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OA Troop Representative Training

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1 OA Troop Representative Training
The Order of the Arrow OA Troop Representative Training Feb 8, Christopher Colletti, Troop Rep Chairman

2 Agenda What is the Order of the Arrow Troop Rep
Requirements to be a OA Troop Rep Duties Troop Rep Issues Resources Summary Q & A

3 What is an OA Troop Rep Communication Link between the OA Chapter and Troop Helps OA and non-OA scouts learn more about OA

4 Requirements to be a Troop Rep
OA member Active Scout (1st class or higher) Troop leadership position Appointed by SPL If none is appointed ask for the position or help find one Good leadership & communication (can be learned on the job) Set a good example

5 OA Troop Representative - 1
RESPONSIBLE TO: Asst Senior Patrol Leader SPECIFIC DUTIES: Serve as the communication link between the lodge or chapter and the Troop Encourage Arrowmen in the troop to be active in Chapter and Lodge activities Encourage Ordeal to seal their membership in the Order by becoming Brotherhood members Promote year- round and resident camping in the troop Encourage older- Scout participation in high- adventure programs 5

6 OA Troop Representative - 2
SPECIFIC DUTIES: Encourage Scouts to actively participate in community service projects Assist with leadership skills training in the troop Encourage Arrowmen to assume leadership positions in the troop Promote OA to non-OA Scouts Help with OA Troop elections Attend OA events and talk with other Troop Reps

7 Troop Rep Issues Non-active members (youth and adults)
If no Troop OA Adult Advisor recruit one Members not interested in Brotherhood Not knowing about OA events Register as OA Troop Rep on NH website See Resources (next slide) 6 month term too short – may be better to take it on for 1 yr (two 6 month terms) as OA Scouting program is 1 yr Others ???

8 Resources Troop Scoutmaster & Troop OA Adult Advisor
NH OA Troop Rep Chairman & NH OA Officers Other Troop Reps New Horizons OA website - Order of the Arrow Troop Rep webpage under the NH OA website Contact info registry Troop Rep information packet National Order of the Arrow Website: Shawnee Lodge Website:

9 Summary The OA Troop Rep is an important leadership position
Communication and Encouraging participation in OA events are the main duties of the OA Troop Rep There are many resources for the Troop Rep Troop Rep “get-togethers” can provide ideas to increase effectiveness Should we have these at all chapter meetings? A chance to share ideas

10 “Let it be remembered that the Order of the Arrow was created to help the unit – to help it present its membership a better ideal of the inner qualities of the good Scout camper. Qualities of character, like cheerfulness and service, are hard for a boy or a man to understand in the abstract. They come easier when seen in human life. Let us realize the significance of the Order in the unit – for the unit is our best hope in Scouting.” Dr. E. Urner Goodman

11 Questions ???

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