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ADVANCE-Nebraska Advancing Women, Advancing STEM Dual Purpose Data Collection Trisha Wonch-Hill.

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1 ADVANCE-Nebraska Advancing Women, Advancing STEM Dual Purpose Data Collection Trisha Wonch-Hill

2 In the beginning... Goal 1: Increase the number of STEM in UNL tenure-track faculty positions Goal 2: Retain women tenure, tenure track STEM faculty and support promotion into Leadership positions Goal 3: Conduct Innovative Research on the types of network structures that support academic success and increase satisfaction of UNL STEM faculty. Dr. Christina Falci

3 Faculty Network and Workload Survey – Conceptual Model

4 Evaluation Active internal evaluation team o Mindy Anderson-Knott, Nancy Busch, Patricia Wonch-Hill, Christina Falci, Mary Anne Holmes, Evelyn Jacobson, Julia McQuillan Comprehensive evaluation o Each event evaluated o Qualitative (Focus Groups) o Survey Data (Chair Search Survey Data) Other Data Sources o IRP o PeopleAdmin(HR) o Equity Access and Diversity Combination* o IRP + FNWS + Involvement Matrix + Focus Groups

5 3 rd Year cite visit = SWIMMING IN DATA Involvement Matrix Applicant Pool Faculty Pool Peer Institution Data Surveys of Department Chairs and Search Committee Chairs Focus Groups New Hire Interviews Exit Surveys Climate Data Networking Data P & T Review Outcomes Event Evaluations Dual Career Program Data Faculty Interviews

6 Bridging Research & Evaluation Consider Overlapping Meetings o Evaluation Meetings are combined with Planning Meetings Consider Overlapping A Position o Postdoctoral Research Associate – Year 4 & 5 Analyze data for reports - Internal Dissemination/Institutionalization Research* Utilize External Evaluator o Help to Frame Questions for different audiences o Helps to contextualize data in both theory, literature and can helpf frame from the perspective of your Institution among other Institutions.

7 Research Published Manuscripts Holmes, Mary Anne. “Working together. “Nature. 489, 327-328 (2012). Under Review Wonch-Hill, Patricia, Mary Anne Holmes and Julia McQuillan. “The New Faculty Profile: Partner Employment Status Should Force a Rethinking of Academic Workplace.” Science Under Revision Falci, Christina, Julia McQuillan, Megumi Watanabe and Mary-Anne Holmes. “Disconnected in the Ivory Tower: An Exploratory Study of Gender and Race Differences in STEM Faculty Network Marginalization”. Watanabe, Megumi and Christina Falci. “Department Climate and Faculty Job Satisfaction in STEM Disciplines: Explaining Differences by Race and Gender” In Progress Wonch-Hill, Patricia, Julia McQuillan and Mary Anne Holmes, Christina Falci. “ Academic Rank and Faculty Experiences: Is higher better for men only?” *More Dissertation, Theses and publications in the pipeline

8 Example – The New Faculty Profile* Figure 1. Percent of STEM faculty by relationship status. Numbers at the base are n’s, the number of faculty for that category.

9 Example – The New Faculty Profile* Figure 2. Degree to which faculty perceive the family issues bleed into work time (blue), family support (purple), and overall satisfaction with department climate (red) by gender and employment status of partner.

10 Thank You Website: Contact Information: Trisha Wonch-Hill

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