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Pre-AP Biology Erica Kenny website:

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1 Pre-AP Biology Erica Kenny email: website:

2 Materials 1 inch binder to kept in the classroom. This binder needs to be divided into the following sections: -Graded assignments -Quizzes/tests -Labs Binder with filler paper for notes. If you choose to buy one large binder for all classes, then this can be ignored. Blue/black ink pens Colored pencils 4 function calculator (can use electronic devices as long as the signal can be turned off) Handheld pencil sharpener $10 lab fee donation (for lab equipment, specimens, etc.) 1 roll of paper towels

3 Homework Students are expected to work on biology for a minimum of 30 minutes every night. – Larger assignments will be spread out over several nights. – If no written assignment is given, then students need to spend that time reviewing their notes. Students need to find a study method that works best for them. Some may want to try flash cards or recopying/typing class notes.

4 Grade Breakdown 60% tests/quizzes o Quizzes are given once or twice per week. o Tests are given about once every 1.5-2 weeks. 40% daily assignments o Homework, classwork, lab reports, projects, etc. Since this is a Pre-AP class, students will receive five additional points added on to their final class grade. This will be calculated after the final exam is given. Because of these five points, extra credit is not assigned in this class.

5 Late Policy If an assignment is late (five minutes or five days), then it will be accepted for no more than 50% credit. After five days, then the assignment will no longer receive credit and will be given a zero.

6 Remind I send out reminders through Remind on a regular basis. To sign up, text the message @bhsbio14 to 205-533-6292. This is not my personal phone number, so I won’t receive any calls or texts through it.

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