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End of Course Exam Study Guide. Define Manifest Destiny.

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1 End of Course Exam Study Guide

2 Define Manifest Destiny

3 John O’ Sullivan Idea that the continent should be settled from coast to coast

4 Explain how the effects of the Civil War promoted industrialism

5 RR, Iron v Steel, textiles, coal, rubber, and processed foods

6 Identify major urban areas (4) of the U.S.

7 ¤ Northeast ¤ Upper Midwest ¤ Atlantic Coast ¤ California

8 Give an example of how crop famines led to immigration to the U.S.

9 Irish Potato Famine

10 How did the California Gold Rush contribute to immigration?

11 People immigrated to work in the mines (Chinese)

12 How did social and political unrest as well as religious freedom contribute to immigration?

13 People came for a fresh start. (Political, Religious, Financial)

14 What language barriers did the immigrants face?

15 Not speaking English and Ethnic Islands

16 What type of housing did most immigrants live in?

17 Tenements

18 How did the Nativists react to immigration?

19 They were unhappy with it, but especially Asian immigration

20 How did mining advance in the late 1800’s?

21 Drills, dynamite, hydraulic, pumps, etc..

22 What advancements in farming and ranching came during the late 1800’s?

23 Threshers, dry farming, better plows, barbed wire

24 Identify the following people w/ their industry or technological invention VanderbiltDupontArmour WestinghouseBell CarnegieEdison PullmanRockefeller HersheySwift

25 Vanderbilt-RR Westinghouse- Electricity AC Power Carnegie-Steel Pullman- RR Cars Hershey-Chocolate Dupont-Chemicals Edison- Lightbulb & phonograph Rockefeller- Oil Swift- Meats Armour-Processed Meat “Meat Barons” Bell- communication, phone, & telegraph

26 What were the goals of populism?

27 P Increased circulation of money P Unlimited minting of silver P Progressive Income Tax P Gov’t ownership of comm. & transportation

28 What was Pres. Grant’s Black Friday?

29 New York Gold Exchange, Grant’s brother- in law was involved in a scandal that caused the gold market to crash

30 Credit Mobilier

31 Scandal under Grant administration involving the Railroad (Union Pacific)

32 Whiskey Ring-

33 A group of distillers & public officials (Grant’s Staff) defrauded the government of liquor taxes.

34 Tammany Hall

35 Political club that ran New York cities Democratic Party.

36 Boss Tweed-

37 Boss of Democratic Party in New York. He accepted bribes and kickbacks (Thomas Nast)

38 What were the details of the Garfield assassination?

39 He was shot at a D.C. RR Station by Guiteau because Garfield had not given him a job.

40 Who was responsible for civil service reform and what did it do?

41 Chester Arthur It made sure that goverment jobs would go to qualified people. It ended spoils system.

42 What were the Granger Laws?

43 Regulated RR prices & practices

44 What was the Interstate Commerce Act?

45 Regulated RR prices could charge for freight traveling between states. Illegal to give special rates to certain customers

46 How did the following change the lives of Americans? (electricity, plumbing, communication, and transportation)

47 Made life more convenient and made it possible to talk to long distance and travel longer distances

48 Define Imperialism

49 Stronger nations attempt to build an empire by dominating weaker ones.

50 Identify the causes of American Imperialism

51 Promote economic growth protest American security Preserve American spirit

52 Identify the consequences of Imperialism

53 New Markets Stronger Military Unpopular abroad Higher Taxes

54 Spanish-American War

55 Between U.S. and Spain over the freedom of Cuba also in Philippines

56 Extractive Economies-

57 Economies that extract resources from other regions

58 Panama Canal-

59 Built to connect Pacific and Atlantic Goethals (engineer) Roosevelt President Yellow Fever thread of schedule Below budget

60 Yellow Journalism-

61 Sensational new coverage emphasizing crime and scandal

62 Women’s Suffrage

63 Movement to give women the right to vote

64 FDA

65 Food and Drug Administration Required labeling of ingredients, strict sanitary practices, and rating system for meats

66 Initiative-

67 Citizens can put a proposed law directly on the ballot in the next election with petition signatures

68 Referendum-

69 Allows citizens to approve or reject a law passed by their legislature

70 Recall

71 Permits voters to remove public officials from office before the next election

72 Anti-trust legislation-

73 Outlawed any combination of companies that restrained interstate trade commerce

74 Muckrakers-

75 Named by TR, journalist who uncovered wrong doing in politics and business

76 What were the causes of WW1?

77 Imperialism Militarism Nationalism Alliances

78 List new trends, inventions, and ideas of the 1920’s.

79 Women’s dress Women Working & Voting Rural to Urban Movement Airplane Entertainment Jazz Mass Media

80 “The Perfect 36”

81 Book that chronicles how men and women helped women earn the right to vote. 36 was the number needed to ratify Tennessee was number 36

82 Anne Dallas Dudley-

83 Suffragist Pivotal in TN women’s suffrage struggle

84 Harry Burn-

85 Cast the deciding vote in TN suffrage movement

86 What factors caused the Great Depression?

87 Uneven Prosperity High Personal Debt Speculation of Stock Surplus of Goods

88 Harlem Renaissance-

89 African American literary awakening of the 1920’s centered in Harlem (Langston Hughes)

90 Lost Generation-

91 Group of writers in the 1920’s who shared the belief they were lost in a greedy materialistic world that lacked moral values and who often fled to Europe.

92 Ida Tarbell-

93 Expose that resulted in the Sherman Anti- Trust and break up of Standard Oil

94 Upton Sinclair

95 The Jungle exposed the unsanitary practices of the meat packing industry

96 Gifford Pinchot-

97 Helped form Bull Moose Party forestry

98 How did radio, movies, jazz, and sports change American life?

99 Gave Americans new outlet to occupy their leisure time

100 What were the causes of World War 2?

101 Treaty of Versailles humiliated Germany Fascism Imperialism

102 List the negative patterns of an economic cycle.

103 ` Dwindling business activity ` unemployment ` excess inventory ` decreased production ` Prepossession ` Increased business failure ` Bankruptcy

104 Totalitarianism-

105 Government that exerts total control over the nation and citizen’s life

106 Fascism-

107 Emphasizes importance of the nation, or one ethnic group, and the supreme authority of a leader over that of an individual

108 Communism-

109 Government owned all land and property One Political Party Needs of country took priority over the individual

110 Nationalism-

111 Devotion to one’s country

112 Anti-Semitism-

113 Hostility or discrimination against Jews

114 Hoovervilles-

115 Makeshift homeless shelters during the Great Depression

116 Bonus Army-

117 Group of WW1 Veterans and their families who protested in Washington, D.C. (1932) demanding immediate payment of a pension bonus

118 How did the Great Depression cause migrations and worldwide depression?

119 People moved to find work All economies were connected because of trade

120 Why did FDR win so easily in 1932?

121 Promise of a New Deal (Economic Relief)

122 Social Security-

123 (1935) Pension plan for elderly & others who can not take care of themselves

124 WPA-

125 Works Progress Administration Gave unemployed work in building construction and arts programs

126 TVA

127 Tennessee Valley Authority Hydroelectric Power Flood Control Recreation Activities for Tennessee River Valley

128 Indian Reorganization Act

129 1934 Management of their own assets, protection of resources Turn self-government over to tribal basis

130 FDIC

131 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation An independent agency created by Congress in 1933 insures deposits up to $100,000

132 CCC

133 Civilian Conservation Group Jobs for unmarried men to work on Conservation projects

134 Wagner/Fair Labor Standards Act

135 Established minimum wage

136 How did WWII affect the American economy in the following areas: Women Urbanization Minority employment GI Bill Rationing childcare

137 Women went to work in factories Urbanization, people moved to cities for work in factories Minority employment, people went to work in factories GI Bill helped returning veterans gain college education & low cost mortgages Rationing helped conserve resources for the war effect Women were forced to rely on family members & friends for childcare. Those who were old enough worked

138 Why was Fort Campbell created in Kentucky?

139 A training facility for WWII soldiers Home to 101 st Airborne Now

140 Cordell Hull

141 Sec. of state under FDR from Tennessee Held position longer than anyone

142 What contribution did Oak Ridge make to WWII?

143 Provided the Plutonium for the A-Bomb (Manhattan Project)

144 Nuclear Proliferation

145 Production of Nuclear Weapons or the increase of Nuclear Weapons

146 What impact did espionage have on the Manhattan Project?

147 Information about the project was leaked to the Soviets. Alger Hiss & the Rosenburgs

148 Medical Experimentation during the Manhattan Project

149 Tested the effects off plutonium and radiation on people

150 Nagasaki

151 Second A-Bomb (Little Boy)

152 Hiroshima

153 First A-Bomb dropped on Japan (Fat Man)

154 What contribution did the following TN areas make in WWII: Camp Forest Memphis Manufacturing Firms Chattanooga war production plants Knoxville’s TVA Alcoa Kingsport's Eastman Explosive Plant

155 Camp Forest- Tullahoma, TN, training camp for WWII Memphis Manufacturing Firms- War production, produced bombs Chattanooga war production plants- produced army ammunition during WWII (TNT) Knoxville’s TVA- Powered Oak Ridge Alcoa- manufactured aluminum for Manhattan Project Kingsport’s Eastman Explosive Plant- Holston Ammunition owned by Eastman Kodak (manufactured explosives)

156 What differences did the victorious Allied Powers have after WWII?

157 Philosophical differences about governing (Communism v. Democracy)

158 What social inequalities existed in America after WWII?

159 Jim Crow Laws Racial Segregation

160 Space Race-

161 Race between Russia & U.S. to explore space Provided more funding in education, especially in Science and Math

162 How did Hollywood change America in the 1950’s ?

163 Television transformed the American families’ leisure time and popular culture

164 How did communication networks improve in the 50’s and 60’s ?

165 Television FM Frequency Transistor Radio

166 Medical Advances of 1950’s

167 Jonas Salk-Polio Vaccine, Penicillin & other antibiotics, heart surgery

168 Interstate Highway Systems

169 Construction in the 1950’s Ordered by Eisenhower to provide better, quicker transportation Secretly to move weapons

170 Identify area associates with U.S. containment policies

171 Korea Vietnam Cuba East & West Germany

172 McCarthyism-

173 Described Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Anti- Communist smear tactics

174 Conformity-

175 Encouraged in the 1950’s Blending in and following main stream society

176 Counterculture

177 Opposed the mainstream culture (Hippies)

178 Generation Gap

179 Widening difference between the values of the younger generation and their parents

180 Highway System-

181 Provided more roads needed to accommodate Americans buying more cars Allowed for growth of suburbs

182 Consumerism-

183 Preoccupation with an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods created boom in business

184 Plessy v. Ferguson-

185 Separate but Equal is legal

186 Brown v. Board of Education-

187 Ended separate but equal

188 Miranda v. Arizona-

189 People arrested have to be informed of their rights

190 Gideon v. Wainwright-

191 Provided legal representation by the state for those who can not afford it

192 Little Rock Central High School-

193 Gov. Orval Faubus denied admission to 9 students after integration was ordered Eisenhower sent the soldiers to protect the students

194 Montgomery Bus Boycott-

195 Sparked by Rosa Parks Conceived by the SCLC eventually led to integration of buses

196 Freedom Riders Route-

197 Tested out the integration of buses Encountered heavy violence

198 Birmingham Bombings-

199 Several churches were bombed

200 Nashville Lunch Counters-

201 Sit-in protests of the Jim Crow Laws

202 Ole-Miss-

203 1961 James Meredith blocked from entering by Gov. (Ross Barnett) Kennedy sent in Federal Marshals after 2 bystanders were killed to restore order

204 Martin Luther King Jr. & his march on Washington-

205 “I have a dream” speech to rally support for Civil Rights Bill

206 Civil Rights Act of 1964-

207 Lyndon Johnson Banned use of different voter registration cards Banned discrimination in public places Withheld federal money from institutions who discriminate Equal employment

208 Civil Rights 1968-

209 Prohibited discrimination in renting or buying of houses

210 Great Society-

211 Lyndon Johnson’s plan to aid education (Head Start), Medicare, Medicaid, Conservation, voting rights

212 Bay of Pigs-

213 Failed invasion of Cuba by a group of Anti- Castro Forces trained by the CIA and OK’d by JFK

214 Brinkmanship-

215 1956 term used by Secretary of State John Dulles to describe the policy of risking war in order to protect national interests

216 Cuban Missile Crisis-

217 1962 crisis that arose between U.S.S.R. & U.S. over a Soviet attempt to place nuclear weapons in Cuba

218 Peaceful Coexistence-

219 Theory developed during the Cold War that Communist states could peacefully coexist with capitalist states

220 Strom Thurmond-

221 South Carolina Senator who ran for president against Truman on the Dixiecraft ticket and a segregationist platform

222 Bull O’Conner-

223 Birmingham, AL police Chief arrested more than 900 protesters including MLK Used fire hoses and dogs

224 George Wallace-

225 Segregationist Gov. of Alabama who ran for President in 1968 was shot during the campaign and paralyzed

226 Diane Nash-

227 One of the founders of the SNCC Key force in the Civil Rights movement

228 Betty Freidan-

229 Wrote Feminine Mystique Leader for Women’s Liberation Movement

230 Martin Luther King Jr.-

231 Leader of Civil Rights movement until his assassination

232 Malcolm X-

233 Nation of Islam (Malcolm Little) Civil Rights more militant than MLK Assassinated in 1965

234 Albert Gore Sr.

235 Civil Rights TN Senator voted against Civil Rights Reserved position and voted for Opposed Vietnam War

236 Identify changes in the music industry brought about TN’s influence Grand Ole Opry WSM Nashville Music Publishing Memphis Sun Studio Elvis Presley

237 Grand Ole Opry- Saturday night radio program (1925-present) Wsm- Country music station (1923-present). It popularized country music Nashville Music Publishing- started shift from New York to Nashville which led to country & western records Memphis Sun Studio- 1950’s recording studio. 1 st single “Rocket 88”. 1 st recorded Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley- the King. Rock & Roll/ Blues No. 1 seller

238 Sam Walton-

239 Wal-Mart founder

240 Michael Dell-

241 Computers 1990 self start up

242 Donald Trump-

243 Real estate giant in NY

244 Bill Gates-

245 Microsoft

246 Steve Jobs-

247 Apple

248 Jeff Bezos-

249 founder

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