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Bill Garrett, Debbie Justeson, Edwin Hiel, Mary Kay Rosinski, Greg Barr.

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4 Bill Garrett, Debbie Justeson, Edwin Hiel, Mary Kay Rosinski, Greg Barr


6 Grossmont College 1964

7 Opened in 1961 More than 18,000 students Known for: nursing, culinary arts, administration of justice

8 Cuyamaca College Early 1980s

9 Opened in 1978 More than 9,000 students Known for: Ornamental horticulture, auto tech, green energy job training programs

10 Economic impact of GCCCD
Every $1 invested by a student = $6 increase in lifetime income $87.2 million expansion of California’s tax base annually $99.4 million into East County economy each year Third largest employer in East County Total: $477.5 million!

11 Proposition R $207 million bond measure approved in 2002
$68 million in matching state funds 13 projects – more than we promised Spotless audits

12 Prop R – Grossmont College
Griffin Center Health & Sciences Complex

13 Prop R – Cuyamaca College
Business and Technology Building Communication Arts Building

14 Planning for the future
Educational Master Plan Facilities Master Plan Technology Master Plan

15 Educational Master Plan trends
More tech-savvy students, more online classes College education, technical skills – gateways to the middle class Science, technology, engineering and math skills in high demand New buildings must focus on flexible uses and environmental sustainability




19 Proposition V November 6 ballot – East County $398 million bond
$16.94 per $100,000 assessed valuation

20 Proposition V Ballot Language
EAST COUNTY, GROSSMONT COLLEGE AND CUYAMACA COLLEGE STUDENTS, ACTIVE MILITARY AND VETERANS AFFORDABLE EDUCATION AND JOB TRAINING MEASURE. To prepare local students/veterans for college/career success, shall Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District upgrade career training facilities for science, medical, public safety, in-demand fields, create a Veterans Support Center on each campus, modernize technology in classrooms, libraries, science labs, improved disabled persons access, upgrade, construct, acquire classrooms, facilities, sites/equipment, by issuing $398,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with independent citizen oversight, no money for pensions/administrators, and all money staying local, benefiting East County community colleges?

21 Key projects Create a Veterans Support Center on both campuses
Modernize college technology Renovate/expand educational and career training facilities Create an East County Workforce Solutions Training Center Rehabilitate deteriorated roofs, electrical, plumbing and ventilation Increase energy efficiency and reinvest savings into instruction Improve safety/security and access for disabled students

22 Facility needs Inadequate equipment Aging classrooms
Leaky roofs, lots of mechanical infrastructure, upgraded technology, better facilities for renowned programs like Ornamental Horticulture Outdated technology Expanded facilities

23 Taxpayer protections A Citizens Oversight Committee with annual audits
No money for operations, salaries or pensions Governing Board policy against use of long-term capital appreciation bonds.

24 Supporters of Prop V Associated General Contractors Educators
San Diego County Taxpayers Association Associated General Contractors Educators Elected Officials Business Health professionals Veterans and military Public safety


26 $5.6 million 1,227 students 310 class sections (already cut 1,600)
If Prop. 30 fails… Grossmont-Cuyamaca’s cut: $5.6 million 1,227 students 310 class sections (already cut 1,600)

27 If Prop. 30 passes… Essentially status quo Additional $705,000
310 classes restored more

28 More information – About us – Proposition V


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