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Idaho Technology Summit

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1 Idaho Technology Summit
October 2014

2 Overview of TriTech Software Systems
The Premier Public Safety Software for Large to Small Police, Fire, and EMS Agencies Key Stats Comprehensive product solution that touches all areas of public safety: Founded in 1993 350+ employees Headquartered in San Diego, CA Additional offices in Decorah (IA), Castle Hayne (NC), and Marlborough (MA) CAD 9-1-1 RMS Search & Analytics EMS Mobile Jail Provides both on-premise and cloud solutions for all sizes of agencies and jurisdictions Exclusively focused on the Public Safety industry for over 20 years Over 2,700 installations, including 71 of the top U.S municipalities, across 7 different countries

3 Global Customer Base of Over 2,700 Installations
80,000 sworn officers | 200 million people protected | 71 of top 100 municipalities | Across 7 Countries Hamilton County Emergency Communications District 9-1-1, RMS, FBR 690,000 calls annually positions Supports Law, Fire and EMS personnel across 26 various agencies El-Paso-Teller County Authority 9-1-1, CAD, Mobile, Browser 250,000+ calls annually 50+ dispatchers/call-takers Supports Law, Fire and EMS California Highway Patrol CAD, Mobile 20,000 incidents per day 3,000 mobile units 7,300 sworn officers 3,200 civilian personnel Columbia Police Department (SC) 9-1-1, CAD Over 1 million calls annually 362 sworn officers Supports Law, Fire and EMS Memphis Police Department (TN) RMS 940,000 calls annually 2,300 sworn officers Supports Law, Fire and EMS San Antonio Police Department (TX) CAD 1.5 million calls annually 176 dispatchers Supports Law, Fire and EMS Dallas Police Department (TX) CAD, Mobile 1.2 million annual calls 317 dispatchers/call-takers Supports Law, Fire and EMS 100% implementation success rate | 98% maintenance renewal rates | 91% customer satisfaction

4 Judiciary & Corrections
Public Safety Organizations Need Integrated Solutions to Connect Departments and Manage Workflows State Law Enforcement Municipal Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Private Ambulance Service Providers Federal Enforcement Agencies and Homeland Security Responders NG9-1-1 CAD Notifications Tactical Mapping Statistical Reporting Incident Management Records Management Citations Field Reports Fire Inspections Schedules State/Federal Reports Records Management Booking Records Case Information Digital Fingerprints Forensic Information Property and Evidence Command & Control Judiciary & Corrections Investigators Municipal Jails Juvenile, Municipal, State and Federal Courts Attorneys General Juvenile Detention State and Federal Prisons Probation Parole Intelligence Analytics Legacy Technology Not Capable of Handling Current Agency Demands – Mobile, GIS, Text, Images and Video 47

5 Inform CAD+9-1-1 – The New Standard in Public Safety Software
TriTech Inform CAD significantly improves the efficiency of emergency response through unified workflow and decision making Inform CAD All-In-One Solution NG9-1-1 CAD Prioritizes incoming calls using the geo-centric features and allows high priority calls to be answered more quickly Links relevant caller data from multiple systems in order to present meaningful information to the call taker before the call is even answered RMS Integrated Telephony with CAD Voice VOIP Telematics Rapid Triage and Prioritization Text + Mobile Public Switch Photo Advanced Responder Alerts Single User Interface(Live & Historical Information) Sensor Video Call Prioritization NG9-1-1 Readiness Advance Notification Historical Information

6 Full Product Suite For Public Safety
Highlights Comprehensive product suite touches all areas of public safety Enables TriTech to be the central hub connecting agencies and jurisdictions of all types and sizes Enterprise grade Inform platform supports medium to large agencies Easy to deploy Perform and Respond platforms targeted at smaller agencies Next Generation capabilities in and advanced search & analytics, supported by strong patent protections Modular approach across platforms enables land and expand strategy and drives future upsell opportunity Flexible deployment models supporting both on premise and cloud-based use cases Highly scalable technology platform integrates all types of digital data – mobile, GIS, text, images and video Supports both mobile and back office locations and users Multi-Agency Multi-Jurisdiction Command and Control Responders Software Services Solutions U.S. and International Investigations and Corrections All Tiers

7 MACDONALD Uosted servers / applications Usually internet based technologies Priced as a service – annual subscriptions / by use or by user / by amount of data stored Data sharing community clouds, where a group of law enforcement agencies build their own cloud solution for infrastructure, platform or services, “Because of the CJIS requirements, some agencies think the better solution is in having multiple justice agencies coming together and fashioning their own solution,” Deployment Models There are four main cloud computing deployment models--public, community, private, and hybrid--each with their own pros and cons. Public Cloud NIST has defined the public cloud deployment model as "provisioned for open use by the general public. It may be owned, managed, and operated by a business, academic, or government organization, or some combination of them. It exists on the premises of the cloud provider." In other words, a general service provider generally owns and operates the infrastructure and offers access to services such as applications, storage, or other resources, via the internet. Services are generally offered for free or on pay-per-use model. Private Cloud Private cloud referes to infrastructure or computing architecture that provides hosted services to a single organization comprising of multiple consumers. They can be managed internally by the organization themselves or by a third-party and hosted internally or externally. Community Cloud Community clouds are a subset of public clouds that are tailored to a particular industry or group of users. More specifically, it is a multi-tenant infrastructure shared among several organizations with common computing concerns such as regulatory or security concerns or performance requirements. It may be owned, managed, and operated by one or more of the organizations in the community, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises. Hybrid Cloud Hybrid cloud refers to a composition of two or more distinct cloud infrastructures (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities, but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.

8 Cloud Deployment Model Financial Considerations
Benefits of a Subscription Model – agencies pay for “usage” and not a “system” Ease of Administration Automatic Software Upgrades Periodic hardware refresh Lower up-front costs Easy to scale

9 California Highway Patrol, CA
Largest State Police Agency in the US Sworn Officers: 7,300 Civilian Personnel: 3,200 Square Miles: 164,000 Population: 36.5 Million Incidents per day: 20,000+ CAD Positions: 400 Mobile Units: 3,000 Supporting 25 communication centers via 4 main hubs throughout California All hubs linked through seamless CAD to CAD interface


11 TriTech Inform Integrated Suite
911 IQ Benefits More Efficient Call Handling Inform Jail Management Improved Synergy/Communication Inform CAD Redundant Data Entry is Eliminated Streamlined Booking/Arrest Reporting Consolidated Master Indices Enhanced Search/Analytics of Enterprise-Wide Data Inform RMS - Inform FBR Inform Mobile

12 46+ Systems is Expensive and Limiting
46 Single points of failure Limited connectivity for shared response and overflow No shared data

13 Multi-core Shared System
Regional systems can provide back up for a significant event. Each agency does not need to sacrifice their unique characteristics – no local compromises

14 TriTech Software Systems

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