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Robert McNamee Assistant Professor & Academic Director.

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1 Robert McNamee Assistant Professor & Academic Director

2 Crowdfunding?  Follows bottom-up, crowd-driven, trends Wisdom of Crowds – 2004 book (large crowd is smarter than a few smart people) Prediction Markets – people invest / play game of predicting outcomes (can be very accurate) Crowdsourcing – outsourcing task to distributed group of people / public Open Innovation Challenges – ask world for ideas  better ideas than few experts  Crowdfunding Collective effort of individuals who pool resources to support efforts initiated by others

3 Equity Crowdfunding  Funding of a company by selling small amounts of equity to many investors.  US JOBS Act Wider pool of small investors w/ less restrictions Signed by President Obama on April 5, 2012 SEC has 270 days to establish rules & guidelines  Hotly Contested / Rapidly Changing Landscape Significant risk of abuse  wasted money / investors loss / fraud / low quality companies (e.g., 2000 IPO craze) Distributes power / opportunity away from large investors  Allows “crowd” (stakeholders) to pick companies

4 Non-equity Crowdfunding  Large group of people provide funding to help launch companies or facilitate activities – no equity changes hands (but funders may receive something of value)  History 1997 - British rock group Marillion (fans supported US Tour w/ $60k donations raised via fan-based Internet campaign) 2001 - ArtistShare (first crowdfunding website for music)ArtistShare Sellaband (2006)RocketHub (2009)Sponsume (2010) Indiegogo (2008)InvestedIn (2010)PleaseFund.Us (2011) Pledge Music (2009)GoFundMe (2010)Peerbackers (2008) Kickstarter (2009)Rock The Post (2011)Fundable (2012)

5 Kickstarter  “Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.”  Purpose & Innovation are Equally Important  Some significant risks Failed projects = Funders lose money / Platform loses legitimacy Too much success + Poor cost estimates = Bankruptcy

6 Finding Your Purpose…  This is about providing value to people and society “Getting to Why” – Simon Sinek (Video)Video “Art of the Start” – Guy Kawasaki (Video)Video  Increase Quality of Life Innovative products can do this… Capture Clip / WindowsFarms Capture ClipWindowsFarms  Right a Wrong Social impact can certainly do this… FoodPrints / Proof Sustainable Sunglasses FoodPrintsProof Sustainable Sunglasses  Prevent the End of Something Good Anything that brings back something retro that people miss is pretty popular these days… Keep The Crescent / Preserve Chicago's Music Keep The CrescentPreserve Chicago's Music

7 Broadening the idea of Purpose… What Values / Purpose comes through in these commercials / KS projects?  Samuel Adams:  Nike:  Google:  Foursquare:  Cisco (Just for fun):  Sustainable Longboards:  BMW (Theo Jansen):  E-Paper Watch: for-iphone-and-android?ref=discover_pop for-iphone-and-android?ref=discover_pop  DC Teaching Kitchen: kitchen-at-watkins-elementary-0?ref=most-funded kitchen-at-watkins-elementary-0?ref=most-funded

8 Total Successful Projects and Funding (US $ Millions) by Category

9 Projects Counts & Success Rate by Category

10 Percentage Distribution of Successful Projects by Funding Size

11 Unsuccessful Projects by Funding Threshold (“30% Rule”)

12 Coming up with a Kickstarter project  What are you passionate about / want to fix? Adding purpose to a business can seem insincere Creating a business around a purpose is likely more genuine  Used forced association… Bridge / Connect: purpose <> business idea / business model  Don’t forget Kickstarter [implicit] constraints… How much money would you need to launch? (don’t forget more projects fail when they ask for $20k+ / very few project in $100k+) What can you give a person for $20-$100? (if main value / deliverable is offered at $1000 it shrinks your donor pool) What will motivate people to want to give you $$$? (same question applies for any venture – what motivates people to be associated with you, work for you, buy from you, write about you)

13 Kickstarter Tips  Leverage Your Social Network / PR Channels  Update often – projects that get 31+ updates get 4x the money as less frequently updated projects  Be creative with your reward levels (not just T-shirts)…  For now local is usually not good (e.g., new retail business unlikely to work)  As local communities grow may have hope…  Write a script – remember you are telling a story in 2 minutes  Get to the point quick – say it before they click away…  People don’t fund projects, they fund people – make your video personal

14  Overall instructions / explanation for how it works:  FAQ- All your questions will be answered:  Also here: /  Kickstarter School  Practicalities- creating a good video (lighting / audio matter):  Google: how to make a good video ;) FAQs & Helpful Guidelines

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