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May 2012 CAG, Slide 1 California Department of Education California School Information Services Advisory Group Meeting May 15, 2012 This presentation may.

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1 May 2012 CAG, Slide 1 California Department of Education California School Information Services Advisory Group Meeting May 15, 2012 This presentation may be downloaded from:

2 May 2012 CAG, Slide 2  CALPADS Policy Update/Reminders  CALPADS Update  CALPADS Support Update  CALPADS Q & A  Next Meeting Agenda

3 May 2012 CAG, Slide 3 CALPADS Policy Update & Reminders Keric Ashley, Director Data Management Division, CDE

4 May 2012 CAG, Slide 4 CALPADS Policy Update  2011-12 CALPADS Submissions Congratulations! Over 99 percent of LEAs certified their Fall 1, Fall 2, and Spring 1 submissions! End of Year (EOY) is the remaining major CALPADS submission that will roll out on June 4

5 May 2012 CAG, Slide 5 CALPADS Policy Update  EOY Submission Priorities As communicated to superintendents, the CDE suggests working on the EOY submissions in the following priority: -EOY 2, Program Participation -EOY 3, Discipline -EOY 1, Course Completion/Career Technical Education -EOY 4, Waivers (CAHSEE Waivers and Exemptions) There are no planned contingencies for EOY 2 and EOY 3 this year and so it is important for LEAs to certify this data to meet federal reporting requirements

6 May 2012 CAG, Slide 6 CALPADS Policy Update  Assessment and Accountability Will be rolled out in the May or June LEAs are not required to certify any assessment data For 2011-12 assessments, LEAs will not be required to resolve “suspense” records, that is matching student assessment results that do not have a matching enrollment in the LEA

7 May 2012 CAG, Slide 7 CALPADS Policy Update  2010-11 Graduate Rates The 4-year Graduate Cohort rate will be released at the end of May As in past years, LEAs will be able to preview the rate before it is released to the public

8 May 2012 CAG, Slide 8 CALPADS Policy Update  Consolidated Application Reporting System (CARS) CARS was rolled out on April 9, 2012 Due date for most data is May 25, 2012 Current functionality replaces part of the ConApp CDE is now working on the next set of CARS functionality which will replace more of the ConApp

9 May 2012 CAG, Slide 9 CALPADS Policy Update  Consolidated Application Reporting System (CARS) Spring Release -Schedule release data currently TBD -Release will not occur until after Winter data collection -Considering releasing the 2012-13 Application for Funding prior to the 2011-12 EOY Reports CARS Service Desk -As of May 2 nd there were 255 active service requests and 931 closed service requests

10 May 2012 CAG, Slide 10 CALPADS Update Randy Bonnell, Administrator, CALPADS Operations Office, CDE

11 May 2012 CAG, Slide 11 CALPADS Update Topics  2011-12 Submission Update  End of Year (EOY)  Assessment and Accountability (A&A)  2012-13 Submissions

12 May 2012 CAG, Slide 12 2011-12 Submission Update  Congratulations on 2011-12 Submissions Number of LEAs/IRCs certified by submission -Fall 1: 1,640 (99.6 percent) -Fall 2: 1,609 (99.3 percent) -Spring 1: 1,614 (99.6 percent)

13 May 2012 CAG, Slide 13 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY Current Status EOY UAT began April 16, 2012 and will continue through May 18, 2012 EOY is scheduled for production release on June 4, 2012 The certification deadline for EOY is July 18 Due to the late opening of the collection window, this year the amendment window will close on September 12

14 May 2012 CAG, Slide 14 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY Priorities EOY 2: Program Participation – ALL LEAs EOY 3: Discipline – ALL LEAs EOY 1: Course Completion and Career Technical Education – Students in grades 7-12 in departmentalized courses (except alternative schools) EOY 4: Waivers – (CAHSEE Waivers and Exemptions) – Students in grades 10-12

15 May 2012 CAG, Slide 15 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY 1 Course Completion – Key Points Includes all students primarily or secondarily enrolled at any time during the academic year who completed a departmentalized course in grades 7-12 -Alternative Education schools not required to submit data (see CFS Figure 2-1 for expected school types) In 2012-13, EOY 1 data will be used: -For Perkins reporting -DataQuest reports

16 May 2012 CAG, Slide 16 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY 2 Program Participation - Key Points Will not include CVR 95 (fatal) and 96 (warning) which would have required an effective SINF in the reporting year Will include CVR 101 which requires Field 2.33 Primary Residence Category to be populated for each student enrolled within the LEA during the reporting period Will include certification reports that display a cumulative count of homeless students enrolled during the year When updating the Primary Residence Category it is important to not overwrite previously reported homeless status information during the year

17 May 2012 CAG, Slide 17 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY 3 Discipline – Key Points Suspension and expulsion data from EOY 3 replaces the data formerly collected in the ConApp and will be posted on DataQuest Discipline data is also used to meet federal reporting requirements

18 May 2012 CAG, Slide 18 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY 4 Waivers – Key Points This collection is for CAHSEE waivers and exemptions only Districts and IRCs not serving grades 10-12 are not required to submit data for EOY 4

19 May 2012 CAG, Slide 19 End of Year (EOY) Update  EOY Training EOY training schedule is posted on the CALPADS Training Schedule website at: registration/ registration/ LEAs should attend training now prior to the rollout of the EOY functionality on June 4

20 May 2012 CAG, Slide 20 Assessments & Accountability Update  Assessments & Accountability (A&A) Implementation Update Projected rollout of the A&A functionality is May or June 2012 Assessment training begins this week LEAs with high numbers of suspense records will be given training priority -CALPADS Service Desk will contact these LEAs

21 May 2012 CAG, Slide 21 Assessments & Accountability Update  Assessment Functionality CALPADS will include 2008-09, 2009-10, and 2010-11 STAR, CAHSEE, and CELDT results with matching student enrollments in the LEA where the student took the test 2011-12 assessment results: -STAR results will be loaded in August 2012 -CAHSEE results through December 2011, with the remaining results loaded when available -CELDT results through December 2011 (all annuals and some initials), with the remaining results loaded when available Beginning July 2012, results will be loaded monthly, with a lag

22 May 2012 CAG, Slide 22  Assessment Functionality (continued) CALPADS will provide download extracts that will enable LEAs to obtain the assessment results for new students (students that did NOT test in the LEA)

23 May 2012 CAG, Slide 23 Assessments & Accountability Update  Accountability Functionality This year CALPADS demographic data will not be used in AYP and API calculations, however, its eventual use in the accountability calculations emphasizes the importance of: -Updating CALPADS on a regular basis -Learning to resolve unmatched students in suspense This fall, CALPADS will provide API and AYP summary and detail reports that show which students were included and excluded from API and AYP calculations and for what reasons -LEAs will be able to extract these data for analysis

24 May 2012 CAG, Slide 24 2012-13 Submission Update  CALPADS File Specification (CFS) Update CFS for 2012-13 will be published June 29, 2012 -Minimal 2012-13 Data Changes One new Non-Classroom Based or Support Assignment Code: Employee on Leave (6018) -In response issues related to staff who are on leave and therefore have no assignment

25 May 2012 CAG, Slide 25 2012-13 Submission Update Two new program codes: Free Meal Program (181) and Reduced-Price Meal Program (182) -LEAs will be required to submit students eligible for “free” meals and “reduced” priced meals -New certification report will show all students reported as eligible or participating in Free and Reduced priced meal programs, as well as students eligible for Free priced meals because they are homeless, migrant, or directly certified -The report will provide an unduplicated total which will be used for Title I & II allocations (for county offices and directed funded charters) and EIA entitlements (for county offices and small & rural districts)

26 May 2012 CAG, Slide 26 2012-13 Submission Update  Enhancements Developing “view only” screens to provide easy viewing of basic student information including English Language Acquisition Status, assessments, and course completion

27 May 2012 CAG, Slide 27 2012-13 Submission Update  Updating CALPADS for Next Fall 1 Refer to the CALPADS SSID Enrollment Procedures and CALPADS Data Guide posted at under System Documentation for information about submitting data to and maintaining data in -CALPADS SSID Enrollment Procedures: The purpose of this document is to provide LEAs with direction and guidance on data submission practices and business rules for submitting, updating, and maintaining high quality data in the CALPADS. -CALPADS Data Guide: The purpose of this guide is to prepare local educational agency staff – staff who are responsible for data that are collected and maintained in local systems, such as student information, food service, special education, and human resources systems – for submission of required CALPADS data.

28 May 2012 CAG, Slide 28 CALPADS Support Update Angela Ratty Services Architect, FCMAT/CSIS

29 May 2012 CAG, Slide 29 CALPADS Support Update Topics  EOY Preparations  Best Practices  2012-13 Readiness  Training  Resources

30 May 2012 CAG, Slide 30 Expected Schools Participants End of Year 1234 CrsStaffCTEPgmDiscWaiv Sector PublicYYYYYY Non-Public PrivateNNNNNN Non-Public Nonsectarian NNNNNN School Instructional Level Pre-KindergartenNNNNNN ElementaryNNNYYN Intermediate/Mid/Jr.Y (1) Y YYN High SchoolYYYYYY K-12 SchoolY (1) Y YYY (2) Adult EducationNNNNNN PostsecondaryNNNNNN UngradedNNNNNN Participants End of Year 1234 CrsStaffCTEPgmDiscWaiv School Type Traditional (non- educational options schools) Y (4) YYYY (2) County CommunityNNYYYY (2) District Community Day NNYYYY (2) Division of Juvenile Justice NNYYYY (2) Juvenile Court SchoolsNNYYYY (2) Continuation High Schools NNYYYY (2) OpportunityNNYYYY (2) Alternative Schools of Choice NNYYYY (2) State Special SchoolsYYYYYY (2) Home and HospitalNNYYYY (2) Special Education Consortium NNYYYY (2) Special EducationY (1) Y YYY (2) ROP/ROC (3) NNNNNN (1)Only students completing courses in grades 7-12 and US (2)Only schools with students in grades 10-12 and US (3)ROC/Ps will not submit data directly to CALPADS. CALPADS collects ROC/P course enrollment and completion through EOY 1. (4)Charters that do not award credits or grades are exempt 30

31 May 2012 CAG, Slide 31 EOY Preparations  EOY 2 – Program Participation Update Enrollment for all students through last day of school Verify Primary Residence field populated in local SIS Post Student Demographics (SINF) for students enrolled after 10/5/2011 Post SPRG file -Participation Membership vs Eligibility Membership

32 May 2012 CAG, Slide 32 EOY Preparations  EOY 2 – Program Participation Code(s)ProgramType 122, 174Title I Part AFederal 164, 171, 172, 173Title I Part DFederal 113California Partnership AcademyState 162California School-Age Families Education (Cal- SAFE) State 180CAHSEE Intensive InstructionState 108Opportunities ProgramState 101504 Accommodation Plan (eligible or participating)State

33 May 2012 CAG, Slide 33 EOY Preparations  EOY 3 – Discipline Maintain discipline locally as incidents occur Assign “Incident IDs” to discipline incidents (unique within each school) Be Familiar with Categories of Incidents collected: All non-special education students who were suspended or expelled due to a commission of a student offense (Ed Code section 48900 & 48915) All special education students who committed a student offense regardless of the action taken All students who committed a firearm offense (codes 100-102, 106) regardless of action taken

34 May 2012 CAG, Slide 34 EOY Preparations  EOY 3 – Discipline Severity-of-Offense Suggested Hierarchy Guideline: 1. Homicide 2. Forcible rape 3. Robbery/extortion 4. Assault with a deadly weapon 5. Battery 6. Possession of a weapon 7. Sexual offenses (other than forcible rape)

35 May 2012 CAG, Slide 35 EOY Preparations  EOY 3 – Discipline Severity-of-Offense Suggested Hierarchy Guideline: 8. Sale or furnishing of drugs 9. Possession of drugs for sale 10. Possession/sale of alcohol 11. Use of drugs/alcohol 12. Possession of paraphernalia 13. Destructive/explosive device (bomb threat included)

36 May 2012 CAG, Slide 36 EOY Preparations  EOY 1-Course Completion Post SDEM for new staff since 10/5/11 Post SENR for enrollments 7/1/11thru 6/30/12 Post SINF updates through 6/30/12 Post CRSC in Academic Year (AY) Post SCSC for course completion in AY Student Credits Attempted Student Credits Earned Student Course Final Grade Marking Period Post SCTE for CTE Pathway elements

37 May 2012 CAG, Slide 37 EOY Preparations  EOY 4 – Waivers Capture student requests for: -CAHSEE Waiver –passed with modified score and accommodations -CAHSEE Exemptions – required to take CAHSEE, but not required to pass Capture disposition or outcome of student request

38 May 2012 CAG, Slide 38 EOY Preparations EOY File Submissions End of Year Record Type 1- Course Completion/ Career Technical Education 2 -Program Participation3- Discipline4-Waivers SSID/EnrollmentUUUU Student InformationUUUU Student ProgramUR Course Section CompletionR Student Course Section CompletionR Staff DemographicsU Student Career Technical EducationR Student Discipline R Student WaiversR U=Updated R=Required

39 May 2012 CAG, Slide 39  Support Data Quality Provide staff development for all involved in data collection, reporting and analysis -Include the purpose of the information requested and understand the link to instructional programs and reporting requirements  Document Systems and Processes  Establish Support Structure  Audit data regularly 39 Best Practices

40 May 2012 CAG, Slide 40 Best Practices  Have a good understanding of data and requirements Know local data (and know when it’s wrong) Audit data regularly  Analyze problems and make adjustments Continuous improvement process  Have a backup plan Cross train staff  Take advantage of available resources 40

41 May 2012 CAG, Slide 41  Establish a yearly data management calendar  Review CALPADS accounts at the beginning of each year to: Identify accounts to be revoked for staff that has left Modify account roles for staff with new responsibilities Request new LEA Admin account if current LEA Admin has left Remind staff of CALPADS security rules to ensure that an account is not being used by multiple staff members 41 Best Practices

42 May 2012 CAG, Slide 42  CALPADS Submissions Keep data up to date throughout the year Stay informed about changing requirements Review certification reports early in submission cycle Develop sign-off procedures prior to certification for programs and schools Hold post-submission reviews: -document what needs to be improved for the next submission -train staff on the needed changes 42 Best Practices

43 May 2012 CAG, Slide 43 2012-13 Readiness  Close out 2011-12 records Verify that SINF records have been submitted for all students that registered after 10/5/2011 and have since exited Update exit dates/reasons/completions status fields for exits during the 2011-12 school year Update English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) Add Membership End Date to Free or Reduced Price Meal (NSLP) program record Verify graduates with UC/CSU flag Verify Initial 9 th Grade Entry Year field on graduates

44 May 2012 CAG, Slide 44 2012-13 Readiness  Prep Work Prior to October 2012 Obtain SSIDs Update No Show Dropouts with N420 Use ODS reports to check graduate and dropout lists Obtain SEIDs for new staff Add/Update security roles for users (i.e., Free/Reduced Meals, Direct Certification) Create and distribute 2012-2013 Data Submission Calendar to key staff

45 May 2012 CAG, Slide 45 Submission Strategies  Potential Obstacles Staff turnover – new LEA Admin account Fall 1 and Fall 2 Overlap Lack of Planning System Constraints CERT003 and CERT004 errors Coordination with Human Resources SIS Upgrades Data Reconciliation

46 May 2012 CAG, Slide 46 Submission Strategies Fall 1 & 2 Starts 10/03/2012 Fall 2 Uploads 11/30/2012 Fall 2 Due 1/16/2013 Fall 1 Due 12/19/2012 Prep/Data Population 6/15- 10/31 Upload Data 10/31- 11/09 Review Cert Reports 11/12- 12/18 Fall 1 Timeline Prep/Data Population 6/15- 11/13 Upload Data 11/30- 12/21 Review Cert Reports 1/07- 1/15 Fall 2 Timeline

47 May 2012 CAG, Slide 47 Submission Strategies  Fall 1 Suggested Milestones 10/31 – Complete SIS Data Population Ensure Initial 9 th Grade Entry Year Determine No Show exits for grade 7 to 12 10/10-11/09 – Upload SENR, SINF and SPRG Review validation errors, reconcile as needed 11/12-12/18 - Review reports & Reconcile as needed 12/19 – Certify

48 May 2012 CAG, Slide 48 Submission Strategies  Fall 1 Certification Strategy Obtain SSIDs before October Update enrollments for October Determine No Show exits for grade 7 to 12 Submit SINF and SPRG for all students enrolled on information day Allow several weeks to evaluate certification (snapshot) reports and revise data Know your local data

49 May 2012 CAG, Slide 49 Submission Strategies  Fall 2 Suggested Milestones 11/30 – Complete Data Population -Staff Demographics/Assignments -Course attributes 11/30-12/21 – Upload Staff and Course files -Review validation errors, reconcile as needed 01/04 – Post Staff and Course files 01/07-01/15 - Review reports & Reconcile as needed 01/16 – Certify

50 May 2012 CAG, Slide 50 Submission Strategies  Fall 2 Certification Strategy Coordinate with HR (staff assignments, SEIDS) Submit as follows (sequence is key): 1.Staff Demographics (SDEM) 2.Staff Assignments (SASS) 3.Course Files (CRSE, SCSE) 4.Distribute Certification Reports for Review and Verification  Staff Assignment and Course files are “full replacement” Use Online Maintenance with caution

51 May 2012 CAG, Slide 51 Submission Strategies Set Up Submit Data Reconcile Site Review /Approval Accounts Roles Aggregate Reports Local Data Data Processor – Level 1 Superintendent – Level 2 SENRSINFSPRG SDEM SASSCRSESCSE

52 May 2012 CAG, Slide 52 Support Tips  Training Opportunities registration/ registration/ -Basic courses -Advanced courses -Self-Paced Training Modules CSIS Training Opportunities -Data Management Overview -State Reporting Overview for Administrators

53 May 2012 CAG, Slide 53 Support Tips  Resources IBM Release Updates and Known Issues Error List Flash Updates Data Guide Self-Paced Training Modules Glossary (User Guide) FAQs

54 May 2012 CAG, Slide 54 Support Tips  Expedite Support Response Time Reference Known Issues Advise site users to contact LEA Admin Configure Security Questions Use email or web form Include Job ID, SSID, SEID, Error Number

55 May 2012 CAG, Slide 55 Support Tips  Help Yourself First Reference key documents before contacting support: -Quick Reference Guides (Help function of CALPADS) -System documentation on CDE website: Check the Upcoming Events on the main CALPADS portal Subscribe to the CALPADS one-way listserv Attend Training or Use Self Paced Trainings Attend Q & As Join SIS user group and/or listserv

56 May 2012 CAG, Slide 56 CALPADS Q&A Facilitated by: Nancy Sullivan Deputy Operations Officer, FCMAT/CSIS

57 May 2012 CAG, Slide 57 Next Meeting Nancy Sullivan Deputy Operations Officer, FCMAT/CSIS

58 May 2012 CAG, Slide 58 October 16, 2012 from 9:30 – 11:30 Next Meeting  CETPA Conference in Monterey Optional vendor meeting to follow the CAG

59 May 2012 CAG, Slide 59 Thank you for participating in the CAG Optional vendor meeting to start in a few minutes

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