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CTE Credentialing: The Basics February 2015. Who needs a Career and Technical credential?  To teach in an approved CTE program and seek reimbursement.

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1 CTE Credentialing: The Basics February 2015

2 Who needs a Career and Technical credential?  To teach in an approved CTE program and seek reimbursement through the Colorado Career and Technical Act (CTA), an instructor must have a valid CTE Authorization with a CTE endorsement in the approved content area.

3 The Partnership CDE/CCCS Colorado Department of Education (CDE) evaluates CTE applications, links the credentials/endorsements to teaching licenses and issues authorizations and/or licenses. Colorado Community College System (CCCS) sets credentialing criteria and works with the Credentialing Oversight Committee to manage appeals for the exceptions process.

4 CTE Definitions Licensure - Requires the completion of an approved educator preparation program or alternative licensing program. Authorization - Was created in 1991 by the state legislature as an option for instructors in specialty areas that do not meet State licensure requirements.

5 CTE Definitions Occupational experience (non-teaching) - For most CTE endorsement areas, occupational experience must be no more than 7 years old. In addition: o The amount of required occupational experience may vary depending on level of education. o Student teaching (up to 800 hours of credit) may be combined with paid occupational experience. o Applicants must use the occupational form to verify non-teaching experience. o Self-employment is verified by submitting tax forms. o Paraprofessional experience is not accepted.

6 CTE Definitions Teaching experience - The three years of related teaching experience: o Do not need to be consecutive years of teaching o Need to be within the last seven years (for most endorsements) o Need to be licensed teaching experience but may also include up to 800 hours of related student teaching experience o May include teaching experience at the Community College level

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11 CTE Endorsements Agriculture, Food and Natural ResourcesPersonal Care Services EnergyTransportation, Maintenance and Sales BusinessTransportation Operations MarketingAudio/Video Technology & Film Business/MarketingInformation Technology Health Science TechnologyJournalism & Broadcasting Printing/Publishing Biotechnology Research and DevelopmentPerforming Arts Emergency and Fire Management ServicesSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Law Enforcement ServicesVisual and Design Arts Education and TrainingACE FACS Occupational AreasCTE Director Family, Consumer and Early Childhood ServicesCTE Specialist Hospitality and TourismFACS Core Architecture and ConstructionIntegrated Communication Distribution and LogisticsIntegrated Mathematics Manufacturing ProcessesIntegrated Science Manufacturing Production and Repair

12 Endorsements that require teaching licenses ACE Agriculture & Natural Resources Business Marketing Business & Marketing Combined Education & Training FACS CORE FACS Occupational Combined Integrated Math Science Communications CTE Director CTE Specialist

13 CTE Initial Application Meets the minimum educational and occupational requirements Can only be issued once and is non-renewable. Upon issuance, CDE will notify the applicant via email of any coursework required to move to a 5 year authorization.

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15 CTE Initial Application/Checklist/Forms Menu


17 CTE Agriculture Evaluation Worksheet Must meet all 3 of the Evaluation requirements

18 CTE Agriculture Evaluation Worksheet

19 Occupational Experience


21 The Initial CTE evaluation consists of four parts: Licensure - Is a valid teaching license required? Coursework - Has the applicant submitted 24 semester hours of coursework or passing score on related content exam? Experience - Based on degree, experience can be either teaching or occupational. Student teaching in a related area up to 800 hours may be combined with either teaching or occupational experience to meet this requirement. Assigned requirements - Should to be completed within three years.


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24 CTE Initial Applies for CTE Initial credential Meets “Initial” CTE requirements: Coursework and career experience Issued 3 year Authorization with coursework assigned This authorization stands alone

25 To Convert an Initial (3 year) CTE to a Professional (5 year) CTE Must have completed the CTE coursework assigned at the time of issuance. Apply using the Converting an Initial CTE to a professional application.

26 CTE Added Pathway Educators seeking to add an endorsement to their valid, existing CTE authorization may do so through a combination of academic preparation and occupational experience. Upon meeting the coursework and occupational requirements, the new endorsement may be added to an existing CTE authorization or linked to a professional teaching license.

27 CTE Renewal/Reinstatement This application is to be used to renew a 5 year CTE professional authorization or to reinstate a CTE Authorization that has lapsed for 2 years or more.  Renewal: A valid CTE Professional Authorization may be renewed every 5 years with the combined equivalent of 6 semester hours or 90 contact/clock hours of related renewal credit.  Reinstatement: When a CTE authorization has lapsed for 2 or more years, the applicant must provide verification of 1,000 hours of related occupational experience completed in the content area within the last 5 years. For instructors that have been teaching in the CTE content area for the last 7 or more years, 3 school years of full time instructional experience in the credential area may be substituted for the 1,000 hours of relevant occupational experience that is required to renew a lapsed credential.  In addition, initial applicants must complete the requirements assigned at the time the CTE credential was issued.

28 CTE Initial to Professional Holds a CTE Initial Authorization Completed the assigned coursework and applies to convert initial CTE to professional Holds a professional teaching license? YES CTE endorsement is added to the professional teaching license NO Issued 5 year standalone CTE Professional Authorization

29 CTE Director added to principal license CTE Director Submits an Initial application for CTE Director Issued an Initial 3 year CTE Director Converts initial to professional Holds a professional Principal license. no Professional CTE Director stands alone yes

30 Important Websites:  CDE Educator Licensing   CCCS Course Offerings   CCCS Courses Required for Secondary Credentialing 

31 Important Takeaways Write down your login information: user name and password. CDE primary method of contact is via email. When applying, use your personal email address rather than your work email. Review the checklist for the application that you plan to submit. Have official transcripts on hand from all postsecondary colleges/universities. Complete the CTE evaluation worksheet prior to applying. Have your Occupational Experience form completed before applying. Applications are valid for a period of 90 days and then they are automatically closed and the applicant will have to reapply.

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