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F RESHMAN P ARENT G UIDANCE E VENING Fairfield Prep Guidance Department October 10, 2013.

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1 F RESHMAN P ARENT G UIDANCE E VENING Fairfield Prep Guidance Department October 10, 2013

2 C AMPUS M INISTRY Elliott Gualtiere - Director of Campus Ministry Fr. Larry Ryan, S.J.- Chaplain Fr. Bret Stockdale, S.J.- Assistant Chaplain Jon DeRosa - Director of Student Activities & Christian Service Freshman Rally Day -Wednesday, October 16 th Freshman Retreat Leaders Ber Evans Brendan Lacobelle John Manion Freshman Retreat -Thurs. March 6 th -March 7 th

3 S TUDENT S UPPORT G ROUPS Divorce & Separation Group Grief Group Meetings will take place before school at 8:00 a.m. Contact Suzanne Gorab or Elliott Gualtiere

4 S AFE S CHOOL C LIMATE P ROMOTION P LAN Concerns or referrals made to: John Hanrahan - Dean of Guidance and College Advising Jon DeRosa - Director of Student Activities & Christian Service Guidance Counselors Safe School Climate Plan

5 G UIDANCE D EPARTMENT Opening Remarks & Introductions John Hanrahan – Dean of Guidance & College Advising - Juniors/Seniors Rick Hutchinson - Juniors/Seniors Suzanne Gorab – Freshmen/Sophomores A-K* Dina DeRosa- Freshmen/Sophomores A-K* Lynne Chesbro - Freshmen/Sophomores L-Z *Suzanne Gorab is currently filling in for Dina DeRosa while she is on maternity leave.

6 F RESHMAN G UIDANCE S EMINAR Guidance Seminars meet 1 day per every 7 day cycle. Guidance seminar is scheduled for all 4 years. It is a unique opportunity for students to interact with their counselor.

7 F RESHMAN G UIDANCE C URRICULUM Transition to Prep Time Management Stress Study Skills Exam Preparation Goal Setting Substance Abuse Course Registration Peer Interactions Respect for Others Series of transitional, academic & social topics

8 T RANSITION FROM M IDDLE S CHOOL TO H IGH S CHOOL – S AMPLE LESSON Scenario #1: Tom is struggling academically and finding it difficult to get a grasp on his classes. He has always been a good student and now is finding it difficult to get above a C. Scenario #2: Jason did not want to come to Prep. It was his parents decision. He is upset that he is losing touch with his middle school friends and wants to be back in school with them. Despite his desire to leave, his parents have made it clear that transferring is not an option. Scenario #3: Mike tried out for the freshman football team and was devastated when he did not make it. He doesn’t know many students here and was hoping that by joining a team he would make new friends. Mike is shy and doesn’t always make friends easily. 3 Scenarios highlighting different transitional issues that freshmen may encounter.

9 S OPHOMORE Y EAR Topics specific to sophomore year: PSATSAT Subject Tests Collegeboard.comNaviance PLANActivities Resumes File review for all sophomores

10 I NDIVIDUAL C OUNSELOR M EETINGS Meetings are most productive when initiated by students Meet to assess the situation Contact teachers when necessary Contact parents when necessary Make referral to academic support programs Monitor progress

11 A CADEMIC C OMMUNICATION Encourage students to check their Fairfield Prep e-mail account. Monitor Black Board and NetClassroom Communicate directly with teachers via email. All teacher email addresses can be found in the Faculty Directory on the Prep website

12 S TUDENT R ESPONSIBILITY Learning requires an investment of time and effort by the student. Encourage students to self-advocate. Initiate teacher contact Seek extra help Take the initiative with counselors and schedule an appointment themselves Encourage students to set goals for personal development. Take an active role in their own development. Responsible participants in the Prep community. Explore interest and talents by getting involved in activities.

13 T AKING I NITIATIVE -G ET I NVOLVED (S TUDENT A CTIVITIES ) Explore interests and talents by getting involved in activities. Provides a sense of connectedness to the school Opportunity to meet other students Helps to find their “niche” CLUBS: Diversity Clubs; Academic Clubs; Service Clubs; Intramural Program. Meetings: Year-round; 45 min after school; 1 or 2 times a week All are welcomed!

14 S TUDENT A CTIVITIES  African American Cultural Club  Application Development Club  Art Club  Asian Student Association  ASPIRA  Book Club  Bowling Team  Business Club  Campus Ministry Board  Cardinal Key Society  Chess Club  Criminology  Cycling Club  Debate Society  Encords  Fantasy Sports Club  Political Awareness  Prep Players  Robotics Club  Rubik’s Cube Club  S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions)  Salt Water Fishing Club  Science Club  Science and Engineering Club  Ski Club  Soundings (Newspaper)  Spanish Honor Society  Squires  Stock Market Club  Trig*Star Club  Fairfield Connection (Service)  Fencing Club  French Club  French Honor Society  Graphic Design and Film  Hearthstone (Yearbook)  History Club  Intramurals  Jazzuits  Jeopardy Club  Liturgical Music  Math Team  Media Club  Mock Trial  Model U.N.  Ping Pong Club A list of the majority of clubs offered at Prep, but not all:

15 A CADEMIC C ENTER T HE P EER T UTOR P ROGRAM Who: Juniors and Seniors in the National Honor Society Where: The Academic Center A201 (8:00AM-4:00PM) When: Before school, during free periods, or after school Why: In order to aid students who are struggling in particular subject areas How: student initiates or may be referred by teacher or counselor

16 I NTERN P ROGRAM Fairfield University Psychology/Sociology Majors serve a semester internship at Prep The Interns With the direction of the Coordinator, assess the student’s difficulties, help the student to develop goals, and coordinate with teachers, peer tutors and parents. Regular meeting to provide support including: o study skills o organizational skills o time management skills o social skills

17 A CADEMIC E NRICHMENT P ROGRAM Goal: Provide students with a quiet space to complete homework Participants: Mandatory for all student that fall under the required 2.0 GPA Academic Standard after each Quarter (Academic Probation) Where: Academic Center When: During free periods Moderators: Mrs. Alecia Thomas (Director of S.E.E.D. & Mr. Dean Davis (Director of Academic Center) Requirements: Attendance 3 times a week & student/parent contract

18 J UNIOR Y EAR C OLLEGE P LANNING The college planning process is discussed throughout Junior year during Guidance classes and in individual meetings with the College Counselors. We stress students taking ownership in the process. A proactive and optimistic approach will reduce the stress of college planning.

19 J UNIOR Y EAR C OLLEGE P LANNING CON ’ T Topics discussed throughout the year: Academic performance Standardized Testing Strategy (PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests) College Searching – Naviance Factors in College Admission Admission Glossary Campus Visits Interviews Athletic Recruitment Summer Recommendations

20 S ENIOR Y EAR Group & Individual Meetings on College Application Strategies & Procedures Where, when & how to apply Discussion of all aspects of the college application Essay, resume, recommendations, filing procedures Senior Parent Evening

21 S ENIOR Y EAR C OLLEGE V ISITORS 150 colleges send admissions representatives to Prep for small group meetings with seniors Decisions, Decisions Review of acceptances College Life Issues/Challenges A look ahead at challenges

22 C ONTACT INFORMATION John Hanrahan Juniors/Seniors (203)254-4200 ext. 2238 Rick Hutchinson Juniors/Seniors (203)254-4200 ext. 2502 Suzanne Gorab Freshmen/Sophomores A-K (203)254-4200 ext. 2133 Dina DeRosa Freshmen/Sophomores A-K (203)254-4200 ext. 2758 Lynne Chesbro Freshmen/Sophomores L-Z (203)254-4200 ext. 2513 Jonathan DeRosa Director of Student Activities and Christian Service (203)254-4200 ext. 2247 Elliott Gualtiere Director of Campus Ministry (203)254-4200 ext. 2255


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