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Dealing with noise pollution By: Hye Won (Kate) Han.

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1 Dealing with noise pollution By: Hye Won (Kate) Han

2 What is noise pollution? Noise pollution is disturbing sound. It disturbs one’s quality life and it also affects to our health.

3 Problem or issue  Noise pollution disturb people with many different loud sound. For example: cars, humans…etc…

4 When does it happens? Noise pollution happens when the sound is loud. This means amplitude and pitch is high but wavelength is short. About from 75 dB is noise pollution. 140 120 160 110 90 75 60 30 0 Decibel Jumbo Jet Threshold of pain Loud thunderclap Train Motor mower Normal conversation Whisper

5 Solution Try to speak quietly Try not to run in the house Don’t play instruments in midnight Don’t play music to loud In some countries, people can report to the police about noise pollution and also they have rules for noise pollution In some countries, their highway has like a wall in the side so that can block some noise from highway.

6 Highway with side blocked by wall

7 Noise pollution effects to the social If your neighbors make noise, then you’ll be annoyed by that noise so you might complain to your neighbor then you can fight with your neighbors. Also there’s about car noise. Cars make noise a lot then we can hear that noise even if we are in our house and car can make noise when we are sleeping.

8 Thank you for watching~

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