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BAPTISM What it is What it is not Sacrament of Initiation

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2 BAPTISM What it is What it is not Sacrament of Initiation
Cleanses you of Original Sin Washes away all personal sin Get out of heck card License to sin Does not forgive everything sacrament Not a party!

MEANING HISTORY TO PLUNGE OR IMMERSE IN WATER Roots in old and new testaments Creation myth Great flood Jesus was baptized Look at mt 28:19-20

4 Infant baptism Meaning practice Baptized infants since earliest days
Salvation is a pure gift that extends to children Parents, godparents, church are necessary Essential rite- that portion of the liturgical celebration of a sacrament that is strictly necessary in order for the sacrament to be valid Form- essential words Matter- essential actions

5 RITE OF BAPTISM Let’s keep looking at the rite
Instruction for parents and godparents A Christian home A welcoming of the child Proclamation of god’s word Prayers of exorcism to free the child from sin and Satan’s power

6 Form- what is this again?
The essential words used in the sacramental rite.

7 The rite continued What is a catechumen? Blessed with oil- chrism
Blessed by the Bishop, perfumed oil is used for anointing- represents the gift of the holy spirit Baptism, holy orders, confirmation Blessing with Chrism Oil of the Catechumens What is a catechumen? Remember what does Christ mean? Why is this important in Baptism?

8 BAPTISM- infant baptism
Matter- Child must be cleansed and so the matter is to use A water ritual such as one of these Immersion- full submersion- preferred form Aspersion- to sprinkle-least preferred method- used only during Easter season to bless assembly Infusion- to pour- most common form

9 Symbols of the sacrament
Candle- Light of Christ Oil- Chrism- scented oil for anointing- used to anoint Kings and queens White garment- new creation in Christ- we belong to christ Water- essential part of the rite- represents cleansing- death to old life- rising to new life Original sin, personal sin, initiation

10 EFFECTS OF BAPTISM EFFECTS Explaining your faith
Baptism forgive sins- remember concupiscence Gives birth into a new life Confers sacramental grace Initiates and incorporates into Christ’s body Sacramental seal- Baptism is necessary for salvation Three forms: Baptism of Water: through the sacrament Baptism of Desire- refers to catechumens who die before Baptism of blood- the death of martyrs

11 For review What are some of the Old Testament and New Testament roots for Baptism? What is the essential rite of baptism? List and discuss the meaning of the symbols used in baptism. Discuss the effects of receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.

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