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All Transportation Counts The Sky’s the Limit! Greg Jackson State of Ohio Chief Information Officer October 7-8, 2003 Ohio University, Athens.

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1 All Transportation Counts The Sky’s the Limit! Greg Jackson State of Ohio Chief Information Officer October 7-8, 2003 Ohio University, Athens

2 MARCS Inception 1987 - Highway Patrol Begins Study of Existing System 1990 - Shadyside Flood Disaster 1991 - Interagency Telecommunications Task Force Recommendation 1993 - Lucasville Prison Disturbance 1994 - MARCS Steering Committee Established 1995 - RFP Issued 1998 - Contract Awarded to TRW, Inc 2000 – Construction Began

3 Mission The goal of the Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) is to provide a statewide communications infrastructure for public safety first responders.

4 Benefits 800 Mhz digital, trunked voice and data communications system. Statewide, secure, reliable public safety/public service wireless communication system. 97.5 percent mobile voice and data coverage per county. Statewide interoperability. Enhanced safety and protection for public safety service providers with secure digital transmissions. Vastly improved voice coverage performance for all participating agencies. Mobile data transmissions for direct access to agency computer networks. Improved flexibility to support changing business requirements. Increased utilization of capacity due to sharing of available resources. Save lives in normal and emergency operations via decreased response times and vastly improved command, control and communications.

5 Status  Central Ohio (13 Counties) fully operational.  Full state wide voice coverage and operation - late 2004/early 2005.  As of September 9, 2003 – 88 towers completed (43%).  More than 2,594 mobile units deployed.  Union County pilot program to link an entire county's public safety service agencies with state completed May 2003.  Aggressively working with other local agencies to share resources and increase interoperability.

6 MARCS Platform Dedicated to Public Service and Public Safety! Integrated Environment GeographicMappingRecordsManagement LEADS/NCICAccessIntegratedNetworkMgmt MobileVoiceMobileData AVL CAD MARCSNet

7 MARCS Towers Statewide

8 Network Topology State of Ohio Multi-Agency Communications (SOMAC) Contract with SBC  Postal Rated T1s @ $400/month

9 MARCS Towers Appalachia Over 80 Towers within Appalachian Region.

10 OSU Broadband Study Determined which MARCS towers were located in regions with no other broadband internet service provider (either DSL, cable or wireless). Determined that there are wireless internet technologies with the potential to reach underserved populations without interfering with normal MARCS tower operations. Assessed tower locations where there were concentrations of population with a propensity to purchase broadband internet services. Determined that Ohio’s wireless providers have a strong interest in cooperating with the state to extend broadband internet services to these regions.

11 Closing the Divide Approximately 15 towers could be leveraged for Broadband Internet Service. Red & Yellow

12 Conclusion of Study The result of the OSU Study was a recommendation to hire a Program Manager, under the direction of the State CIO, to “pilot” the construction and implementation of a broadband tower within an underserved geography as a “proof of concept”. At the conclusion of the pilot, an impact report shall be provided to the appropriate Third Frontier state coordinating council on expanding the concept throughout underserved areas of the state.

13 MARCS Contact Darryl L. Anderson MARCS Program Administrator Office: (614) 466-2257 Facsimile: (614) 995-0067 Cellular: (614) 207-4453 Home: (614) 890-8112 Home Facsimile: (614) 818-3299 Email:

14 End of Presentation Extra Slides follow…

15 Service Costs  Mobile Voice - 800 MHz mobile radio communications providing 97.5% coverage per county statewide. ($19.17/month)  Mobile Data - Transmission, routing, encryption, LEADS inquiries, and reformatting of data from mobile data terminals (MDT). ($341.66/month)  Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Law Records Management System (LRMS) - CAD provides GPS-based automatic vehicle location, resource recommendation, and geographic map display. LRMS enables access to criminal and law records via the CAD or MDT. ($1,791.66/month)

16 Participating Agencies Ohio Attorney General's Office - Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation Ohio Department of Administrative Services Ohio Department of Commerce - State Fire Marshal Ohio Department of Health Ohio Department of Natural Resources Ohio Department of Public Safety - EMA, Highway Patrol, Investigative Unit Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Ohio Department of Taxation Ohio Department of Transportation Ohio Department of Youth Services Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Public Utilities Commission of Ohio All 88 County Sheriffs, all 88 county EMA's All Hospitals and Health Depts. Statewide (New) State, county, township, municipal, federal entities (New)

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