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I’m the credentialing officer, what do I do? 2011.

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1 I’m the credentialing officer, what do I do? 2011

2  All postsecondary instructors who teach in a Colorado Community College System (CCCS) approved CTE program must hold a valid credential Ensures that the CTE program provides students with well qualified instructors possessing appropriate occupational and educational experience (Colorado Revised Statutes 23-60- 304)

3  Check your college program approvals st.jsp;jsessionid=TlIYtCKLxEirIc7ed8n3+X1KuZI st.jsp;jsessionid=TlIYtCKLxEirIc7ed8n3+X1KuZI Select “Active Programs for a School” Find your school in the drop down menu and hit “run” This will generate you a list of current active programs.  To find specific courses in the program select the “Web Request ID”

4  Once you are looking at the program details from the “Web request ID” Scroll down to “Required Program Courses” - These are the courses that are in the program that need to have a credentialed instructor The “General Education Courses” listed do not need to have CTE credentialed instructors teaching them.

5  Run report in COGNOS each semester, talk to the registrar on your campus, or talk to college deans to determine who is teaching what each semester.  If someone is teaching a course on a program approval make sure they hold a valid CTE credential.  If they do not hold a credential, help them with the process.

6  Ask them. Many instructors have copies of their credentials, get a copy from them and go from there.  Check their HR file at your institution to see if a credential has been filed.  Check the PPACERT screen in BANNER.  Call the credentialing officer at CCCS to see if there is a copy of an old credential in archive.

7  Find out if someone has a credential  Have the instructor complete a credential application available at y_forms.htm y_forms.htm  Make sure the instructor is applying for a credential in the area they want to teach in – see for a list of program to credential required guidelines  Verify their occupational experience  Issue credential  Enter tracking information into excel spreadsheet and into banner

8  Listed at ia_postsecond.htm ia_postsecond.htm  Credentials are the areas listed in blue. Click on the credential name to see the requirements for a credential in that area.

9  Each of the postsecondary credentials has specific criteria that must be met prior to issuance  Select a credential area to view the criteria ia_postsecond.htm ia_postsecond.htm  Criteria were developed by panels of experts and instructors in each pathway area

10  With the postsecondary criteria sheet, a college credentialing officer should be able to evaluate a credential application Does the applicant meet the educational requirements? Does the applicant meet the occupational experience requirements?

11  First time applications (initial credential)  Adding an additional pathway to an existing credential  Renewing a credential  Reinstatement of an expired credential

12  If an applicant has the education and occupational experience  Initial is good for three years  Time to complete required EDU courses 250 & 260 for full time instructors 250, 222, OR 266 for part time instructors  Move from an initial to a professional credential after courses (and any other requirements) have been completed

13  If an instructor applies for a credential January 31, 2010 that credential effective date would be January 31, 2010 and would expire January 30, 2013  If an instructor holds a valid initial credential and is moving to a professional credential that can be renewed up to 6 months before the expiration date. The new effective date should be the day after the current credential expires.  If an instructor renews an expired credential the new credential will be effective the day a complete application is received.

14  Complete EDU coursework required on initial credential  Complete additional education if required on initial credential  Complete additional occupational experience if required on initial credential

15  Professional credentials must be renewed every five years  Requirements to renew a full time credential:  Six semester hours of college coursework, or  Six semester hours of professional development training (15 hours equals 1 semester hour), or  Six semester hours of work experience in the credential area (40 hours equals 1 semester hour, or  Any combination of the above three  Requirements to renew a part time credential:  Signature from supervisor indicating satisfactory performance as an instructor

16  Up to 6 months before a credential expires, an instructor may submit an application to renew  The renewed credential date is effective the day following their current credential expiration date and is valid for five full years  Requests to renew a credential made after the credential has expired will be effective on the date of receipt of the application and will be valid for five years  If a credential expires June 30, 2009 and an instructor submits their application for renewal August 17, 2009 then the new credential will be effective August 17, 2009 and will be effective until August 16, 2014.

17  An instructor may request the reinstatement of a credential which has expired by completing the requirements listed on their expired credential if no more than two years have elapsed since the expiration date of the credential  If the period of time is greater than two years, the instructor must verify 1,000 hours of related occupational experience in addition to the requirements listed on their expired credential

18  After the credentialing officer has collected and reviewed the application Verify the application materials Issue the credential (initial, professional, renewal) or Deny the credential  Send information to HR for banner entry  Send information to CCCS for internal monitoring

19  Get a copy of the secondary credential, Search.jsp use their social security number and birthday to look up this information Search.jsp  Keep a copy of the secondary credential for your records.  Issue a postsecondary credential for their file The effective dates should match the secondary effective dates. Their renewal requirement is that they need to provide a copy of a renewed secondary credential.  Enter their information into your database and into Banner.

20  If an instructor does not meet the requirements for an initial credential they may apply for an exception:  PDF all of their completed application materials  Have the instructor write a letter explaining why they need an exception  Credentialing officer email all documents to CCCS  Requests are heard by the Board Designated Oversight Committee (BDOC) for credentialing once every two months or by email in case of emergencies

21  Contact Paul Hammeke at CCCS with any credentialing questions 720-858-2890

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