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FUTURE OF PARKING IN VENICE BEACH Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting January 22, 2013.

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1 FUTURE OF PARKING IN VENICE BEACH Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting January 22, 2013

2 OVERVIEW  Legal Authority for Preferential Parking  LA’s Parking Ordinances  Venice Overnight Parking Districts (OPD)  Proposed OPD Settlement Agreement  Process  Venice Preferential Parking Districts (PPD)  Guidelines  Process 2

3 CONSTITUTIONALITY U.S. Supreme Court Decision in (36 years ago) in County Bd. of Arlington County, Virginia v. Richards, 434 U.S. 5 (1977) “To reduce air pollution and other environmental effects of automobile commuting, a community may reasonably restrict on-street parking available to commuters, thus encouraging reliance on car pools and mass transit. The same goal is served by assuring convenient parking to residents who leave their cars at home during the day. A community may also decide that restrictions on flow of outside traffic into particular residential areas would enhance quality of life there by reducing noise, traffic hazards and litter. By definition, discrimination against nonresidents would inhere in such restrictions.” “The Constitution does not outlaw these social and environmental objectives, nor does it presume distinctions between residents and nonresidents of a local neighborhood to be invidious …” 3

4 LA’S PARKING ORDINANCES  PREFERENTIAL PARKING DISTRICTS  Began in1979 with the adoption of the Preferential Parking Program Ordinance and the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 80.58  Today there are 125 Preferential Parking Districts in L.A., affecting 500,000 residents  OVERNIGHT PARKING DISTRICTS  Began in 2005 with the adoption of the Overnight Parking Ordinance 17861  Tool to assist LAPD with law enforcement and thus improve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods 4

5 LA’S PARKING ORDINANCES  OVERSIZE VEHICLE ORDINANCE AREAS  Began in 2006 with the adoption of the Oversize Vehicle Ordinance 177876  Tool to address the impact of oversize vehicles, including recreational vehicles, that are parked on city streets 5


7 VENICE OPD CHRONOLOGY 2006LADOT received request from 11 th Council District to establish Overnight Parking Districts (OPD) (12/19/06) 2007LADOT informed 11 th Council District of need for dual jurisdiction permits (1/12/07) 2008Board of Public Works approved LADOT’s application (11/17/08) 2009California Coastal Commission (CCC) rejected City’s application for a Coastal Development permit (6/11/09) 2010LADOT submitted Revised Application to CCC (6/2/10) CCC rejected City’s Revised Application (6/10/10) 2010Venice Stakeholders filed lawsuit (08/10/10) 2012Court granted 180 days for parties to prepare Settlement Agreement or set matter for trial (12/12/12) 7

8 PROPOSED OPD SETTLEMENT  Conditions have changed  Approximately 110 blocks were posted to prohibit parking of oversized vehicles, from January 2010 to the present, opening up many spaces for passenger vehicles  “Vehicles to Homes” Program was established, which assisted 158 participants between January 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 8

9 PROPOSED OPD SETTLEMENT  City agrees to all previous settlement terms, including combining four OPD’s into one OPD, except for:  Use of Rose/Main City Parking Lot No. 740  Required installation of oversize vehicle restrictions for a six-month period 9

10 10

11 PROPOSED OPD SETTLEMENT  OFF-STREET PARKING SUPPLY (357 spaces)  Use of City Parking Lots No. 616 and 617 (on Electric Av), in lieu of Lot 740 (51 spaces)  Use of City Parking Lots No. 759 and 760 (115 spaces)  Use of City Parking Lots No. 731 and 760 (191 spaces) 11

12 12

13 PROPOSED OPD SETTLEMENT  ON-STREET PARKING SUPPLY  Includes 351 spaces within two to three blocks of the beach  Exclude OPD restrictions from 39 commercial street blocks: Navy St, Main St, Rose Av, Sunset Av, Windward Av, Venice Wy, Venice Bl, Washington Bl 13

14 PROPOSED OPD SETTLEMENT  IMPROVE BEACH ACCESS BY IMPROVING ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION  Install bike lanes on 5 streets: Grand Blvd, Venice Wy, Windward Av, Market St, and Rose Av  Install bike sharrows on 9 streets: Abbot Kinney Blvd, Ocean Av, Mildred Av, Pacific Av, Windward Av, South Venice Blvd, Washington Blvd, 7 th Av, California Av, and Oakwood Av 14

15 15

16 IMPLEMENTATION OF SETTLEMENT  Exclusion of commercial streets from OPD restrictions, upon approval of agreement by CCC and City Council  City will make available 20% of remaining parking spaces in the parking lots (72 spaces) on an annual basis  The first year of the OPD Program starts when the OPD signs are installed on the first block 16

17 NEXT STEPS FOR OPD  CCC will meet in closed session to review the proposed Settlement Agreement  CCC will set a public hearing on the proposed Settlement Agreement  City Council will have a hearing on whether to approve the proposed Settlement Agreement  Changes to the OPD will be submitted to the Transportation Committee and City Council for approval 17


19 PPD STATUS WITH CCC  Advisory Hearing on guidelines/procedures to establish PPDs to be scheduled before CCC 19

20 General Guidelines to Establish Venice PPD’s  Establishment Steps:  Petitions from a minimum of 6 streets must be received and validated  At least 4 streets must show a significant non-resident parking impact (75% of block parked, with 25% of all parking taken by non-residents)  Preliminary Report is prepared and Public Hearing is scheduled  Reports and Resolution are prepared and submitted to Transportation Committee and City Council  Board of Public Works holds a hearing  City applies for a Coastal Development Permit if the PPD is in the dual permit zone. 20

21 COASTAL ZONE SPECIFIC GUIDELINES  Limit the boundaries of the PPD to 1500 feet of commercial areas  Maintain public use by use of 2 to 4 hour parking restrictions depending on proximity to the beach  Exclude “No Parking” signs from use 21

22 MITIGATION MEASURES 22  Exclude 39 commercial blocks from imposition of PPD restrictions  Implement geometric and striping changes  Establish the City’s Public Carshare Program within the Coastal Zone;  Open parking spaces by removing existing parking restrictions  Facilitate access to the Venice Beach area from nearby public and private parking facilities outside of the coastal zone by implementing transit route(s).

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