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Europe Organisation and planning 2006-2008. A research survey that will give the opportunity for a better analysis and understanding of European Adventist.

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1 Europe Organisation and planning 2006-2008

2 A research survey that will give the opportunity for a better analysis and understanding of European Adventist youth. The survey will look at key areas relating to: Faith maturity, personal spirituality, relationship with the church, commitment to Adventist doctrines behavioral standards and social ethics. What is Valuegenesis Europe

3 Mission of statement To understand how European Adventist youth live out their faith, in order to develop a culturally-appropriate strategy for Adventist youth ministry and mission.

4 Why a Valuegenesis Europe Essentially : provide a description of the value system of European Adventist youth assess their faith in the context of the most influential institutions: family, church and society. determine what factors in Adventist homes, churches and in their social context, nurture the values and faith in young people. help understand how Adventism in the 21st Century can provide a relevant framework for the faith of young people in the European context.

5 Who’s organizing this project? The organisation of the survey is co-ordinated by the José Figols Centre for Youth Ministry (Collonges), in cooperation with the EUD/TED Youth Ministries Departments and their networks – at Union and Conference level, under the supervision of both European Divisions. The three Division Colleges (Collonges, Friedensau, Newbold) provide the research network.

6 Who can participate in Valuegenesis? The target population of this survey is Adventist youth living in 17 European countries.

7 Countries involved EUD 1.Austrian Union 2.Bulgarian Union 3.Czech Conference 4.Franco-Belgian Union 5.North German Union 6.South German Union 7.Italian Union 8.Portuguese Union 9.Rumanian Union 10.Slovakian Conference 11.Spanish Union 12.Swiss Union TED 1.Adriatic Union 2.British Union 3.Netherlands Union 4.Swedish Union 5.Danish Union 6.Norwegian Union

8 Translations EUD 1.Bulgarian 2.Czech 3.French 4.German 5.Italian 6.Portuguese 7.Rumanian 8.Slovakian 9.SpanishTED 1.Albanian 2.Croatian 3.Danish 4.Dutch 5.Norwegian 6.Slovenian 7.Swedish

9 Definition of Population (young people aged 14-25) –All baptized young people aged 14-25 years. –All youth from SDA family background currently attending (whether baptized or not) –Include all irregular or non-attending young people who have had contact with the church in the last 2 years. (Baptized or not but with a SDA background.)

10 Why should youth participate? 1.Because youth are an important part of the church 2.Because it is an opportunity to express their opinion about the church 3.To try and find an answer to why youth are leaving the church 4.To make the church more aware of youth issues 5.Because the opinions of every youth are important for us 6.Because the answers will help in setting strategies relevant to young people’s needs. 7.To help the church make changes to better fulfill its mission.

11 European Valuegenesis: how does it work? For the first time the survey will be administered through a website designed by a professional survey company. All youth either owning or having access to a computer will be simply connected with a very easy questionnaire of approximately 250 questions. Each participating country will be given one month for the data collection (see Calendar)

12 The website will provide confidential and anonymous access to the questionnaire by means of a password. Each young person will receive a personal and single- use password which will allow him/her to fill out the questionnaire. The password will expire at the completion of the questionnaire.

13 Union/Conference Survey administrator (President or Youth Leader) will send a package to the local pastor including a description of the process and the passwords. Local youth leaders will create a list of youth in the target age group and they will distribute the passwords to them. When the process is completed, the pastor will sign a form and will send it back by fax or by email to the Union/Conference Survey Administrator together with the unused passwords. How does it work? Pre Survey Organisation

14 How does it work? Promotion & data collection The pastor (survey coordinator) supervises the promotion & data collection process in partnership with the local Youth Leader The Administration Manual and Promotion & data collection Timetable are available both in the package and on the website.

15 After receiving the password, all youth are invited to access the Valuegenesis webpage. The questionnaire can be completed by following easy to use guidelines. All youth are invited to complete the questionnaire (in one sitting) How does it work? Completing the survey

16 In addition to web based forms written forms can be made available as a PDF file upon request for young people not having access to a computer. However, these results must be processed locally, under the supervision of the Union/Conference Survey Administrator.

17 DateUnionLanguageNotes October2006 Portuguese UnionPortuguese Pilot test Italian UnionItalian Pilot test November 2006 German UnionsGerman Austrian UnionGerman Valuegenesis Calendar

18 DateUnionLanguageNotes December 2006 British UnionEnglish Bulgarian UnionBulgarian Czech Conf. Slovak Conf. Czech Slovakian January 2007 Franco-Belgian Union French Swiss UnionFrench - German Rumanian UnionRumanian Adriatic UnionCroatian, Albanian, Slovenian

19 DateUnionLanguageNotes February 2007 Netherland Union Dutch Norwegian Union Norwegian March 2007 Swedish Union Spain Union Swedish Spain Danish UnionDanish

20 After data collection Each church is encouraged to give a feedback detailing the procedure put in place and an estimation of how the project went. The feedback will be sent to the Union/Conference office on an evaluation form provided. An analysis of the raw percentage scores for all questions will be available for each Union 4-6 weeks after the close of the survey month. The European report will be completed by the Valuegenesis Research Committee some time after the conclusion of the whole survey.

21 After Valuegenesis The results of the Valuegenesis survey will be useful in many directions: 1.A better comprehension on how youth see the church in all its dimensions; 2.How to face the most important challenges today’s youth launches the church; 3.A better awareness about responsibilities that youth can accept within the church 4.To highlight the weak areas in order to empower youth leadership in the church. 5.To have an answer regarding the apparent inactivity of youth and challenge them to be partner of the mission … and so on…

22 Promotional material Logo of the project: A mouse pad Web site European Valuegenesis Survey ADMINISTRATION MANUAL

23 The poster: a real meaning Understanding a new language, but remaining church. To involve our young people, giving them the feeling to be partners. Every change is appropriate when it improves. What do the young people wish to change? Ask them!

24 Prepared by EUD/TED Youth Department – José Figols Center Contents are taken from texts written by Manuela Casti – José Figols Center Bailey Gillespie – John Hanckok Center EUD/TED Youth Department Administrative material Thank you

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