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Political Ideology Political Parties Two-Party System Campaigns Elections Voting Political Participation.

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1 Political Ideology Political Parties Two-Party System Campaigns Elections Voting Political Participation

2 Where are you on the political spectrum? PBS Political Party Self Quiz World's Smallest Political Quiz

3 Party Platforms 2012 Democratic National Party Platform A party platform refers to a political party's formal statement of its basic principles, objectives, and positions on major issues. Which parties have the most members???

4 Third Parties Third Parties also form to support a cause or candidate Influence elections by winning votes, press issues, often don’t receive as much financial support. Few third-party candidates get elected to office Examples: Tea Party Green Party (Ralph Nader) Reform Party (Ross Perot received 19% of pres. Vote in 92) Libertarian (Ron Paul, 1988) Constitution Party (Virgil Goode) “Bull Moose” (Theodore Roosevelt, 1912) = Progressive Socialist Free Soil

5 Party Organization Both parties have local, state, and national organizations. RNC DNC State State Local Local Free Membership (register to vote)

6 More Voting Early Voting – PA? No and-early-voting.aspx Absentee Ballot Voting Register to Vote Write-In Candidate

7 Two-Party System U.S. Politics Red or Blue - Why ? A Republican or Democrat has won the Presidency since 1860. There are 2 independents out of 535 in the 112th Congress.2 independents There is only 1 Independent Governor in the United States. PA GovernmentPA Government, Third Parties? Compare the # of political parties in the U.S. with other Countries: factbook/fields/2101.html#sw

8 Proportional Ohio Primary RCP Primary Results

9 Choosing Candidates (Pres.) Caucus – meeting of party members/leaders (Iowa) Primary – election by party members for candidate to run for office Iowa Caucus (Midwest) New Hampshire PrimaryNew Hampshire Primary (New England) South Carolina (South) Nevada (West) 2012 Primary Results 2008 Primary Results Super Tuesday (March) Closed primary – must be party member to vote (PA is Closed) Open primary – no membership required but may only vote in 1 party primary. National Convention, every 4 years, write national party platform, delegates nominate candidates for President and VP.

10 Campaign Financing “There are four parts to any campaign. The candidate, the issues of the candidate, the campaign organization, and the money to run the campaign with.” - Former Speaker Tip O’Neill How much does it cost to run for President??? Obama in 2008? Presidential Campaign Data Federal Election Commission Campaign Laws limiting contributions. Why?

11 Political Propaganda Definition(s): Propaganda, simply put, is the manipulation of public opinion. Ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause. (Merriam- Webster) A message that is meant to influence people’s ideas, opinions, or actions. (Textbook) Common Techniques: Name Calling, Fear, Transfer, Plain Folk, etc. Campaign Ads:

12 Electors? Electoral College NARA Video Article II, Section 1 Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution Who chooses Electors? Who are the Electors? State political parties, loyal party members How many Electors in PA? 2 (Senators) + # of Reps (House) per State = ??? Strengths and Weaknesses? Wide support, Center of public opinion (2-party-system) Democracy? - Overrepresentation - Discourage 3rd Party Winner-Takes-All: Only Maine and Nebraska are not Winner-Take-All (they use the Congressional District Method) Does your vote count? YES!

13 Electoral College… Electoral College Quiz: When has the Electoral college “failed” ? J.Q. Adams (1824) Hayes (1876) Harrison (1888) Bush (2000) DATA 1789-2004 Presidential Elections NARA

14 Links Electoral College FAQsFAQs Potential GOP candidates

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