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2 MTHS SCHOOL COUNSELORS District Supervisor of Guidance: Dr. Michele Critelli Counselors: Mrs. Shawanda Beale Mrs. Damaris Dominguez Ms. Cathy Ielpi Mrs. Michele Rockoff Mrs. Diane Peterson Mr. Bayu Sutrisno Mrs. Brooke Yudell ROLE of the SCHOOL COUNSELOR  Academic Counseling  College/Career Counseling  Crisis Counseling and Referrals  Personal/Social Counseling

3 Providing counseling and referral services to students regarding substance abuse related problems. Individual and Group Counseling services for all students. Serving as an information resource for substance abuse prevention, curriculum development and instruction. Providing families with the necessary referral resources regarding substance abuse.

4 As part of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights enacted in January 2011 and effective as of September 1, 2011 : The ANTI-BULLYING SPECIALIST:  Conducts all Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (“HIB”) school investigations.  Provides counseling and mediation for students dealing with HIB issues.  Provides opportunities for students to take proactive measures in creating a more peaceful and respectful school environment.

5  Unity Day  Challenge Day  Cyber-bullying Assembly  Week of Respect  Upstander Workshop  Peace Ambassadors: Freshmen Orientation, New Student Welcome Committee, Peace Days in the Cafeteria  Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA): Safe Zone project, Ally Week project, Positive Diversity Messages project

6 In order to graduate from Monroe Township High School, a student must obtain a minimum of 130 credits in grades 9-12. In addition, the successful completion of certain subjects is required as follows:  5 Credits Health and Physical Education for Each School Year Enrolled  20 Credits Language Arts  20 Credits Mathematics *  5 Credits Technology or Fourth Year of Science  15 Credits Science **  15 Credits Social Studies  10 Credits Performing, Practical or Visual Arts  10 Credits World Languages  2.5 Credits Economics  2.5 Credits Personal Finance  * The fourth year of Mathematics may be fulfilled by taking a computer course in either the Business or Math Departments or an Accounting course.  ** The requirement is a year of Biology, a year of Chemistry, and a year of Physics.

7  Current 8 th Grade teachers have made recommendations for course placement.  January 2015 – Counselors visited GMB and MTMS to review the scheduling process, course electives, and the MTHS Program of Studies.  March 2015 – Counselors will visit MTMS and GMB to meet with all 8 th Grade students to review and finalize course selections.  Deadline for all elective changes is June 30 th.

8  Can be found on the MTHS website: Includes information on every course offered at MTHS by department: *Grade Level *Prerequisites *Course description


10  8 th grade teachers made recommendations.  Recommendations are based on how a student is performing in 8 th grade.  Summer classes for advancement or graduation credit are not permitted to be taken for incoming 9 th graders.

11  SPORTS ELIGIBILITY  Freshmen entering MTHS do not need credits from 8 th grade to participate during 1 st semester.  However, to be eligible to participate during 2 nd semester freshmen must earn at least 13.75 credits by the end of the 1 st semester.  1 st and 2 nd marking periods determine Spring eligibility.  To be eligible for 1 st semester as a sophomore, student must earn 27.5 by the end of freshmen year.  Keep the grades up!

12  CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES  There are many opportunities for students to get involved in the MTHS community.  Open link to Clubs on the CCCC website. Open link to Clubs on the CCCC website.

13 Your Freshman Still Needs Your Involvement! Basic Strategies to Review with Your Child:  1. Stay Organized and Keep a Schedule- Some students still need assistance organizing binders and folders on their iPads, checking teacher websites, creating to-do lists, setting reminders, etc.  2. Communication - review his/her academic progress in parent connect, reach out to the teacher regarding graded assignments.  3. Attend extra help sessions - encourage your child to attend extra help when he/she has questions or experience difficulty with subject matter.  4. Goal setting -ask your son/daughter about his/her short term and long term goals. Senior year will be here before you know it!  5. Reach out to your child’s school counselor with questions or concerns.

14  Naviance is an online college & career planning tool currently used at MTMS & MTHS.  High School use will include:  CCCC updates via email & news bulletins  Learning Style & Personality Type Surveys  Career exploration & Inventory Quizzes  College research including MTHS acceptance history  College Representative Visits  Resume builder




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