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St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School IB Diploma Programme.

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1 St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School IB Diploma Programme

2 IB: An Education for Life 2 Founded in 1968 for internationally mobile students  Focus on the whole person  International perspective  Responsible citizenship  Critical and compassionate thinkers  Informed participants in local and international affairs  Respectful of other cultures and attitudes

3 International Baccalaureate Community  Over 2,400 schools  Over 665,000 students  In 130 countries (122 schools in Canada offering Diploma Programme)  70,000 teachers plus parents, staff, examiners and other colleagues  Integration with Grade 11 and 12 Ontario Curriculum and Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations 3

4 What is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme? 4  demanding pre-university enriched course of study based on a set of international standards  emphasizes critical, compassionate thinking  highly motivated students, 16 to 19 (Grades 11 and 12)  rigorous assessment - access to the world’s leading universities  academic experience - critical thinking, community involvement, intercultural understanding

5 IB Course Offerings Grades 11 and 12 5  Group 1 – Literature (English)  Group 2 – Second Language (French, Spanish)  Group 3 – Individuals and Society (History, Economics)  Group 4 –Experimental Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)  Group 5 – Mathematics (Math, Math Studies)  Group 6 – The Arts (Music)

6 Central Elements of the IB Diploma Extended Essay (EE) 4,000 word investigation of a topic of special interest outside of the regular curriculum which acquaints diploma candidates with the kind of independent research and writing skills expected by universities. Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Challenges students to question the basis of knowledge, to develop the ability to analyze evidence and to appreciate other cultural perspectives. Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) 120 – 150 hours reflective/experiential learning completed in grades 11 and 12. 6

7 Success Rate for Canadian Students Ontario students have the highest success rate in all of Canada, with 92% of all students achieving the IB Diploma

8 Success Rate for Canadian Students Ontario students have the highest success rate in all of Canada, with 92% of all students achieving the IB Diploma

9 Success Rate for Aquinas Students 2013-2014 Results  100% of STA Students achieved their IB Diploma  Overall Average Number of Diploma Points: 31; Global Average: 29.9  Average Mark in English: 5.67* (including 1 mark of 7); Global Average: 4.78.  Average Mark in Math for STA: 5.13* (including 2 marks of 7); Global Average: 4.48. * Corresponds to an Ontario Mark between 84-92%

10 Testimonials from STA IB Students “I took the IB program because I wanted to challenge myself. I’d say that I am not as anxious about university than I would have otherwise been not just because of the knowledge I now possess but also because of the work-study ethic and skills I have developed through the help of this program, which include but are not limited to research, analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills.” – Maame Yaa Brako, 2014 STA IB Graduate  Attending McGill University Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences Program.  Earned 3 university transfer credits

11 Testimonials from STA IB Students "I would describe my IB experience as challenging. The IB programme challenged me to become a globally-minded individual and to develop my critical thinking skills. It is a rigorous academic programme, however, (my) determination coupled with the efforts of my incredible mentors made the IB a rewarding experience.“ – Chantelle Colangelo, 2014 STA IB Graduate  Attending Dalhousie University Global Development and pre- Law Program  Earned 4 university transfer credits  Earned $25000 scholarship based on IB marks

12 What does IB offer the student? 12  high academic standards  prepares for the rigors of post-secondary education  educates the whole person  students appreciate cultures and attitudes other than their own and to be informed, tolerant and be willing to communicate with others  The IB diploma is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities.

13 University recognition  The IB works closely with universities in all regions of the world to gain recognition for the IB diploma:  Direct online access for university admissions officers and government officials to syllabuses and recent examination papers  A database of university admission policies on www.ibo.orguniversity admission policies  Recognition in over 100 countries  Recognition by over 2,000 universities  Most universities offer scholarships and advanced placement for IB students (e.g., first-year credits, second-year standing)advanced placement 13

14 2013 Poll of US/UK Admissions Officers 14

15 IB Learner Profile 15  Inquirers – independent learners who enjoy learning  Knowledgeable – explore concepts, ideas and issues  Thinkers – apply thinking skills critically and creatively  Communicators – understand and express ideas  Brave – approach unfamiliar situations  Principled – recognize universal human rights  Caring – empathy, compassion and respect for others  Open-minded – perspectives, values and traditions other than their own  Well-balanced – physical and mental balance  Reflective – thoughtful consideration-learning and personal development

16 Canadian Universities and IB 16

17 Recent UBC Research on IB  UBC – entrance average 88% - highly competitive  Top post-secondary destination for IB students in the world (10% of 1 st year students come from IB programmes worldwide)  Have begun tracking progress of IB students compared to traditional high-school students (e.g., gathering data on academic performance; how well students feel they are prepared for university, etc.) 17

18 Academic Findings  UBC has recently recalibrated their entrance policy for IB students to reflect the superior academic performance these students have demonstrated at UBC Summary of Research  IB graduates tend to be better prepared to adjust to the academic environment of higher education, both in terms of academic performance and how prepared they feel  IB graduates tend to pursue and be involved in the kinds of experiences valued by many institutions (e.g., research projects)  IB graduates, regardless of how well they did, tend to perform well academically. 18

19 Sample Pre-IB Timetable Grade 9 Semester 1 Grade 9 Semester 2 Pre – IB EnglishPre – IB Mathematics Pre- IB FrenchPre – IB Science Pre – IB Geography Religion Music/Drama/ Visual Art/ Tech/Business Phys. Ed. 19 Grade10 Semester 1 Grade 10 Semester 2 Pre – IB EnglishPre- IB French Pre – IB Mathematics Pre – IB Mathematics Grade 11 Pre – IB HistoryPre – IB Science ReligionArts/Tech/ Phys.Ed/ Business/ Civics & Careers** **Careers/Civics (Summer school or on-line as possible option)

20 Sample IB Timetable 20 Grade 12 Semester 1 Grade 12 Semester 2 English (IB Exam) History (IB Exam) Chemistry or Biology (IB Exam) Economics or Physics or Biology (IB Exam) Grade 11 Semester 1 Grade 11 Semester 2 French (IB Exam) Math (IB Exam) Chemistry or Biology Religion/TOK EnglishHistory

21 Application Process Grade 9 a)Submission of the Application Package along with a copy of Grade 8 Progress Report, and Grade 7 Final Report Card by November 26 nd, 2014 b)Completion of the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) Version 4. The CAT is a testing system that assesses the essential learning outcomes of the following basic skill areas: reading, writing, and mathematics. The CAT will be written at St. Thomas Aquinas on Saturday, November 22nd at 9:00 A.M. The cost of the test is $30.00. c)Submission of Grade 8 February Report Card. 21

22 Program Fees Grade 9: $250 Grade 10: $350 Grade 11: $600 (includes the cost of 2 IB Exams) Grade 12: $1,000 (includes the cost of 4 IB Exams) Fees are used to provide resources and training specific to the IB Program 22

23 Questions ? 23

24 Contact Us 24 Email: Website: Twitter: @STAOakville Facebook:

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