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Estimate the % of adults who use cigarettes? The correct answer is: B19.5 % use cigarettes Estimate the % of adults who use cigars, cigarillos or small.

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3 Estimate the % of adults who use cigarettes? The correct answer is: B19.5 % use cigarettes Estimate the % of adults who use cigars, cigarillos or small cigars? ? The correct answer is: A 6.6 % use cigars, cigarillos or small cigars. Estimate the % of adults who use chew, snuff, or dip? The correct answer is: D 3.4 % use chew, snuff or dip. Estimate the % of adult who use Snus? The correct answer is : C 1.4 % use Snus. Activity 1: Estimation of Current Tobacco Use

4 Activity 2: Short Term Health Effects of Tobacco Use What happens to you and your body when you use tobacco even for a short time? Hmm..?


6 Yellow Teeth and Fingers Spit Stains on Clothes and Shoes Coughing/hacking/hurling phlegm

7 Dangerous—can start fires Ashes and butts everywhere Smelly clothes and hair

8 Difficulty running and breathing Affects your heart rate, blood pressure and circulation Affects your taste and smell Less money to spend on other things

9 Lung with Emphysema Lung with Cancer Normal-Healthy Lung Mouth Cancer Tooth Decay


11 Activity 3: Costs of Tobacco Use Just how much will that tobacco cost? How many days in a week? 7 How many weeks in a month 4 How many months in a year? 12 How much does a pack of cigarettes or a tin of chew cost? – Average $7 Do the math!!!

12 Costs of Tobacco Use

13 What else could you buy with this money? 4-Wheeler IPOD TOUCH BMX BIKE

14 Activity 4: Straw/Breathing Exercise Jogging in place while trying to breathe through a straw gives you an idea of how smokers feel when they exercise. When you smoke, you lose your ability to hold enough oxygen and have difficulty breathing, especially during exercise.

15 Straw/Breathing Exercise Are you getting enough air into your lungs? Smoking makes breathing difficult, especially during exercise. Smokers run slower and can’t run as far, affecting overall athletic performance.

16 Activity 5: Reasons People Use Tobacco Why Do People Use Tobacco? ???

17 IMAGE Teens use tobacco products because they imagine smokers and people who chew to be glamorous, handsome, popular, sophisticated, and always having fun.

18 Lose Weight/Be Thin Many young people, especially girls, think that using tobacco will curb their appetite and help them lose weight and look slim. Tobacco companies reinforce this message in their advertisements.

19 Peer Pressure Some people indicate their reasons for smoking or chewing is because of, or to please, their friends who use tobacco. They believe that they can stop any time they want. You can say “NO” to peer pressure! HOW? Be direct and confident Be direct and confident Use humor Use humor Switch the topic to something Switch the topic to something else or just say “No thank you!” else or just say “No thank you!”

20 Relaxation/Nicotine Addiction People using tobacco claim its relaxing. It actually has the opposite effect. Tobacco is a stimulant; it speeds up the heart rate, increases blood pressure, and revs up the body. People feel relaxed when they use tobacco because tobacco feeds them the nicotine their bodies are craving. They become addicted to nicotine, which is a drug.

21 Looking Older/Being Grown-up or Like Parents One of the most dangerous ideas held by youth is that tobacco use is an acceptable form of behavior. They try smoking and spitting to appear grown up. What if your parents smoke? Your parents probably didn’t realize how harmful smoking could be when they started … BUT YOU DO!

22 Activity 6: Discover and Discuss Topic A:Marketing Tobacco Topic B:Flavored and Emerging Products and Smokeless Tobacco Topic C:What’s in a Cigarette? Topic D:Secondhand Smoke

23 Topic A: Marketing: Movies-Television-Internet In just one hour — the time it takes to present Tar Wars to your classroom— the tobacco industry will spend more than $1 million on advertising created to get people to start using their products. Statistics show that seeing a lot of smoking in movies tripled the odds that teens would try smoking. Big tobacco companies spent $125,000 on Internet marketing and company websites in 1998. In 2008, the amount was $17.8 million—that’s 140 times the amount spent in 1998.

24 Marketing: Movies-Television 82% percent of PG-13 rated movies show tobacco use. The Hobbit Rango The Simpsons Can you think of a movie you have seen lately where they were smoking?

25 Marketing: Movies-Television Time (listed in seconds) of exposure to tobacco, alcohol and other substance use: Pinocchio (271) 101 Dalmatians (299) Alice in Wonderland (323) Dumbo (243) James and the Giant Peach (206) (Pediatrics, 2001;107;1369-1374) Robert Pattinson in Remember MeDrew Barrymore Cruela DeVille in 101 Dalmations

26 Marketing: Internet Sales Don’t be fooled…“Cheap” “Tax Free” Free Shipping” does not make tobacco any less DEADLY. It is also ILLEGAL to buy tobacco if you are under 18!

27 Don’t be fooled! Don’t get hooked! Who are these ads targeting… and what kind of message are they sending?

28 Topic B: Flavored, Emerging & Smokeless Products Tobacco companies are always trying to expand their business. They are introducing products that are packaged to look and taste like candies, mints, and gum because they appeal to kids. They have also developed products that emit vapor instead of smoke. Tobacco products in any shape or flavor are bad for your health!

29 WHICH IS CANDY or MINTS? WHICH IS A TOBACCO PRODUCT? Tobacco companies don’t think you are very smart! They continue to introduce products that look and taste like candy and breathmints.

30 Flavored No matter what package they come in…what shape they are…or how they smell…tobacco products contain poisonous toxins. Topic C: What is in a Cigarette? BEWARE--all poisons can kill!

31 Topic D: Secondhand Smoke What you inhale from other people’s smoke: More than 4,000 chemicals More than 200 poisons More than 50 carcinogens Exposure to Secondhand Smoke : can cause children to develop asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections and ear infections can raise the risk of Sudden Infant Death is the third most preventable cause of death

32 PRESENTATION SUMMARY What did you learn today? Now, let’s brainstorm some ideas for a positive message for the poster contest.

33 POSTER CONTEST Posters should:  Reinforce the Tar Wars “tobacco-free” message  Emphasize the positive aspects of being tobacco-free  Be colorful and neat Alexa Barrett-- American Falls, Idaho 1 st Place 2009 Tar Wars National Poster Contest

34 POSTER CONTEST ONE winning poster per school may be entered into the Idaho State Poster Contest. All entrants (one from each school) will receive a Tar Wars t-shirt and a certificate. FIRST PLACE: A trip to Washington DC (airfare and hotel) for student and one parent/guardian to represent Idaho at the National Poster Contest $150 Cash Prize to be awarded to student’s teacher for classroom necessities. 2ND & 3RD PLACE RUNNERS UP: $50 Savings Bond for student $50 Cash Prize to be awarded to student’s teacher for classroom necessities McKenna Hardy-2008 Idaho Winner in Washington DC

35 Tar Wars is supported in part by a grant from the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation The Department of Health and Welfare and the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians Thank You for your participation Tar Wars! in Tar Wars!

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