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That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. —Neil Armstrong, 1969.

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1 That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. —Neil Armstrong, 1969

2 ‘Changes…..turn and face the strain’ David Bowie 1971 Changes to Key Stage 4  All GCSE exams are now ‘terminal’ i.e. tested at the end of the course.  That means that there will be no module exams during Years 10 & 11, no chance to retake any module exams and no possibility of entering controlled conditions coursework twice to improve marks.  Vocational (i.e. non-GCSE courses) can only make up 20% of a students’ learning.  Short Course GCSE does not exist any more.  The School Performance tables have information about more subjects and more combinations of subjects e.g. ‘The Basics’ – English & Maths combined; English Baccalaureate; the performance of ‘groups’ of students etc.

3 Decisions need to be taken:  Carefully.  With all the information available to you.  With a long term plan in mind.  With the advice of people who know and care about you.  By the person who is going to be most affected by them.

4 September 2013 September 2015 September 2017 September 2023

5 Core Subjects:  English, Literature, Maths, Single Science – all leading to GCSEs.  RE – leading to GCSE RE at the end of Year 11.  PE - for enjoyment & health.  Health, Sex & Relationships Education – to prepare for adulthood.  Citizenship – to develop you as a rounded and skilled person, ready to take on the rights and responsibilities of being a Citizen. Extension subjects:  There is space on the timetable for 4 more GCSEs.  Able Scientists (NC L7) can choose to take Triple Science in the same time slot that Additional Science is in.  A life skills course takes up 2 GCSE slots for anyone who is invited by the Learning Support Team to try it.  GCSE Statistics will be taken by all able Mathematicians at some point during KS4 – we’ll publish details of that before the end of the year.  Students who have completed Fast Track MFL in Year 9 may start a second MFL course in Year 10. (Or may repeat their first MFL or not take a MFL in KS4).  GCSE Latin is available to those on the G&T Register – taken at the end of Year 10. Details will be sent to eligible students towards the end of the Summer Term.

6 Offsite Vocational Courses:  Level 2 Courses at York College or Bishop Burton College - students now working at NC Levels 4/5  Level 1 Courses– students now working at levels NC 3/4  We can’t guarantee these courses until much later in the summer so pick 4 ‘in-Woldgate’ courses and tell us on your application form if you are interested in an off site course.  Remember -you can now only take one non-GCSE course and that includes the courses we teach here at Woldgate. The English Baccalaureate: A specific combination of 5 GCSEs all at C+ Grades English, Maths, Core Science + Additional Science or Triple Sciences; History or Geography; French or Spanish or Latin. It’s still a choice – no one has to take this combination and no one will be stopped from taking this combination. No one has to take the full combination – you can ‘pick and mix’. Anyone can choose something from this list of GCSEs (other than the Latin & Triple Science).


8 Box CLetter of Application.  Box D Parent/Guardian Reference. Box ETutor Reference. I would like to apply for the Extension Courses listed over the page. The main reason I have chosen these Extension Courses is Another reason is My future plans include I have looked carefully at all the information I have been given and I believe I have made a wise choice because Box D Parent/Guardian Reference. Please encourage your youngster to take this seriously but please don’t do it for them! This is your slot to say why you support the decision

9 Timeline: February 7 th : Information evening for pupils and their families. Documents distributed in Citizenship. March 7 th : Year 9 Reports Issued. Feb/March:Year 9 Assemblies & Citizenship time to focus on information gathering & decision-making. Subject information available in lessons & Assemblies. March 14 th :Year 9 Student, Parent and Tutor meetings. March 18 th : Deadline for application forms to be with your Tutor. Please be aware that there may be little, if any, opportunity to change your mind after this point! Easter – Half Term: Individual Interviews with Ms Holland, Mr Greenfield, Mrs Smith or Mrs Burch. June:Application process over, decisions made, timetables sorted! July:Analysis of KS3 Teacher Assessments – further interviews if needed. September:Key Stage 4 starts in all subjects.

10  Take your time.  Be informed.  Think long term  Get a reference from your family.  Get a reference from your tutor.  Fill in your letter of application carefully – show us you are thinking carefully about your choices.  Aim high in all your subject areas – remember that NC Levels are reported to your parents, the DfE and on to your school records at the end of Year 9 Please take some time to complete the Parent View Survey for Ofsted:


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