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Summer 2007 Workshop in Biology and Multimedia for High School Teachers.

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1 Summer 2007 Workshop in Biology and Multimedia for High School Teachers

2 Barr Body: X Chromosome Inactivation By: E.A. Struzziero


4 History Murray L. Barr and E. G. Bertram  1949  Dark, drumstick-shaped masses in nuclei of nerve cells  Pattern only seen in cats

5 History Mary Lyon  1961  The Lyon Hypothesis (Lyonization) definition: condensation of X chromosome mechanism for inactivating the genes on the chromosome  Named inactive X chromosome a Barr body


7 Process Random selection of X chromosome  Inactive throughout cell’s lifetime  Xa = active X chromosome  Xi = inactive X chromosome


9 Process X inactivation center (XIC)  Near centromere  Contains 12 genes  7 genes code for proteins  5 genes code for untranslated RNA (Rougeulle et al., 2003) cen XIC

10 Process Xist and Tsix  Two genes actively involved in inactivating an X chromosome  Antagonistic roles  Xi   Xist expression  Tsix expression  Xa   Xist expression  Tsix expression (Lee et al., 1999)

11 Process Xist and Tsix  Only genes expressed on Xi  X chromosome lacking Xist gene cannot be inactivated cen Xist/Tsix in XIC

12 Process Xist gene (pronounced “exist”)  Encodes a large RNA molecule  Coats Xi from the XIC near the centromere outward along the X chromosome (Lyon, 2003) cen Xi Xa cen Xist RNA

13 Process Mechanism for compacting Xi (Barr body)  Enzymes cause the following to occur:  High levels of DNA methylation (CH 3 ) (Chadwick et al., 2003)  Low levels of histone substitution of the acetyl group (CH 3 CO) for a H atom in a - OH group (

14 cen XiXa cen Xist RNA CH 3

15 Process  High levels of histone H2A everywhere (deNapoles et al., 2004)  High levels of histone H3 methylation (Heard et al., 2001) Xa cen Xi H2A H3

16 Barrbody: Source, BIODIDAC, University of Ottawa.

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