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™ AIRFAIR WEB SITE AIRFAIR ™ AIRFAIR MISSION STATEMENT AirFair was organized in May 2002 and is officially registered with the State of.

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2 AIRFAIR ™ AIRFAIR MISSION STATEMENT AirFair was organized in May 2002 and is officially registered with the State of California as a PAC (Political Action Committee). The name AirFair™ was chosen because we feel the citizens of the John Wayne Airport corridor cities have done our fair share of absorbing the impact of Orange County air traffic. AirFair’s Mission: Stop expansion of John Wayne Airport. AirFair’s Goal: To slowly and deliberately raise the level of discourse about permanent curfew, as well as flight and passenger caps, at JWA in order to accomplish political change.

3 AIRFAIR ™ Flight STATS 276 Commercial Jet flights per day 100 Corporate Jet flights per day 376 Average jet flights per day (JWA Noise Abatement Quarterly Report - Sept.2007) Corporate jets – no curfew restriction Corporate jets – no limitation on number More than 950 flights per day of all airplanes

4 AIRFAIR ™ Caps end NO CAPS on the number of flights after 2015

5 AIRFAIR ™ SA Flights & Gates Settlement Agreement of 2003 Flights and Gates Raised the MAP (Million Annual Passengers) to 10.8 Raised the ADD (Average Daily Departures) of the noisiest flights from 73 to 85. (Most flights however, are EXEMPT because they fall under 93.5 decibels.) Increased gates from 14 to 20.

6 AIRFAIR ™ SA Physical Expansion Settlement Agreement 2003 Physical Expansion Adds 100,000 square feet to terminal buildings. (approximately 30% increase) Adds 6 passenger gates (approximately 40% increase) Adds U.S. Customs Services for international flights Adds 3200 parking spaces (approximately 38% increase) Allows 34 more aircraft parked overnight (RON) Costs $435 Million

7 Trends at JWA 0.4k 3.3 *MAP = Million Annual Passengers 7.3 7.9 8.5 10.0 10.3 10.8 12.0 14.0

8 AIRFAIR ™ Effects of JWA on corridor cities 1 EFFECTS OF JWA It is the frequency and number of flights that have such an impact on all the communities under the flight path: Anaheim Hills, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin, and Villa Park

9 AIRFAIR ™ Effects of JWA on TUSTIN 2 EFFECTS OF JWA ON TUSTIN Over 34,000 flights per year are “loud as a jackhammer” over cities in the flight corridor (JWA EIR) Individuals living & working below the path of aircraft suffer from an increase in cancer, hypertension, sleep disturbances, work and academic performance problems.

10 AIRFAIR ™ Effects of JWA on TUSTIN 1 EFFECTS OF JWA ON TUSTIN Studies verify that... Airports cause as much as pollution as power plants, incinerators, and oil refineries although subject to less regulation Over 440 schools are located within the flight corridor.

11 AIRFAIR ™ DECIBELS DEFINED (dB) unit of measurement on the loudness scale Decibel scale is logarithmic, not linear Smallest detectable change = 1 dB 3 dB is readily detectable 10 dB seems twice as loud DECIBELS

12 AIRFAIR ™ RULES OF THUMB ABOUT DECIBELS 1 3 dB is noticeable to most people Adding two like sounds adds 3 dB increase Double or half the airport operations= +/-3 dB 10 dB sounds twice as loud or twice as quiet Double or half the distance equates to 6 dB Using DNL, 1 night flight=10 day flights RULES OF THUMB ABOUT DECIBELS

13 AIRFAIR ™ QUOTE FROM UCI IN DAILY PILOT 1 “Professor Fan-Gang Zeng, the director of UCI’s Hearing and Speech Laboratory,agreed that even incremental decibel increases could produce significant effects. The real-time boost in volume, he said, depends on the initial noise-level of the sound. For example, a small decibel increase from a refrigerator may be barely audible; but a sound like a jet plane increasing slightly may be quite noticeable. “If your baseline is high — I assume the airline or airport noise is relatively high — that decibel difference may matter,” he said.


15 AIRFAIR ™ ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1 FOOTHILL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION representing Lemon Heights, Cowan Heights, etc. joined Airfair. The association represents 10,000 households. Met with officials of state, county, and city organizations to ask for support to contain JWA Published a Winter 2007 newsletter available NOW or by mail. First newsletter in 2003 was delivered by foot to 3,000 people in just Newport Beach. Latest newsletter, Winter 2007, mailed or delivered to over 20,000 people in Costa Mesa, (all of Eastside Costa Mesa), Newport Beach, every home in Villa Park, Tustin, Orange, Anaheim Hills, and Santa Ana. ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2007

16 AIRFAIR ™ ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2 Lent support to the coalition-building efforts of Newport Beach to encourage cities under the flight path to join the City’s efforts. Reception honoring Supervisor Moorlach because he has been a good friend of those who wish to contain JWA Fundraiser for Senator Harman because he was one of the first elected officials three years ago to make a statement about the threat of expansion of JWA - without being asked. Sent 14,000 flyers to support keeping the Newport Beach Golf Course from becoming a parking lot for rental cars thereby expanding JWA operations. Made many presentations. ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2007


18 AIRFAIR ™ SUPPORTERS ELECTED OFFICIALS Hon. Marian Bergeson Hon. Marilyn Brewer (Ret.) Hon. John Campbell Hon. Christopher Cox Hon. Katrina Foley Hon. Gil Ferguson (Ret.) Hon. Tom Harman Hon. Wendy Leece Hon. Allan Mansoor Hon. Dana Rohrabacher Hon. Loretta Sanchez Hon. Jose Solorio

19 That’s Jet pause! We all do it, It controls our lives, watching TV, on the phone, talking to a neighbor! Jet Pause JET Pause


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