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Requirements Strategy Stream Council Overview

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1 Requirements Strategy Stream Council Overview
Alan Daniels Montreal, Canada October 11, 2013 1

2 Presentation Outline Team Leadership Strategy New Activity
Team Scorecard Standards 9100 Series Revision Plan 2

3 IAQG Strategic Focus 3 Axes Improvement Strategy
Relationship Growth Strategy Requirements People Capability Product & Supply Chain Improvement Performance Civil Authorities - Production Space Defense Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Trade Associations The IAQG focuses on the continual improvement of the processes mainly within the supply chain to deliver consistently high quality products IAQG Operating Management System IAQG Other Party Management Team Integration Team 3 Axes Aligned to Address Challenges 3

4 IAQG Requirements Team
IAQG Leader: Alan DANIELS (Boeing) Mentor: Judy LASLEY (Rolls Royce) AAQG Leader: Buddy CRESSIONNIE (Lockheed Martin) EAQG Leader: Judy LASLEY (Rolls Royce) APAQG Leader: Tatsuya SHIRAI (Kawasaki Heavy Industry) IAQG Document Representatives 9100 : Alan Daniels (Boeing) 9101 : Masahiro KAWAMOTO (MHI) 9102 : Kevin WARD (Goodrich/UTC) 9103 : Bernard LAURAS (Airbus) : Mike ROBERTS (Boeing) : Tim LEE (Boeing) : Will TATE (Triumph) 9107 : Ed BAYNE (Boeing) 9110 : Agathe MOLL (Airbus) 9114 : Ed BAYNE (Boeing) 9115 : Raymond WRIGHT (Raytheon) 9116 : Mike QUINN (Boeing) IAQG Document Representatives 9117 : Jan SOMMARBERG (Volvo) 9120 : Dale GORDON (Aerojet) 9131 : Claus MAYR (Airbus) 9132 : Craig MANERS (Rolls Royce) 9133 : Michael STOCK (Rolls Royce) 9134 : Albrecht Feldsmann (Airbus) 9136 : Bernard LAURAS (Airbus) 9137 : Juan Ignacio MARTIN (Airbus Military) 9138 : Dan FITZSIMMONS (Boeing) 9139 : Jesse MANGUAL (Moog) 9162 : Dale GORDON (Aerojet) 91XX : Deborah Oberhausen 4

5 Current / Future State Mapping
Current State Independent release of standards Most OEM’s deploy 9100 Limited supply chain eligible and required to deploy 9100 Standards supported for deployment presentations Few measures in place Strategic Focus Project manage future integrated standard releases Collaborate with Strategy Streams IAQG 5 year strategy Lead 90% certification Ensure standards are current and relevant Develop and maintain document support materials and improve communications Engage in ISO activities and obtain liaison voting status Develop future QMS concepts and measures Future State Integrated release of future standards All IAQG member companies use the series All eligible supply chain use series Standard support is easy to use Measures drive improvements 5 5

6 New Activity Integration Team - Requirements Team
Integration Team has been folded into the Requirements Team, with Jim Clifford keeping dictionary duties and the ownership of 101 and 103 New Standard Development Template Developed a presentation that will help new team leaders identify their team, stakeholders, provides them with the tools and guidance necessary to be successful IAQG Standards Register Updated and posted on website 6

7 IAQG Standards 7

8 IAQG Document Relationships
IAQG OWNERS DATA Data Type Oversight of Certification Scheme (organization) (surveillance/certs) (auditors) ICOP Certification Scheme 9120 (Distributors) 9100 (General) 9110 (Maintenance) 9101 Audit Process Quality Management System REQUIREMENTS Strategy Stream Certification Scheme QMS Standards Maintenance of stds issued by IAQG (IAQG 103) 9103 Key Char 9102 FAI 9107 DDA 9114 Direct ship 9131 N/C Doc 9132 Marking 9133 Sup.Qual. 9138 Stat Prod Ac 9162 Self Ver 9115 Software 9137 AQAP align. 91XX APQP/PPAP People Capability documents (PCAP001) & structure (skills matrix) Best practices Product & Supply Chain Strategy Stream Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH) Sales & Scheduling Requirement Flow down Design & Developm’t Plant, skills & planning Manufact. & Inspection Supplier Mgt. Control of N/C mat’l C/A & P/A Order Mgt & logistics Customer Support Sourcing selection Business Processes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 People Capability Strategy Stream 8

9 Standards Register Standard Register New Activity
22 Standards – last report 87 IDRs and SDRs (1 SDR not required by sector) 2 Standards added (9139, 91XX) SCMH – 1 IAQG Focal and 3 Sector Focals 21 name changes in 3 months 8 SDRs needed 9107 EAQG, 9114 EAQG, 9138 APAQG, 9139 APAQG, 9162 EAQG, 91XX-All TBD) 9

10 Requirements Team Activity
Montreal Team Activity 9100, 9101, 9102, and 9117 Teams met in Montreal 9100 Initial disposition of 454 comments complete, sub-teams created, activity determined and a schedule developed 9101 Worked on ballot results and deployment support material Worked ballot comments disposition and deployment support Worked on the writing of the standard revision 9117 Team review of draft surfaced a couple issues that will postpone their plan to send to ballot at Montreal by a couple weeks. A draft checklist for DPRV and guidance material is being reviewed by the team 10

11 24 Standards (existing and in work) - 12 Active Projects
Standards Activity Summary 24 Standards (existing and in work) - 12 Active Projects 6 Review Standards in the ballot or publish phase (9101, 9102, , 9114, 9116, 9136) 3 Development Standards revisions in development (9100, , 9107) 4 New Projects New standards in development (9117, 9138, 9139, 91XX) 4 Study Standards planning a revision (9110, 9120, 9115, 9137) 3 Study Past due for reaffirmation – in work (9132, 9133, 9162) 4 Sustain Sustain and maintain GOAL - Complete the development, ballot and publication process for the 12 active standard projects on schedule 11

12 Standards in Review (active ballots)
IAQG Standards – Ballot/Publish Standards in Review (active ballots) 9101 “Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations” Nearing ballot process completion and will be going to publication 9114 “Direct Ship Guidance for Aerospace Companies” Affirmation ballot initiated 9116 “Notification of Change” Ballot results pending “Requirements for Oversight of Aerospace Quality Management” Ballot is in process, affirmation ballot launched in the AAQG 9102 “Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement” Ballot has been initiated and the results are pending 9136 “Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving” Closure date for the IAQG Sector ballot is January 2014 12

13 IAQG standards in Development (revisions)
IAQG Standards - Revisions IAQG standards in Development (revisions) 9100 “Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations” Comments reviewed and dispositions applied in Montreal “Requirements for Aerospace Auditor Competency and Training Courses” The plan is for a draft to be ready for ballot early next year 9107 “Direct Delivery Authorization Guidance for Aerospace Companies” Revision is in work and will have additional focus after 9114 is complete – Official project launch in Montreal 13

14 9107 - Direct Delivery Authorization Guidance for Aerospace Companies
9107 – Revision Initiation Direct Delivery Authorization Guidance for Aerospace Companies 14

15 IAQG standards in Development (new)
IAQG Standards – New IAQG standards in Development (new) 9117 “Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV)” Planned ballot draft for Montreal postponed to address a couple emergent issues that surfaced in their Montreal meeting 9138 “Statistical Product Acceptance” Standard number issued and regularly scheduled meetings are being held via WebEx/Telecon 9139 “Bodies of Knowledge” Ballot draft is getting near being ready and the goal is to publish in June 2014 - 91XX “Advance Product Quality Planning” (APQP) / “Production Part Approval Process” (PPAP) SWG and Council approved in Moscow - First team meeting held in September 15

16 IAQG standards in Study/ Past Due Review
IAQG Standards – 5 Year Review IAQG standards in Study/ Past Due Review 9132 “Data Matrix Quality Requirements for Parts Marking” Noncompliant to review requirement – EAQG identified IDR and SDR – revision needs are being reviewed 9133 “Qualification Procedure for Aerospace Standard Parts” Noncompliant to review requirement - Working draft complete - Official project launch in Montreal 9162 “Aerospace Operator Self-Verification Programs” Noncompliant to review requirement – The IDR has completed the project plate, a revision has proposed in Moscow and team formation is in process - Official project launch in Montreal 16

17 9133 - Qualification procedure for aerospace standard products
9133 – Revision Initiation Qualification procedure for aerospace standard products Date Revision Initiated: IAQG-issued Standard Number: 9133 Current Issue (letter & date): Rev NC, IAQG-issued Standard Title: Qualification procedure for aerospace standard products IAQG-issued Standard Scope: The qualification process and requirements of standard products for aerospace IAQG Document Representative (IDR): Dale K Gordon Strategy Focus Stream Leader (SFSL): Alan Daniels AAQG Sector Document Representative (SDR): APAQG Sector Document Representative (SDR): Yoshitsugu Kanno EAQG Sector Document Representative (SDR): Michael Stock Reason(s) for revision: Past 5 year review dates and update to current needs Initiative deliverables: Revised standard for Ballot Estimated Publication Date: 17

18 9162 - Operator Self-Verification Program
9162 – Revision Initiation Operator Self-Verification Program Date Revision Initiated: IAQG-issued Standard Number: 9162 Current Issue (letter & date): Rev NC, IAQG-issued Standard Title: Operator Self-Verification Programs IAQG-issued Standard Scope: Basic elements for structuring Operator Self-Verification programs within the aerospace industry IAQG Document Representative (IDR): Dale K Gordon Strategy Focus Stream Leader (SFSL): Alan Daniels AAQG Sector Document Representative (SDR): Mark Vogel APAQG Sector Document Representative (SDR): Tatsuya SHIRAI EAQG Sector Document Representative (SDR): Reason(s) for revision: Past 5 Year review and needs to be updated to current practices…also look at change from Guidance in the Americas Initiative deliverables: Revised Standard for Ballot Estimated Publication Date: 01-December – 2014 (or before) 18

19 IAQG standards in Study for Revision
IAQG Standards – Study IAQG standards in Study for Revision 9110 “Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organizations” Scope of revision being determined based on 9100 changes, IAQG direction and stakeholder feedback 9120 “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors” 9115 “Quality Management Systems -Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations -Deliverable Software” 9137 “Guidance for the Application of AQAP 2110 within a Quality Management System” 19

20 9100 Series 2015 Revision Plan 20

21 IAQG 9100 Series Team IAQG 9100 Series Team Integration of Standards
Alan Daniels Wayne Johnson 9100 IDR – Team Leader Boeing 9100 Scribe IAQG Buddy Cressionnie Brigitte Clamens Masahiro Kawamoto 9100 AAQG SDR Lockheed Martin 9100 EAQG SDR Zodiac Aerospace 9100 APAQG SDR Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Jim Clifford Roberto Ciaschi Chen Zhongyuan 9100 AAQG Representative United Technologies Corporation 9100 EAQG Representative European Space Agency 9100 APAQG Representative Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) TBD Stuart Anthony Tatsuya Shirai 9100 AAQG Representative TBD 9100 EAQG Representative Rolls Royce 9100 APAQG Representative Kawasaki Heavy Industries Integration of Standards QPAT Team Membership: Representation from all business units Quality services span the product lifecycle Manages 14 processes Most of any PAT Process owner teams represent nearly every site Kristy has taken over the Supplier Quality role Dale Gordon Agathe Moll Masahiro Kawamoto Insert Picture Here 9120 IDR Aerojet 9110 IDR Airbus 9101 IDR Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ray Wright Juan Ignacio Martin Insert Picture Here 9115 IDR Raytheon 9137 IDR Airbus Military 21 21 21

22 New Activity 9100 Series Team Meeting Results
Reviewed 9100 Structure Draft (SD) Initial disposition determined for 357 comments Determined sub-team activities needed Updated 9100 schedule and integrated schedule Developed a plan for the writing team 22

23 Scope of Revision – IAQG approved May 2012
9100 Revision Scope Scope of Revision – IAQG approved May 2012 Documented in the 9100:2015 Design Specification Complete Utilize Survey and Comments Template feedback Complete Integrate schedules and publication dates for 9100 Series (9100, 9110, 9120, 9115, 9137) Complete Incorporate ISO 9001:2015 Revision Text In work Address Future Concepts from the SWG In work Counterfeit parts Safety Management System IAQG Expanded Strategy Fix what is broken and be cautious in the adoption of new requirements - the benefits must be clear to all stakeholders Beginning in 2014 23

24 9100 Team Stakeholder Liaisons
Stakeholder IAQG Leader 9100 Team Liaison External Certif Bodies /Aero Auditors Tim LEE Masahiro KAWAMOTO 9100 Certified Organizations Brian BLOUNT Brian GEER Airline and aviation operators Alain GROS Isabelle VOUGAZ Distributors Dale GORDON Dale GORDON Deliverable software orgs Raymond WRIGHT Raymond WRIGHT Internal IAQG & sector member companies Alan/Buddy/Brigitte/Masa 9100 Leader, Sector Leaders IAQG Strategy Streams/Teams Requirements Alan DANIELS Alan DANIELS People Capability Jesse MANGUAL Stuart ANTHONY Product & SC Improvement Bernard LAURAS Jim CLIFFORD Performance Improvement Christian BUCK Mark COVERT OPMT & Certification Bodies Tim LEE Masahiro KAWAMOTO Integration Jim CLIFFORD Jim CLIFFORD IAQG Relationship Growth MRO orgs Alain GROS Flavio IZZO Civil Aviation Authorities Ed BAYNE Alan DANIELS Defense / NATO Mike HAYWARD Juan Ignacio MARTIN Space Roberto CIASCHI Roberto CIASCHI Trade Associations (EAQG) Alain BONNARD Brigitte CLAMENS 24

25 Data Mining Input Summary
AAQG 67 APAQG 31 EAQG 89 (out of 175) CAAs 21 Defense 1 LinkedIn (users group) 12 MRO (9110 IDR) 14 PSCI Stream 6 Space Forum (IAQG/AAQG) 18 (out of 29) Trade Organizations 2 Web Survey (Question 10) 96 357 Comments (454) 25

26 9100 Sub-teams Product Safety (Includes Human Factors) Agathe Moll
Risk Roberto Ciaschi Preventive Action Roberto Ciaschi Counterfeit Parts Dale Gordon Configuration Management Dale Gordon Product Realization Planning Jim Clifford Post-Delivery Support Isabelle Vougaz Necessity for Design Sub-Team to be determined based on design content in DIS 9100 Team focals listed - each sector to have a representative Due date February 14, 2014 to sectors teams can assess prior to IAQG Brussels 26

27 9100 Series Revision Master Schedule
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 San Antonio 05/2012 Nagoya 10/2012 Moscow 05/2013 Montreal 10/2013 Brussels 04/2014 TBD 10/2014 TBD 04/2015 TBD 10/2015 TBD 04/2016 TBD 10/2016 TBD 04/2017 TBD 10/2017 END TBD Development Companies certified to revised standards Training Decision Auditors training (as needed) (OPMT) Recommended Schedule to satisfy need date Required for publication Transition Period 9100 revision Structure Draft Begin Writing Working Draft Coordination Draft Ballot Draft Ready for Publication START 9110, 9120, 9115, 9137 Series Revisions Required for publication 9101 Audit – Revisions (as needed) 9104-1, -2, -3 – Revisions (as needed) Plan & Stakeholders feedback Internal Dependencies Standards & Training as needed for publication Required for 9100 publication 9100 Transition Plan 9101 Update (as required) 9100 Training (as required) External dependencies ISO 9001 publications CD May 2013 – Begin struct. draft DIS : Feb – Begin writing 9100 FDIS : Feb Begin Coord. Draft Publish : Sept – Prep. Ballot For more information, see detailed schedule Preparing Ballots reviews and comments Publications 27

28 Requirements Team Montreal meeting was very successful 28

29 Questions Thank you! 29

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