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International Baccalaureate/ Enriched Programming North Battleford Comprehensive High School.

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1 International Baccalaureate/ Enriched Programming North Battleford Comprehensive High School

2 Who enrols in Enriched/IB courses?  Do you like to learn?  Do you like to talk and express your opinions?  Do you like to be organized?

3 And…….  Would you like to be the best you can be?  Do you want to be well prepared for your future? Challenge yourself to be the best you can be! Join the Enriched/IB Programme!

4 What enriched students strive to be….. (The IB Learner Profile) Knowledgeable Thinkers Risk-takers Balanced Reflective Inquirers Communicators Principled Open-minded Caring

5 What do you need to succeed in the Enriched/IB Programme? - A good work ethic - Time management skills - Intellectual curiosity - Excellent attendance - A commitment to homework

6 So I'm in Grade 9….. How does this affect me? We want you to have the option of Enriched Programming in Grade 9 too! We offer 5 enriched subjects: English French Math Science Social Studies

7 What happens after Grade 9? Hopefully you continue in enriched classes! Grade 10 is called enriched or pre IB. Students study: English 10 IB ( 2 classes) History 10 IB ( 1 class) Math W/F/ P.C.F (2 classes) French 10 Oral and 10E ( 2 classes) Science 10 and Biology 20 (2 classes) 3 spots for electives

8 Although IB students study subject content in greater depth and delve more deeply into the philosophy of learning, their grades do not suffer Your Grades will NOT suffer in Enriched/IB classes Subject 2011 - 2012 Regular Program Enriched Programme Science 10 53.16% 53.16%68.86% English 10A 68.44% 68.44%81.73% History 10 62.85%79.56% Math 10 57.40% 57.40%78.44%

9 What is the International Baccalaureate Programme?  2 year course in Grade 11 and 12  Designed for students who like to learn.  Students study 6 different subject areas.  Diploma candidates also  Write a 4000 word essay  Complete 1 50 hours of community service  Study Theory of Knowledge - a thinking class

10 The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

11 IB Subjects at NBCHS  English and World Literature  French  History  Biology  Chemistry  Physics  Mathematics  Theatre Arts

12 Certificate Programme What if I don’t like a certain subject? What if I have difficulty in a certain subject? What if I’m too busy to do all of the Diploma? Then, you are a certificate student! You do not write the Extended Essay, do the Creativity, Action Service hours or study TOK. You will receive a certificate from IB for every course you pass..

13 IB Marking Scheme  Final IB marks range from a 0 – 7.  A boost of 0 – 7 may be given to students who work hard. This reflects the increased difficulty of work.  Universities usually take one’s best mark and usually only give credit for a 5, 6, or 7 in HL classes. As more Canadian universities understand IB, credit is being given for TOK and SL classes.

14 Why choose Enriched and IB courses? ● Teachers are specially trained. ● Emphasis on process – not just an answer. ● There are 1,074,000 IB students worldwide. ● IB is taught in 144 countries, in 3513 schools. ● There is a positive learning environment because people in your class want to learn ● Students develop excellent work habits in preparation for university. ● IB is the highest academic diploma programme available in the Battlefords.

15 Opportunities for IB Students ● IB banquet in May recognizes the accomplishments of all IB students! ● S.E.V.E.C. exchanges to Québec for students enrolled in French! ● Subject blogs! ● Peer support! ● Study groups! ● Comp In Action Club – an extracurricular club that works at making the world a better place!


17 International Baccalaureate North Battleford Comprehensive High School Allison Hawryliw Enriched/IB Coordinator 306-445-6101

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