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L.O. To link the symbols of Baptism to everyday life.

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1 L.O. To link the symbols of Baptism to everyday life.


3 The sign of the Cross

4 At the door, the priest asks the parents and God-parents if they are willing to bring up the child as a Christian. When they say 'Yes' the priest welcomes and names the child and says, "I claim you for Christ our Saviour by the Sign of his Cross". The priest then traces the sign of the cross on the child's forehead and the parents and God-parents do the same. The sign of the cross is a symbol that the child now belongs to God.

5 PRAYERS After a reading from the Gospel, there are prayers. The prayers are for the baby and for the parents and God-parents to help them in their job of bringing up the child.

6 OIL Oil of catechumens- strength and protection Oil of Chrism – this is olive oil mixed with balsam, a sweet- smelling perfume. The candidate is ‘crowned’ as a new Christian. It is used to anoint Kings and Queens Chrism is also used at confirmation, another sacrament of initiation.

7 Oil The child is anointed with holy oil twice during baptism. By using oil, the church dramatises its prayer that this child will be strengthened by God and by the prayer of the whole community.

8 Anointing. The cross is traced upon the child's tiny forehead, to mark him out for God’s service. The oil of catechumens is a sign of strength and healing. The oil of catechumens is a sign of strength and healing.

9 Promises are made

10 Water Water: This is for cleansing and is a sign that our sins are washed away..

11 WATER The water used in Baptism reflects 3 aspects of belief Cleansing – the washing away of sins Death – to ‘die’ a way of life that is not pleasing to God New Life – living a life pleasing to God It is poured 3 times during the ceremony

12 Baptism is the rite by which a baby or adult is welcomed into the Catholic faith.. The use of water is symbolic of belonging to the family of God.

13 A name is given

14 White Garment The baby is clothed with a white garment, often a shawl, as a sign of being clothed in Christ.

15 White Garment. This garment is a relic of the new clothes worn by Christians after baptism in the first centuries. It is a sign of innocence and the new life or resurrection.

16 CANDLE The candle is lit from the Paschal candle “Receive the light of Christ” Jesus is the light of the world It is entrusted to the parents and godparents to keep the flame of faith alive in his/her heart.

17 Light The candle symbolises Christ - The Light of the World. The baptismal candle is lit from the Easter candle, which stands near the altar at Easter as a sign of the risen Christ. The baptismal candle reminds us that the light of Christ has entered the child's life; and its flame symbolises the flame of faith which will burn through the life of the child.

18 Blessings At the end, the Lord's prayer is said. Then the priest blesses the mother and father and all the people in the church.

19 Remember that symbols can be objects, words and actions. Remember the symbols representing human needs that you have explored:

20 Think about how the symbols of Baptism relate to everyday life: HUMAN NEED 1. 1. water 2. 2. oil 3. 3. fire 4. 4. light 5. 5. food 6. 6. clothes 7. 7. words SYMBOLS of BAPTISM 1. 1. sign of the cross 2. 2. name 3. 3. promises 4. 4. oil 5. 5. water 6. 6. new garment 7. 7. prayers 8. 8. Easter candle 9. 9. baptismal candle 10. 10. blessings.

21 Activities Gp 1 Draw each symbol of Baptism and relate its use in everyday life. Gp 2 In groups, use the worksheet to match the symbols of human need to the symbols of Baptism. Gp 3 Drama: Act out a Baptism using a doll- use the video camera to record. Worksheet to link the Baptism symbols with the human need.

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