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1 Business Case Presentations Michael Brookhart Sarah Adams Erika Campbell.

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1 1 Business Case Presentations Michael Brookhart Sarah Adams Erika Campbell

2 2 Company Information  Company history  Founded in 2009  Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, Charles Adler  Mission Statement  Net Worth/Statistics

3 3 Company Information  New York City Opera  Currently using Kickstarter as a final Hail Mary  Ever Bar  Wide array of things can be created  Art, inventions, food, games, music, TV shows and movies  Large following in the music, art, and publishing areas

4 4 Company Information  Creators and Backers receive valuable returns  Creators  Get chance to accomplish dreams without financial risk  Backers  Tangible and Intangible rewards  Current Big Kickstarter Projects  Veronica Mars  Wish I Was Here

5 5 COMPETITORS  Indiegogo  Different business strategies   UK based  Small Knot  Linking communities with small businesses  Market Share

6 6 STRATEGIES  3 Guidelines  1. Creators can fund projects  2. Kickstarter’s 13 project categories  3. Site’s prohibited uses  Hardware/Product Design regulations  5% fee to all campaigns  Social Media

7 7 Company climate  “Team Kicksterter”  Office Location  Positions offered  Tumblr Page   SWOT Analysis

8 8 Case Summary  Vocabulary  Kickstarter: the world’s largest crowdfunding site for creative projects  Service to cash-challenged artists and entrepreneurs  New projects  Crowdfunding process  Pledge statistics

9 9 Questions & Answers  1a. What is the “Project of the Day” on  Golem Arcana  1b. Which two pledge levels have the highest number of backers?  Pledges for $100 and $110  1c. Which pledge levels are sold out, if any?  $55, $100, $225  1d. Do the answers to these questions suggest that backers are actually customers making purchases rather than donors making selfless contributions?  They’re customers making purchases because they’ve chosen to be backers of the higher priced pledges which grants the backers an incentive for supporting the pledge; they’re buying the product

10 10 Questions & Answers cont.  2. Explain crowdfunding and its advantages to new entrepreneurs?  It’s a way to raise money (capital) for new projects by asking for contributions from a large number (crowd) of people via the Web; peer-to-peer funding  Can make any new idea a reality  Easily accessible for entrepreneurs to engage the crowd  3. Compare Kickstarter and eBay  eBay prices are much more flexible and Kickstarter donations are varied, yet set, prices  Both have time limits  Provides a new way for consumers to obtain “new” products  They’re changing the way people shop; “window shop”  4. What characteristics make Kickstarter a social commerce site?  Kickstarter involves a lot of social interaction between entrepreneurs and consumers; commitment from backers  Entertaining; via Web  Other entrepreneurs can seek out competition

11 11 Additional Questions  Kickstarter is the best known source of crowdfunding  What’s the future of crowdfunding?  What other kind of crowdfunding opportunities will be established? 11

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