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Aeries Conference Ontario March 11, 2013 Aeries Conference.

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1 Aeries Conference Ontario March 11, 2013 Aeries Conference

2 Agenda Aeries Conference Fall 2 Spring Submission End of Year Submission (EOY) Assessment in CALPADS Closing out School Year in CALPADS Questions 2

3 Aeries Conference CALPADS Fall 2 Submission 3

4 Fall 2 Extended Amendment Window New deadline - March 22, 2013 Data Quality NCLB Core Course Compliance - HQT EL Education Services Received Aeries Conference 4

5 Fall 2 Submission Aeries Conference 5 NCLB Core Course Compliance – HQT Several data discrepancies relating to NCLB compliant courses and highly qualified teacher reporting. EL Education Services Received Reported by Course section and not by student

6 Fall 2 Submission Options to correct CRSE127 warnings Change the State Course Code to a Non Core Course code in Course Section or Change the NCLB Core to “Y” and report the HQT status Remember Report 3.4 and 3.5 are only including courses that you have flagged as core courses they are not including non core courses. Aeries Conference 6

7 Fall 2 Submission Aeries Conference 7 CRSE0127 warnings What do these warnings mean? If CRS-State Course Code is indicated as likely to be core then NCLB Core Course may not equal N

8 Fall 2 Submission Aeries Conference 8 Refer to the CALPADS Valid Code Combo document found on the CALPADS documentation page Refer to tab “Course Group Master Combos” Y = Always meets UC/CSU standards N = Never meets UC/CSU standards U = May or may not – local decision

9 Fall 2 Submission EL Education Services Received Refer to CALPADS Report 2.4 English Learner Education Services Unduplicated count - counts EL’s and what services received. 2.5 English Learner Education Services Unduplicated count – staff 2.7 English Learner Education Services – Student List All 3 report totals are derived from the field 9.20 - Education Services, per course section CALPADS Field 9.20 Education Service English Learners, enter in Aeries Elementary on the Teacher Form under “other fields” Secondary on the Master Schedule under “more info” Populate this field if the staff are providing EL services in the particular course section regardless of the Instruction Strategy code. Aeries Conference 9

10 Fall 2 Submission Instructional Strategy hierarchy Special Education Home and Hospital Any of the EL Strategies The Instructional strategy was put in place when the CDE removed specific Special Ed Courses. This a way to differentiate if the course is instructed specifically special ed, home teaching or EL. You can still have courses with instructional strategy of example 700 - Special Ed and still be providing EL services Aeries Conference 10

11 Fall 2 Submission Job Class Assignment FTE Assignment reported per Job Class by school, SEID Itinerant - Refer to the valid code combinations and the tab “NonClassSuppAsgn – Job Class” if the staff is teaching non classroom based - otherwise relate to the state course codes. Definition for NonClassSuppAsgn – A Job assignment that does NOT involve the primary instruction of STUDENTS Aeries Conference 11

12 Fall 2 Submission Aeries Conference 12 Pull-out, Push-in Instruction Only courses that provide the primary instruction for a student in an NCLB Core Content Area are subject to NCLB compliance. Courses providing supplemental instruction (pull-out, push-in instruction) in these content areas are NOT subject to NCLB Compliance. Example, if a teacher is providing pull-out instruction in a general math course, rather than mapping your course code to Course Group State Code 2400 (General Math), you should map it to code 3020 (Consultation/instructional support).

13 Aeries Conference CALPADS Spring Submission 13

14 Spring Submission Aeries Conference Spring 1 Collects and reports on the following data 14 Number of English Learner (EL students) Number of Fluent English Proficient (FEP) designated as either IFEP or RFEP by grade and primary language other than English Counts of rFEP Students during reporting period Eligible Immigrant counts

15 Spring Submission Enrolled on Census Day March 1, 2013 K-12 Reclassified during report period K-12 Report period = March 2, 2012 thru Census Day March 1, 2013 Aeries Conference 15

16 Spring Submission GroupTypeFields Used For Spring Categories Active ELs & Reclassified Fluent SENRStudent School Start Date Student School Exit Date SINFGrade Level English Language Acquisition Status Code English Language Acquisition Status Start Date Effective Start Date Effective End Date Title IIISENRStudent School Start Date Student School Exit Date SINFStudent Birth Country Code Enrolled in US School Less Than Three Cumulative Years Indicator Effective Start Date Effective End Date See the CALPADS Data Guide for more specific details on which fields and values are used to determine each count on the Spring reports Aeries Conference 16

17 Spring Submission Aeries Conference Complete all data entry in SIS Upload SENR, SINF & SPRG – Review validation errors - Post Fix Certification Errors, Review reports and reconcile as needed Distribute Reports for Review/Approval Certify Level 1 Certify Level 2 Spring Suggested Milestones 3-1 3-8 3-15 3-26 3-27 17

18 Spring Submission Aeries Conference March 1 2013 March 22, 2013 March 27 th 2013 March 28 2013 April 10 2013 Census Day Deadline Amendment opens Final Deadline Spring Reporting Calendar 18 Fall 2 extended Deadline

19 Spring Submission Aeries Conference No changes to the 12-13 Spring Certification business rules Changes to the Spring Submission in the UPCOMING reporting year The Spring submission data will be collected in the Fall 1 Submission starting in the 13-14 Academic Year (next year) 19

20 Aeries Conference End of Year Submission 20

21 End of Year Submission End of Year 1 Course Completion Career Tech Ed End of Year 2 Program Participation End of Year 3 Discipline End of Year 4 Student Waivers End of Year April 29 – July 31 Aeries Conference 21

22 End of Year Submission Legend Y = YesN = No Participants EOY1EOY1 EOY2EOY2 EOY3EOY3 EOY4EOY4 Sector PublicYYYY Non-Public PrivateNNNN Non-Public Nonsectarian NNNN School Instructional Level Pre-KindergartenNNNN ElementaryNYYN Intermediate/Mid/Jr YYYN High School Y YYY K-12 SchoolYYYY Adult Education N NNN PostsecondaryN NNN UngradedN NNN Participants EOY1EOY1 EOY2EOY2 EOY3EOY3 EOY4EOY4 School Type Traditional (non-educational options schools) YYYY County CommunityNYYY District Community DayNYYY Division of Juvenile JusticeNYYY Continuation High SchoolsNYYY OpportunityNYYY Alternative Schools of ChoiceNYYY State Special SchoolsYYYY Special EducationY*Y* YYY ROP/ROCNNNN Some limits on who must report are detailed in the specific CFS; All LEAs must report EOY 2 and EOY 3 Aeries Conference 22

23 End of Year Submission EOY records attached to open or closed enrollments within the Academic Year included All updates must be posted prior to Certification Report Period = Academic Year July 1 to June 30 Update Year round Year-round Reporting by Academic Year Aeries Conference 23

24 End of Year Submission Aeries Conference ALL EOY SENR SINF SPRG - All EOY 1 SCSC CRSC SCTC EOY 2 SPRG SINF EOY 3 SDIS EOY 4 SWAV End of Year File Types Course Completion Program Discipline Waivers 24 Stu Info – Primary Residency

25 Aeries Conference File TypeRequirement SENR Any open or closed enrollment between 7/1/2012 and 6/30/2013 SINF Complete SINF SPRG For Reporting Counts: Participated in any of the following Ed Program codes 113, 162, 180, 122, 174, 172, 164, 173, 171, 101, 108, Subgroups for filtering: 123, 135, 144, 162, 181, 182 CRSC Same as CRSE SCSC - Same as SCSE plus… Student Credits Attempted Student Credits Earned Student Course Final Grade SCTE CTE Participants only Whether or not the student completed a CTE course in the Academic Year SDIS Student Discipline SWAV Student Waivers SDEM Teachers hired after 10/3/2012 must be added SASS Not required, do not upload or enter End of Year Submission 25

26 End of Year Submission Aeries Conference 26 Changes in EOY Reporting for 12-13 EOY 1 ODS/Snapshot 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15 to include filtering on Program 162 (Pregnant or Parenting) New CVR – no SCTE courses (warning) EOY 2 New IVR to prevent LEAs from overwriting homeless status (warning) - SINF Program 162 (title change) now pregnant or parenting formerly CALSafe. Revise report 5.1 – Program Participation Counts – to include Program 162 filtering and NCLB Title I Part D Neglected column calculation for DJJ and Juvenile Court Schools

27 End of Year Submission Aeries Conference 27 cont. changes in EOY Reporting for 12-13 EOY 3 New CVR to prevent users from submitting a Most Severe Offense Code that does not match any of the Student Offenses within the incident. EOY 4 Add an IVR (fatal) invalid grade level for CAHSEE Exemption/Waiver Add an IVR to prevent an LEA from submitting a Denied outcome for a CAHSEE Exemption

28 End of Year Submission Aeries Conference 28 April 29, 2013 July 31, 2013 August 1, 2013 September 11, 2013 Deadline Window Opens Amendment Opens Final Deadline EOY Reporting Calendar

29 Aeries Conference Assessment in CALPADS 29

30 Aeries Conference Assessment Evaluate performance of individual students and educational entities Improving the accuracy and consistency of data used Building Comprehensive Longitudinal Data Set Creating a complete individual student assessment history for STAR, CAHSEE, and CELDT 30

31 Aeries Conference Assessment The initial phase of A/A functionality requires no change in the way LEAs currently work with assessment vendors or with CDE Student Demographic changes will be made through the testing vendor Testing Vendors will provide test results & reports Pre-ID, where applicable, will continue Testing processes will be directed by assessment program offices API results will use the student demographic data that LEAs supply to the test vendors however, CALPADS enrollment information will be used for the 2011 Base API and the 2012 Growth API to determine the Continuously enrolled and whether or not AEP (Alternative Education Program) student test results will be rolled back. AYP results will use the student demographic data that LEAs supply to the vendors as well as the continuously enrolled data supplied to the vendor – AYP will NOT use CALPADS data for the current year 31

32 CDE will Load test result data from vendor into CALPADS Evaluate when quality is sufficient to rely on CALPADS for Pre-id and AYP/API LEAs will React to match results, clearing records in suspense (unmatched) Correct errors in CALPADS data as needed Correct errors in Test Vendor data as desired. Verify reports Aeries Conference Assessment CALPADS 32

33 Aeries Conference Assessment Data is loaded by CDE by Program (Assessment) Assessment and Accountability Coordinators are notified by email when vendor data is loaded in CALPADS An automatic matching process is run to compare Results Records to records in CALPADS Repeated until cycle is complete and data frozen Loading Assessment Data in CALPADS 1 2 3 4 START Depending on continual loading of data, (Vendor updates, P1, P2, P3) 33

34 SSIDBirth YearGenderEnrollment Admin Date Matching process criteria Aeries Conference Assessment When all criteria is met the results are “matched” however as soon as one of these conditions is not met, CALPADS places the record in “suspense”. Vendor Results Demographics in CALPADS System generated Matching Process - Nightly Matched No action needed Suspense Further action needed 34

35 Aeries Conference Assessment Suspense Resolution Workflow: LEA Workflow: Review Suspense Records Determine best resolution and apply Wait for refresh and verify suspense resolved 35

36 Assessment Aeries Conference 36 Current Assessment functionality Pilot Group The Service Desk is currently supporting a small group of LEAs working in Assessment Production. Tentative Schedule Training and support to all other LEAs, after pilot ends.

37 Aeries Conference Closing out the School Year in CALPADS 37

38 Aeries Conference Make sure you complete an enrollment update from Aeries at end of school/academic year Closing out School Year Why is it important to close out or update at the end of the school year? Readies your data for the upcoming year submissions Decrease future certification errors Decrease Anomalies Updates and completes data on students who will be transferring thus helping thy neighbor Builds the longitudinal data in CALPADS 38

39 Important data to update at close out Verify that SINF records have been submitted for all students that registered after 10/3/2012 to include students who have exited Update exit date reason completion status fields for exits during the 2012- 13 school year Update English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) to include any EL to RFEP (Common Spring 1 issue) When submitting an end of year enrollment update from Aeries you will automatically close the NSLP records for the year, which is required in CALPADS Verify graduates with UC/CSU flag Aeries Conference Closing out School Year 39

40 Aeries Conference SENR Update all exits, graduates and new enrollees since 10/3/12 SINF Update all ELAS changes, UC/CSU flag on graduates, make sure a SINF is posted on all new enrollees since 10/3/12 SPRG Submit End of Year Enrollment Update SPRG file created from Aeries thus exiting your NSLP records for the year POST Closing out School Year 40

41 Aeries Conference 41

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