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About Kharkov Seven miracles of Kharkov Photo album.

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2 About Kharkov Seven miracles of Kharkov Photo album

3 About Kharkov The history of Kharkov is very long. This city arose* in 1654. Kharkov was the first capital of Ukraine. All of the southern and western retail ways* were broken there. Two rivers the Lopan and the Kharkov are flowing* together here. The big fort defended it from enemies. The first street in Kharkov arose more then three centuries ago. It was the Moscow street. But now it is the Moscow avenue. A r o s e ( p pp p a s t a r i s e)- в о з н и к R e t a I l w w a y s- т о р г о в ы й п у т ь F l o w i n g- с л и в а т ь с я (р е к и )

4 Seven miracles of Kharkov In 2008 the Kharkov city hall worker formed a rating of Kharkov’s sights. It is called “Seven miracles of Kharkov”. And now you can see small copies of this sights on the Architect’s square. It is : House with a spire The House of state industry The Monument of Taras Shevchenco Mirror jet The Pokrovskiy cathedral The Blagoveshenskiy cathedral The Uspenskiy cathedral

5 Mirror Jet Mirror jet is an exceptional* architectural building by project of architect A. M. Kasyanov. It is a small fountain- arbour* with a big pool. Mirror jet is situating opposite a new Opera House. Exceptional- оригинальный Arbour- беседка

6 The Uspenskiy Cathedral The Uspenskiy Cathedral was building from 1821 to 1844. The bell tower of this cathedral is one of the highest. It’s high is 90 meters. The tower clock made in Paris

7 The monument to Taras Shevchenko The opening the monument of Taras Shevchenko was in 1935. It was in the University park. But now it is the park of Taras Shevchenko

8 The Blagoveshenskiy cathedral The Blagoveshenskiy cathedral is situated in the centre of Kharkov. It is the biggest cathedral in our city. The Blagoveshenskiy cathedral was building more then century ago in 1901.

9 The House With a Spire The house with a spire it is a big dwelling-house. This house was building in 1954. And now the house with a spire as if* decorating our big city. As if- как будто

10 The Pokrovskiy Cathedral The Pokrovskiy cathedral was building in 1689. It is the oldest stone-building in Kharkov. The Pokrovskiy cathedral is one of the best monument of Ukrainian architecture.

11 The House of State Industry The House of State Industry was building from 1926 to 1928 by project of architect Serafimov. It was the first high -rise building in USSR and the first skyscraper in Europe. Now you can find a lot of state organizations here. USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) - СССР Skyscraper – небоскреб High-rise - высотное здание

12 Some of Kharkov’s miracles like very specially in night

13 They are beautiful… like fairytale

14 But in the day-time they are very beautiful, too.

15 No comments :)

16 The house of state industry thirty years ago

17 Seven miracles of Kharkov Made by Alexandra Zagorulko Photos: Kharkov; Seven miracles of Kharkov! Music: Bravo “Самый лучший город” Information: N. T. Dyachenco “ Улицы и площади Харькова”

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