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2013 Data Corrections Riverside County Assessment Network September 27, 2013 Wes Scott.

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1 2013 Data Corrections Riverside County Assessment Network September 27, 2013 Wes Scott

2 222 Overview Why do data corrections What changed in 2013 What can be corrected Source of Data How identify what to correct Common data issue Making corrections

3 333 Why do data corrections AYP or API – Did not make API or AYP – CDE data looks incorrect Had not finished by June 27, 2013 Want clean data Local Control Funding Formula

4 44 What Changed in and earlier – All data from STAR/CAHSEE student answer document (SAD) – Continuous Enrollment from CALPADS Use STAR/CAHSEE information if no SSID match – 30 day rule – Alternative Education scores reassigned (T167)

5 555 What Changed in 2013 (cont.) – CALPADS used for most demographic information Race/Ethnicities (SINF) English Learner Subgroup (SINF) SED subgroup (SINF and SPRG) SWD subgroup (SPRG)

6 666 What can be corrected CALPADS – Enrollment History Exit Codes (SENR 1.23) Primary Language (SENR 1.22) – English Proficiency (SINF 2.41) Date First Entered a US School (SINF 2.45) RFEP Date (SINF 2.42) RFEP 3-times proficient AFTER RFEP date (SINF 2.43) – Parent Education Level (SINF 2.50) – NSLP (SPRG 3.13; 181 or 182)

7 777 What can be corrected (cont.) CALPADS – Hispanic/Race (SINF ) Hispanic indicator 5 race columns (3-digit ethnicity codes) Intentionally left blank for Hispanic and races – Disability codes (SPRG 3.21 where 3.13 = 144) Special Ed Exit Date (SPRG 3.16) – SENR, SINF, SPRG Start date Exit date

8 888 What can be corrected (cont.)

9 999 CAHSEE – SSID – Local Student id/Gender/Date of Birth/Grade – Assess by CAPA – NPS – County/District of residence – Census/Makeup – Met ELA/Math Requirement – Non-demographic (extra ETS charge, require CDE approval) Score codes (certain codes only) Modifications (add or remove)

10 10 Source of Data SAD to CALPADS Matching – Primary method SSID School code Test Date between CALPADS start/end dates – Closest date – 30 day rule

11 11 Source of Data (cont.) SAD to CALPADS Matching (cont.) – Secondary Matching (aka Fuzzy Matching) Local student ID First name and Last name Date of Birth Gender Not used for continuous enrollment determination

12 12 Source of Data (cont.) If no match – Two or More Races – Not in EL, SED or SWD subgroups – Continuous Enrollment = Yes Blank/Unknown demographic data – CDE looks outside current year data for a match – Includes ‘intentionally left blank’ Hispanic/Race Business rules to be made available on CDE web site

13 13 Identifying What To Correct CDE will make available – Three data files Continuous enrollment data (like last year) Demographic data Four-year cohort graduation data – Data files contain SAD data CALPADS data used Review of AYP/API results

14 14 Common Data Issues Tested but Not Enrolled – Not enrolled in district but tested If within 30 days of testing – continuous enrollment rules apply Test date not within CALPADS start/end date SSID match but no School match RFEP 3-times Proficient/Advanced – Set to Yes when it should be No Disabilities/Special Ed Exit dates Incorrect student exit codes

15 15 Common Data Issues (cont.) Blank SSID – 402 (STAR), 1585 (CAHSEE) – Continuous enrollment set to Yes Two or more races – 7400 (STAR), 2849 (CAHSEE) – Includes those with no SINF match Hispanic and race intentionally blank – 1201 (STAR), 197 (CAHSEE) Incorrect RFEP Prof/Adv – 2894 (STAR), 350 (CAHSEE) – RFEP Prof/Adv 3-times is Y – RFEP Date > 6/15/2010

16 16 Making Corrections CALPADS – Available through October 31, 2013 ODS data Be careful with start/end dates CAHSEE – Available through September 30, 2013 SSID and local student id Census/makeup values Assessed by CAPA County/District of Residence Modifications cost $100/student to correct

17 17 Making Corrections (cont.) STAR – Available September 16 – October 25 Must fax form to STAR TAC no later than October 10 – Cost $630 plus 16 cents per student on the disk – One at a time or batch mode SSID and local student ID CST/CMA Math Taken/Science Taken (will rescore) County/District of Residence Only in batch mode – Accommodations/Modifications – Special Testing Conditions – Testing irregularities – Inappropriate Test Preparation

18 18 Take Home CALPADS – Be sure it is correct and current – Maintain diligently throughout the year – Special attention to start and end dates STAR/CAHSEE – SSID is critical – Be sure fuzzy matching fields consistent – Be sure updateable fields are accurate the first time Do not let CDE decide demographics

19 19 Contacts STAR – STAR TAC – – CAHSEE – CAHSEE TAC – – CALPADS – Support – –

20 20 Questions?

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