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V2 1 E1 – Indirect Purchases Session 2 (V4) HAREFIELD.

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1 V2 1 E1 – Indirect Purchases Session 2 (V4) HAREFIELD

2 V2 2 Agenda Day 2 Purchasing Transactions –Create Non Stock & CapEx POs Walkthrough Exercise WT1 Walkthrough Exercise WT 2 (Create OF) –Coffee Break (10:30) –Updating Non Stock PO – WT3 Walkthrough Exercise WT 3 –PO Inquiry & PO Exit Toolbars –Approval Process Overview –Lunch Break (12:30) Refresher Exercise – Create ON/OF –Printing Non Stock Pos Walkthrough Exercise WT 4 –Non Stock PO Receipt & Reversal Walkthrough Exercise WT 5 End approx 3pm Session 2 Day 2 9:00 – 16:30

3 V2 3 Delegated Purchaser - summary Requests from your department / cost centres will come to you. If it less than £300 and you have a Procurement Card, you should use this to make the purchase. (Pilot) If it is between £300 and £2000, you can raise the PO in E1 (Or if it less than £2000 and you don’t have a Procurement Card) If it is more than £2000, you pass the request to the Purchasing Manager in Harefield If you place the PO, when it has been approved you will get an email telling you this. You must then send the PO to the supplier. (We will talk later how this can be sent automatically)

4 V2 4 Non Stock Purchasing Cycle Delegated Purchaser or the Purchasing Manager Raises PO PO is routed to the Budget Holder or their Delegated Approver For review and approval Rejected POs are closed and the PO creator Is notified by eMail PO is routed to Next level of approval If required Once fully approved, a Notification of Approval email is sent to the PO creator. Delegated Purchaser / Purchasing Manager prints the PO and sends it to supplier and notifies the originator that the order has been placed Originator Sends Email Of their requirement to their Delegated Purchaser Where Value is greater than £2000 / €3000 the request is Forwarded to a Purchasing Manager START Delegated Purchaser / Purchasing Manager posts a receipt when the goods arrive

5 V2 5 E1 Review Questions What program version is Create Fixed Asset PO (OF) ? How do you open & close the Exit Bar ? How many types of Non Stock POs are there What are they ? What the limit of your Purchasing Authority ? How do you know an order has been approved or rejected ? Where can you tell if a PO is being Printed or Faxed ?

6 V2 6 Day 1 Review Any questions on Day 1 ? 7

7 V2 7 Delegated Purchaser Task View

8 V2 8 Create Non Stock PO (ON)

9 V2 9 Create Non Stock PO Header Send Method (Print, Fax, Email) Header Text

10 V2 10 Create Non Stock PO Header

11 V2 11 PO Send Method Blank = Print 1 = Fax 3 = Email (limited use) You can change 1 to Blank Do NOT change Blank to 1

12 V2 12 Create Non Stock PO - Details If warnings are given, click OK to clear the warning and proceed Status will update automatically X Order Status Last / Next 220 / 230 – Order Created 230 / 230 – Order waiting for approval 230 / 225 – Order has been rejected 230 / 280 – Order has been approved & is ready to print. 280 / 400 – Order has been printed and waiting receipt 400 / 400 – Order has been partially received 400 / 999 – Order has been received & is closed

13 V2 13 Create Non Stock PO When details have been added and you click OK, you are taken back to the PO Header Revision screen Click Cancel at the PO header unless you wish to create another PO. Then click close at the work with order details screen

14 V2 14 Create Fixed Asset PO Creating a Fixed Asset PO is the same as a Non Stock PO except : Use the OF order Type Obtain the Asset Number from Finance and enter it into the field

15 V2 15 Delegated Purchaser Task View

16 V2 16 Time for a Break ? Questions ?

17 V2 17 Create Non Stock PO : Walkthrough 1 User Cost Centre Supplier 1 UK01FIN01 HSE Books 2 UK01FIN01 Albion Business Interiors 3 UK01GIT02 Blackwood 4 UK01GIT02 March Laboratories 5 UK01GIT02 Olympic Analytical Services Make a note of the PO Number Create a Non Stock PO with 3 Lines for office Furniture. Each line to be no more than £500 in value Use the number 524100

18 V2 18 Create Fixed Asset PO : Walkthrough 2 Create a Fixed Asset PO with 3 lines Use any of the training cost centres, any supplier and use the “Office Equipment” object acct number. Make a note of the Fixed Asset PO number

19 V2 19 Changing Non Stock POs Orders lines that have been approved can not be changed. (Approved Orders have next status of 280 or higher) You can add lines to approved orders – these lines will go separate approval – the PO must be reprinted. Change orders in the same way as you would create them

20 V2 20 Change Non Stock PO : Walkthrough 3 Make a change to line 1 in one of the orders you created earlier Add or edit the Order Header Text Attachment in the same PO Add a line (value £100) to the same PO – use the R&D object account

21 V2 21 Delegated Purchaser Task View

22 V2 22 PO Inquiry Remember :You must find a record before you can look at it

23 V2 23 PO Inquiry - Exits Header & Detail Revision contain 98% of the information needed These two exits are expanded on in following slides Order Recap shows Order / Line quantities and what’s been invoiced (Vouchered)

24 V2 24 PO Inquiry - Exits Choose the required Line, click Header Revision

25 V2 25 PO Inquiry – Header & Exits Enquiry only Can’t make changes TEXT FROM THE SUPPLIERS FILE – Will print on every PO to this Supplier

26 V2 26 PO Inquiry Choose the required Line, click Detail Revision

27 V2 27 PO Inquiry - Details Order Status Last / Next 220 / 230 – Order Created 230 / 230 – Order waiting for approval 230 / 225 – Order has been rejected 230 / 280 – Order has been approved & is ready to print. 280 / 400 – Order has been printed and waiting receipt 400 / 400 – Order has been partially received 400 / 999 – Order has been received & is closed

28 V2 28 Review of Non Stock PO PO Exits Summary From Inquiry or Create/Change - Two Key Exits : Header Revisions Detail Revision * Order Attachment (Extra text that will print at the top of the PO) * Additional Info (This is where the SEND METHOD is shown) (Remember you can change 1 to Blank, but not Blank to a 1) Row Exit : * Cancel Line * Line Attachment (Extra text for that line of the PO) Form Exit : * Cancel Order These exits will make up 99% of what you will need to use

29 V2 29 Approval Process Overview As delegated purchasers you can not approve your own orders. Approvers are notified by email. You will be notified by email when an order has been approved Demonstration of the approval process : Approving orders created in Walkthrough 1

30 V2 30 Time for Lunch ? Questions ?

31 V2 31 Printing Non Stock POs Client Company Ltd – Use Print Non Stock POs UK Ltd Client Company Pharmaceuticals – Use Print Non Stock POs NPL If the supplier has been set up for autofax, your orders will be automatically faxed to the supplier when you run the print program

32 V2 32 Output Non Stock POs Document Type ON (Non Stock) OF (Fixed Asset)

33 V2 33 Printing Non Stock POs

34 V2 34 Print Non Stock POs : Walkthrough 4 Print one of the POs that you created earlier What is the Status of the PO after printing ? Where can look to see how the order is being sent (Print,Fax,Email?) Where is the default setting for the send method kept ?

35 V2 35 Receiving Non Stock POs If the goods are delivered to you, you should get the originator to sign a delivery note (all goods should arrive with one of these). If the goods are for you, you should sign the delivery note. The delivery note should be attached to the Originators request and filed. You should then post the receipt of the goods.

36 V2 36 Receiving Non Stock POs

37 V2 37 Receiving Non Stock POs All lines with a “1” in the Rec Opt will be received therefore You must delete this “1” from any lines you do not want to receive

38 V2 38 Receiving Non Stock POs a)If you partially receive an order, and want to close the order so that the balance is no longer due : Change the Receipt Option to 7 (Receive & Close) & click OK b) If an order has been cancelled after approval : Change the Receipt Option to 9 to cancel the PO & click OK

39 V2 39 Receiving Non Stock POs You will be taken back to the receipt screen. Click find & the line you have booked in should no longer be showing

40 V2 40 Cancel a Non Stock Receipt There is a second part of the receipt process that will happen in the background. A scheduled job is run for Finance posting of the receipt. If this has not taken place, you will receive an error message when you try to reverse the receipt. Contact Finance and ask them to post the receipt if this happens

41 V2 41 Cancel a Non Stock Receipt Change the order type

42 V2 42 Cancel a Non Stock Receipt

43 V2 43 Cancel a Non Stock Receipt

44 V2 44 Receipt Non Stock POs : Walkthrough 5 Post the receipt for line 1 & 2 of the PO you created in Walkthrough 1 What status are the 3 lines at in the PO after the receipt ?

45 V2 45 NERP.SOP.111.01 Review of SOPs SOP IT700 – Common Foundation SOP 111 – Non Stock Purchase Orders SOP 116 – Invoice Verification

46 V2 46 End Day 2 Recap on today’s training : Review of Day 1 training Role of Delegated Purchaser & Purchasing Cycle Non Stock PO Creation Fixed Asset PO Creation Fixed Asset Number from Finance Changing Pos Can only change lines that have not been approved Look at Non Stock PO Inquiry Row & Form Exits Header Revision Inquiry & Exits Detail Revision Inquiry & Exits Demonstration of the Approval Process Printing Non Stock Orders Posting & Cancelling PO Receipt

47 V2 47 End Day 2 Walkthrough Exercises : WT 1 – Creation of Non Stock PO WT 2 – Making Changes to a PO WT 3 – Creation of Fixed Asset PO WT 4 – Printing Non Stock PO WT 5 – Posting Receipt of Non Stock PO

48 V2 48 End Day 2 Training for Delegated Purchasers is now complete Questions ? Briefing & Training Records Training Evaluation Forms

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