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Fall 2009 Sky Mountain Charter School Documentation Training.

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1 Fall 2009 Sky Mountain Charter School Documentation Training

2 Why Use Documentation? To memorialize calls and conversations, in order to not rely on memory down the road To put information into writing that is important To prepare ahead for potential problem situations To create a “paper trail” that can be followed To remind people of pertinent information To reiterate key points of a conversation

3 What is Documentation? Documentation is creating a written account of information or a situation that took place. Emails Journals Learning Records

4 How to Document: Calls and In-Person Conversations Document any conversations with families that fits the following criteria: Important information is given A potential problem situation is developing Parent is upset ES is upset How to document a phone or in-person conversation: Take notes during the conversation Write down the key points the parent makes Email the notes to yourself Write down parents key points, your response, and result of the conversation or next steps being taken. Create a “Follow-Up” email to the conversation and send to parent Reiterate what was stated over the phone in a positive manner Give an alternate solution (if possible)

5 How to Document: Calls and In-Person Conversations Notes During Call: Parent is upset that funding cannot be used for team sports. Parent is upset that karate is considered high risk and limited to 30% IF. Notes in Email to Yourself: Parent is upset that funding cannot be used for team sports. I explained that IEM’s policy is that public funds will not be used for team sports. Parent is upset that karate is considered high risk and limited to 30% IF. I explained that this criteria is set forth by IEM’s insurance company for the health and safety of our students.

6 How to Document: Calls and In-Person Conversations “Follow-Up” Email to Parent Hi Jane, This is just to follow-up with our phone conversation earlier today. I understand that you would like to sign Johnny up for the Little League Baseball Team using Instructional Funds, which would be a great learning experience for him. However, IEM’s policy is to not use public funds for team sports. The instructional funds can be used for classes that teach the sport, so I have provided links to our approved vendor which teach baseball courses……

7 How to Document: Calls and In-Person Conversations “Follow-Up” Email to Parent Hi Jane, This is just to follow-up with our conversation earlier today regarding STAR testing. I have listed the dates and times below, as well as information regarding the testing location. I have also included links to test prep material, released test questions, and tips for taking the STAR test…..

8 How to Document: IEM “No Response” in 24 Hours PO Inquiries/ Vendor Inquiries/Special Education If you get no response to your email or inquiry within 24 hours, complete the following documentation and steps: Send a second email after the 24 hours has passed CC your advisor on the email State: “This is a follow-up to the original email I sent on the morning of 11/4/09, in which I have not yet received a response. Be positive and straight forward Take note of “Out of Office” messages

9 How to Document: Scheduling for LR Meetings Set your schedule of dates, times, and locations ahead of time. Once the families have their dates and times set, send out an email to each family with the following information: Date and Times chosen Location Your Cancellation Policy Cancel for emergencies only; must still meet within 20 days Will not cancel and re-schedule meetings for last minute vacations, trips to a local theme park, wanting to go to the library for story time, etc. Can re-schedule for planned family vacations with enough notice Ask for them to confirm via email that these dates and times work for them and that they understand your cancellation policy.

10 How to Document: Placing Purchase Orders Families should submit “Wish Lists” in writing Via email or in-person Send email confirmation that you received their “Wish list” within 24 hours. In the email state the following: You will review the materials and place the order with 3 business days. If there are any problems with the materials or the order, you will notify them prior to placing the order. When PO is complete, email the family: State the you have completed the PO Give them a budget update Reminder of 30-day material policy, 2-week service policy (optional)

11 How to Document: Supplemental Work for HQT Courses Critical Component to High School LR’s, since it may affect the final grade given. Reminders: All of the HQT course must be completed Supplemental work is in addition to the HQT course Supplemental work can only be up 10-15% of the total course work. State HQT learning first, then Supplemental Work Using Odysseyware Algebra 1 math course…. In addition to using Odysseyware, Mary used Saxon Math Algrebra 1 text to help her understand the concepts….. Make sure to document what assignments the student completed using the supplemental materials, as well as the concepts learned.

12 How to Document: HQT Vendor in a Learning Record View>HS Report Card> View/Edit> NCLB Teacher of Record Choose best option from drop down menu Input into LR’s automatically Must hand input past LR’s Biology 1A (HQT Online Course) State the name of the HQT vendor if they are an approved vendor Using Odysseyware Biology 1 course…. Using the Parents HQT status in Biology….using Saxon curriculum…. Using the Education Specialists HOUSSE status….using Houghton Mifflin curriculum… Do not state the name if they are not an approved vendor In the HQT course for Biology 1….

13 ???Questions??? Does anyone have any questions? Other situations where you may want to document?

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