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St Alipius Parish Baptism Program.

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1 St Alipius Parish Baptism Program

2 Welcome And Congratulations
Thank you for coming this evening. Introduction of each family and child - Your name and your child’s name - Members of your family

3 Your Child What a blessing! You are the person that will help your child grow and become a loving and happy person. You are the person that is responsible for your child’s faith journey.

4 Names The names you have given your child is of great importance and meaning. “Of all things a person can acquire in this life, his name is the first and closest possession; in a way it is himself.” Activity Source: Year of the Lord in the Christian Home, The (reprinted as Religious Customs in the Family) by Francis X. Weiser, S.J., The Liturgical Press; reprinted by TAN Books and Publishers, 1964 There are many reasons for giving a particular name – think about why you chose the names you have. In the welcoming part of baptism you are asked: “What names have you chosen for your child?”

5 Hopes For Your Child Think about what are your hopes and dreams for your child. What are very important? What are just important? What are not so important? Page 3 of booklet

6 Baptism First Sacrament of Initiation
It is about belonging to the Catholic faith. Think about the different clubs, communities, groups you belong to.. What do you have to do to belong to them?

7 Responsibilities Of Parents
What does baptism mean to you? Why are you here? Why do you want your child baptised? Page 7 of booklet there is a list of reasons

8 A Special Gift From God There is an article in your booklet, page 5. This article reminds us that the family is your child’s first experience of God’s Church and where your child will learn what it is to be Catholic.

9 Godparents The role of Godparents is to support your child and your family; It is a great honour to be invited to be a Godparent; Ideally Godparents should be people who are in regular contact with your family and who are involved with your family; One Godparent must be Catholic, and over 16 years of age

10 The Circle Of Life

11 What do you see in this song and film clip that relates to baptism?

12 Symbols In order to celebrate the wonders of the different sacraments the Church has used certain symbols throughout Its history. The symbols in Baptism are : The Assembly - The first symbol of Christian life. It is not a random meeting of people. It is a community gathered to listen to God’s word The Word of God - The Scriptures are always read whether a child is baptised during Mass or outside Mass. Water - speaks of both life and death. It both gives and destroys life. It washes and purifies. It refreshes and sustains. Oil - Oil runs and connects. It makes things work. Oil strengthens and heals. It preserves and makes fragrant. There are two oils used in the baptism ceremony;

13 Symbols Oil of Baptism which is olive oil rubbed on the breast of the baby and the Oil of Chrism which is a mixture of olive oil and balsam and is rubbed on the crown of the baby’s head White Stole - To clothe someone is a mark of respect. The colour white speaks of life, purity and newness. Light/Candle - This is the light that darkness cannot overcome. Light warms and encourages. It gives safety and illuminates the way ahead. Sign of the Cross - A sign on something shows its origins or ownership. The sign of the cross is the mark of Christians for Jesus Christ died on the cross.

14 Baptism Day The first stage of your child’s baptism is the welcome at the beginning of Mass. Please arrive 10 minutes early and let Fr. Adrian know that you are there for baptism. If possible sit up the front, usually left side if possible, allows you to get to the altar more easily Fr Adrian will commence Mass and will call you up to the altar. He will ask the name you have chosen for your child, he will then ask what you ask for your child today... Your answer is “Baptism”. Fr Adrian will then claim your child for the Church and welcome them to the community. Your child will then be signed with the cross with these words: “The Christian community welcomes you with great joy – In its name I Claim you for Christ our Saviour by the sign of the cross. I now trace that Cross on your forehead and invite your parents to do the same.” So please place a sign of the cross on your child’s forehead

15 After Mass The First Anointing – The child is anointed on the breast with the Oil of Baptism: a sign of strengthening for life ahead Renewal of Baptismal Promises - The parents are again reminded of their “responsibility” and the parents and godparents are invited to renew the promises of their own baptism. The Blessing of the water - we call upon God’s presence, the Holy Spirit to be with us as we the Church celebrate this Sacramental action. Baptism – the child is baptised with water Anointing with Chrism - This is the sign of sealing with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and as the prayer accompanying this second anointing suggests we are the anointed, the ones chose to share in Christ’s mission. Clothing with white stole: again the prayer expresses the significance of this gesture – the outward sign of your Christian dignity and discipleship. Lighted Candle - in our Catholic tradition Christ and light are strongly associated in many different ways. We are invited to be children of the light as we share in this new life of Christ through Baptism. Blessing of the newly baptised and those present

16 Celebration Of Each Child
Each child is unique and has made a great difference in your lives. It is now a wonderful opportunity to write to your child and tell them how you are feeling at this stage of your life with them. Please take a piece of paper and envelope to do this. This is included in your kit. It will be a special keepsake for your child when they are older

17 Housekeeping Stole Fee: $60 covers costs of stole, certificate and administration. Enrolment forms completed. First, second and surnames required. Arrive 10 minutes early please and let Fr Adrian know you are here 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays Mass – Baptism held at St Peter and Paul, Buninyong 2nd and 4th Sundays Mass – Baptisms held at St Alipius, Ballarat East

18 Thank you for attending this Baptism Preparation Evening.
St Alipius Parish: Thank you for attending this Baptism Preparation Evening.

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