrow regardless of age. Only instance where someone over 21 can vote in an election

10 Adults 1 for 3. New rule. If you’re a scoutmaster for 12 months, it does not add to the “1 for 3” system “Named” by troop committee –Not elected “Recommended” by adult selection committee –Lodge Adviser & Staff Adviser –Council Camping Committee Chairman Approved by Scout Executive

11 Adults in the Unit Nominated –NOT an honorarium, recognition, or “Thanks, bud!” –ONLY to contribute to the OA’s program –ONLY if at least one youth is selected Same camping requirement as a youth –No exceptions or waivers –Cub Scout camping doesn’t count

12 Adults in the District or Council May be nominated only if the Adult’s primary registration is the District or Council by: –Lodge Adviser, District Chairman –Council President, Professional Staff (Paid) May have the camping requirement waived –Professionals are ex officio members (“from the office”) of the lodge while they are employed

13 Election Procedure Eligibility rules must be explained to the troop Both members and non-members can vote –Must hold BSA membership card and participate in some troop activities to be deemed “active” Scouts of the unit considered youth in the OA may likewise vote in an OA election Elections outside of home council are not permitted. Ever.

14 Election Procedure Coordinate with the SM for time and place for the OA election. Meeting place listed on packet label –Meeting, campout, event… Fine! Show up as promised! –“The order should be represented by a two- or three member team…” –Try not to have a member of the election team conduct an election for their own unit –Youth is team leader. Adult is “support.”

15 Team Leader Explain to the SM that current procedures will be used –Available for reference in the UE packet –Brief & Review Rights, attendance requirements, and voting rules Make sure 50% of the registered active members are present –Dismiss yourselves if the unit does not meet the attendance requirement is not true

16 Election Team Full uniform & sash “A Scout is clean…” Uses the election script –LEC notebook & GOA pg. 26-27 Uses paper ballots with candidate names –Ballots will be sealed & retained 1 year following election

17 Voting All unit members may vote Scouts may vote for one, some, or all candidates Candidates may vote for themselves Voting is not required –“No ballot – No problem” Blank ballot means “I don’t think anyone is worthy for this honor”

18 Electing Election requires 50% approval from ballots received –Even/2 or (Odd + 1)/2 If none are elected in the 1 st round –Explain the OA once again and the desire we have to recognize honor campers –Explain the voting procedures again If none are selected on 2 nd round –No more rounds – done until next year

19 Post Election Duties The election is certified only when the UE team signs the form –DO NOT sign the form until the election is complete! Provide Scoutmaster with –His copy (pink) of signed UE form –“Ordealship” Application! Finance is never a barrier –Arranging the unit to attend the Callout

20 Briefing SM on Candidate Status After election, a candidate is a candidate until the completion of the Ordeal and the Ordeal ceremony Must be reelected 1 year after date of election To become a candidate again, he must be reelected The LEC may extend the one-year limit for illness or other unusual circumstance

21 More Post Election Duties Ensure all data is legible Mail or scan to PDF and email to Lodge Membership Chairman Chapter may coordinate to enter data into LodgeMaster but completed UE forms (white) must still be submitted Return unused documents to Lodge Inductions Chairman Retain yellow copy and ballots for one year

22 Please feel free to contact me!

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