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duPont Manual High School CLASS OF 2016 MST / HSU / VA / CMA / YPAS

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1 duPont Manual High School CLASS OF 2016 MST / HSU / VA / CMA / YPAS


3 Why Manual? #1 high school in the state for academics
One of the top high schools in the nation Colleges recognize Manual students 97% of our students go to 4-year universities 42 National Merit & Achievement Semifinalists and Hispanic Scholars 70% of students have 3.0 GPA or higher Average ACT composite score of 25.7

4 Very competitive environment Heavy, demanding work-load
It is a privilege to be a Manual student! But, with this privilege comes great responsibility… Very competitive environment Heavy, demanding work-load Must have strong, consistent study habits Can be a stressful atmosphere Must be organized

5 How to handle “Manual”? Time Management Good Attendance Get Organized
Know Your Teachers’ Rules Ask for Help Get to Know Your Teachers and Counselor Get Involved Make a Friend in Each Class Use Your Agenda Book Get a Life! All work and no play is not the answer!

6 Get Organized! Separate notebooks/binders/folders for each class
2 backpacks Do homework at home Use your study skills time Know your teacher’s rules No late work Request homework for extended absences

7 Top 10 things Seniors wish they had known as Freshman:
Don’t procrastinate—get left behind Don’t be afraid to ask questions It’s not at all like middle school! Consider taking a study skills Get involved—extracurricular very important Choose friends wisely Never give up! Make friends Get help immediately—through tutoring or from your teacher Study Hard! Grades/GPA begin your 9th grade year and do not go away on your transcript

8 NHS TUTORING Having Trouble With A Class?
*Tutoring is available in the College & Career room in the Guidance Office before school 7:00-7:30 T-F & after school M-Th 2:30-3:00. Tutors available for most all 9th & 10th grade content areas. Tutors available for most 11th-12th grade basic content areas. Why Peer Tutoring? In most cases, tutors have successfully completed the course you are taking so they know the teacher and class expectations. Often peer tutors can explain the concepts in a different manner to give you a second “take” on the material. · It’s convenient & it’s free!

9 Ways to Get Involved Join a club Try out for a sport Be in a play
Check out opportunities at YPAS if you love drama, dance, music Leadership Volunteer/community service address to Guidance Office

10 Extracurricular/Sports/Clubs (p 27-28 Agenda)
Band Baseball Basketball Cheerleading Cross Country Dance Field Hockey Football Golf Lacrosse Soccer Swimming Tennis Track Volleyball Wrestling Action for Africa Astronomy Club Beta Club Bowling Club French Scrabble FBLA Key Club Chess Club Newspaper Young Democrats Debate Environmental Club ETHICS Society French Club Latin Club FCCLA Math Team Mock Trial Team National Art Society Quick Recall Red Cross Republicans Science Fair Step Team And more…

11 Important Dates October 1: End of 1st grading period.
October 12: Report cards go home October 5: No School October 8: No School (Parent Teacher Conferences) October 14: UPS College & Career Expo (1-5PM at Kentucky International Convention Center – Hall 2D) October 15-19: Red/White Week (Friday – Pep Rally) Beat Male! November 5-6: No School November 21 – 23: Thanksgiving Break December 17-20: Semester Finals National College Fair: Coming in February usually held at the Kentucky International Convention Center (221 S. Fourth St., Louisville, KY 40202) Watch announcements for more info!

12 Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
4-year plan for all students Career interest inventory Investigate different careers Research colleges Compare colleges Make resume 100% completion every year for all students On-line access for students and parents


14 Everything counts … NOW!
Grades are used to determine the GPA Eligibility in Sports and Extracurricular and/or Co-curricular activities Placement in honors, advanced, and advanced placement classes and awards that will be listed on the college application All grades, courses, and credits earned will be listed on your TRANSCRIPT at the end of each semester.

15 Grades Fall Spring 1st Semester 2nd Semester
1st 6-week progress report 4th 6-week progress report 2nd 6-week progress report 5th 6-week progress report 3rd 6 week Semester Grade 6th 6-week Semester Grade (final grade on transcript) (final grade on transcript) Stay on top of your grades Get help if you see that your grades are falling Turn your assignments in on time Do all of your homework assignments

16 Transcript List of classes taken: Courses taken and credits earned each semester are on the transcript. The transcript is the report sent to colleges that reflects every semester of high school that you have completed. Provides credit summary GPA: grade point average (Unweighted & Weighted) Failed classes do not disappear Levels of courses Regular Honors (Hon) Advanced (Adv) Advanced Placement (AP)

17 A=4.0 A=5.0 B=3.0 B=3.75 C=2.0 C=2.50 D=1.0 D=1.25 U=0 U=0
Weighted Scale (AP Courses Only) A=5.0 B=3.75 C=2.50 D=1.25 U=0 Unweighted Scale A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0 U=0

18 Graduation Requirements
Course: Credits: English 4 Math Science 3 Social Studies Health/PE 1 (.5+.5) Humanities 1 2-3 years of same world language (pre-college only) 2-3 Magnet requirements See program guide in guidance office Computer proficiency Electives = 22 or above Total credits 23 (minimum)

19 Sample 4-Year Plan 9th 10th 11th 12th English 1 Alg 1 HNR Geometry ADV
MST Alg 2 Integrated Science Exp. Civics Human Geo Health & PE Magnet or Elective 10th English 2 Geometry Alegbra 2 MST Geom Biology MST Chemistry World Civ 11th English 3 Algebra 2 Precal Chemistry MST Biology US History 12th English 4 Pre-Cal Calculus AB or BC History Arts (Humanities)

20 Scheduling Schedule for next year’s classes in January
Course Request Form—VERY IMPORTANT! Consider a Study Skills Only Seniors can be an aide—except library Balance strong GPA with challenging courses (4 AP courses to be most rigorous) Students will request courses during the Semester 1 Finals Week.

21 Dual Credit Opportunities
With UL or Bellarmine Must have taken the ACT in order to participate Fee required (at a reduced rate) Excellent opportunity for college level experience and if considering one of the schools

22 Magnet Programs on Website

23 Advanced Program JCPS incentive program Students make a certain score on the Advanced Program test at the end of the 8th grade year Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA, take 3 yrs of same world language, take minimum of 12 advanced classes, & take Advanced Humanities Seal on your diploma Do not have to be Advanced Program to take Advanced classes Advanced Placement Most challenging courses offered at Manual Opportunity for college credit Must take 4 or more AP courses to be considered most rigorous Colleges look at the number of AP courses you take along with your GPA AP exam is given at the end o the year

24 Monitor Academic Progress
Do not assume that someone will contact you if there is a problem Keep in contact with your teachers and your counselors Develop strong study skills and time management techniques Work on building a strong vocabulary. READ, READ, and READ more! Turn all assignments in on time!

25 Problems in a Class? Student-Teacher-Parent-Counselor-ASST PRINCIPAL

26 What should you be doing now???
Completing your Individual Learning Plan (November 20) Creating a resume’ that lists awards, honors, community service, work experience, leadership, etc. Preparing to take ACT/SAT/SAT2 Taking ACT/SAT/SAT2—after Algebra 2 Learning who you are & what careers interest you (ILP can help) Volunteering in careers of interest Studying!!! Keep up grades! Getting involved at Manual & community Visit College/Career Room

27 Planning for College Review your schedule to make sure you're enrolled in challenging classes that will help you prepare for college. Colleges prefer four years of English, history, math, science, and a foreign language. Use College Search to find out the required courses and tests of colleges that you might be interested in attending. Start a calendar with important dates and deadlines. Get more involved with your extracurricular activities. Go to college fairs in your area.

28 Planning for College Learn about college costs and how financial aid works. Use a College Savings Calculator to see how much money you'll need for college, whether you're on track to save enough, and what you need to do to reach your goal. Talk to your parents about financing college. Prepare for Tests: Talk to your counselor and teachers about taking ACT & SAT. Take SAT Subject Tests such as World History, Biology E/M, and Chemistry while the material is still fresh in your mind.

29 Planning for College Stay Focused: Sign up for college preparatory courses for sophomore year in January. Explore Summer Opportunities: Look for a great summer opportunity — job, internship, or volunteer position. Search online for summer school programs for high school students at colleges. Start a summer reading list. Ask your teachers to recommend books. Plan to visit college campuses to get a feel for your options during the summer. Start with colleges near you.

30 What do Colleges want? PASSION!!! Grades in AP courses
Grades in all subjects ACT/SAT scores Essays Counselor recommendations Teacher recommendations Interviews (if required) Community Service Leadership Extracurricular Involvement

31 College Entrance Exams
Most colleges require the ACT w/ writing OR SAT reasoning test SAT reasoning = ACT w/ writing The summer after 10th grade is an excellent time to prepare for the SAT/ACT testing. Take test prep courses—many are free!

32 Post-Secondary Options
University (4-year) Community/Technical College (2-year) Military COLLEGE PLACEMENT In addition to all Kentucky postsecondary institutions, recent graduates have also chosen to attend the following colleges and universities: Art Institute of Chicago Boston University Brandeis University Brigham Young University Brown University Carnegie Mellon University Columbia University Cooper Union Cornell University Dartmouth College Denison University Duke University Earlham College Eastman School of Music Emerson College Emory University Georgia Institute of Technology Hanover College Harvard University Indiana University The Juilliard School Johns Hopkins University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Memphis College of Art Miami University of Ohio Minneapolis College of Art and Design Morehouse College New England Conservatory of Music North Carolina School for the Arts Northwestern University Pennsylvania State University Princeton University Purdue University Rice University Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Saint Louis University Spelman College Stanford University Sewanee: The University of the South Syracuse University Tulane University U.S. Air Force Academy U.S. Naval Academy U.S. Military Academy University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles University of Chicago University of Illinois University of Michigan University of Pennsylvania University of Southern California University of Virginia Vanderbilt University Vassar College Washington University Yale University

33 Kentucky Colleges – Four Year Public Universities
Eastern Kentucky University Kentucky State University Morehead State University Murray State University Northern Kentucky University University of Kentucky University of Louisville Western Kentucky University

34 Kentucky Colleges – Four Year Private Nonprofit Colleges and Universities
Alice Lloyd College Asbury College Bellarmine University Berea College Brescia College Campbellsville Univ. Centre College Embry-Riddle Univ. Georgetown Univ. Indiana Wesleyan Univ. Kentucky Christian Univ. Kentucky Mountain Bible College Kentucky Wesleyan College Lincoln Memorial Univ. Lindsey Wilson College McKendree College Mid-Continent Univ. Midway College Northwood University Pikeville College St. Catherine College Spalding University Thomas More College Transylvania University Union College University of the Cumberlands

35 Example: University of Louisville
General Admission ( 24 ACT; 2.5 GPA) Honors Program: (28 ACT or 1250 SAT 1250; and 3.5 GPA) Guaranteed Entrance Programs (Requirements to Apply): Medical School (30 ACT and 3.75 GPA) Dentistry (30 ACT and 3.75 GPA) Law School (24 ACT and 3.35 GPA) Nursing (25 ACT and 3.35 GPA) Communication Art & Design (24 ACT and 3.2 GPA)

36 Example: Centre College
ACT (middle range) SAT (critical reading) and (math) More than 60% of the freshman class were at the top 10% of their class.

37 Example: Stanford 68% had a 4.0 GPA or above. 26 % had a 3.7-3.99 GPA.
86% had ACT. 76% had SAT (math) 71% had SAT (writing) 66% had SAT (critical reading)

38 Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES)
The state of Kentucky rewards students for good grades 2.5 is the GPA you have to earn in a year to receive KEES money 15 is the minimum ACT score to receive additional funds Better grades and higher ACT scores earn you more dollars The funds can be used at any college in Kentucky

39 Helpful Tips Work after school with your teacher or ESS (Extended School Services) work after school with a teacher NHS in library (before/after school) Forming study groups with other students in your class Checking your grades regularly with your teacher Use your agenda Structure study time at home Participate in class. Be visible and care about what you’re learning. Maintain healthy lifestyle which includes proper diet, exercise, sleep, and avoid the use of illegal drugs and alcohol

40 What your counselor can do for you?
Guidance counseling Personal issues Family issues College applications Letters of recommendation Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences Help advise/resolve conflict Much more!

41 How do you see your counselor?
Drop by times: Before school After school During lunch During study skills

42 How Can Parents Contact Counselors?
Parents may the counselor from Manual’s website. Parents may call the counselor at If there is a problem with a class, parent should contact the teacher first before contacting the counselor.

43 College Readiness Benchmarks
The Kentucky standards of college readiness are ACT scores of * 18 English * 20 Reading * 19 Math

44 Questions???? You are here in… 44 months 176 weeks 1232 days
29,568 hours 1,774,080 seconds

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