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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering
NIKE Student : Chin-Chi Ko Teacher : Ru-Li Lin Department of Mechanical Engineering Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

2 Slide Structure 1. History of NIKE 2.Technologies of NIKE
3. Conclusions 4. Reference

3 History of NIKE 1-1 market of sports
In the 19th,there are a lot of “Brands” of sport,such as “Adidas” “Puma” “New balance” “Onitsuka Tiger” etc,but “Nike” no More.

4 Carolyn Davidson.He figured out The swoosh logo present the
Because NIKE is not exist that time untill 1962,Phil Knight who is a founders of Nike seeking a way to let Onitsuka could compare with Adidas,so He came to Japan and asked for a dealer of “Blue ribbon sports”. After 2 years,Knight sent shoes sample to a legend athletics who’s name is Bill Bowerman,the other founders of Nike in the University of Oregon.Years later, BRS and Onitsuka turned into bad relationship and BRS thought it is time to end.So they hired a student who in the University of Portland,name Carolyn Davidson.He figured out The swoosh logo present the Goddess of Victory. Bill Bowerman Phil Knight

5 1-2.raising By 1972, NIKE is as known as it’s swoosh logo and became althetics shoes.1974,NIKE released a waffle sole of shoes which soon became America’s best-selling training shoes,but that was not the poweful part.Frank Rudy who was a engineer in NASA thought if put the “air” under the sole of shoe may reduce the injury of he using a polyurethane bag filled super gas,light weight,durable molecules than the super gas much smaller,the gas could not penetrate out.It’s not just rewrite the status of NIKE,Air has almost became synonymous with NIKE.

6 2.Technology of Nike

7 2-1.Air In addition to the normal Air cushion ,NIKE also improved some new type of Air cushion like Zoom air and Max Air visible and Technology, Air Max sneakers again set off a revolution in the industry of the campaign, First of all, it uses the amount of on-chip NIKE Air suspension system, one placed in the heel, another piece in the forefoot than in the past, the combination of the two-piece cushionof athletic shoes provide a higher level of shock resistance, to further reduce the impact of the heel forefoot, followed by the heels cushion sincerely the bottom side of the small window become visible air-cushion.

8 2-2.Shox In 2000,NIKE releae a new technology of shoes,SHOX, is a pillar-shaped high-density PU column, General NIKE AIR main function is to shock and stability,Relatively poor in terms of energy rebound. The Shox can provide a good capacity to rebound

9 2-3.NIKE Free NIKE Free technology is a fairly simple concept principle revolutionary technology, based on the anatomy of the human foot research and development to improve the human foot for their help. To use bendable soles to imitate barefoot movement action, human foot can help develop a more robust muscle groups

10 2-4.Lunarlon In recent year,NIKE used the space technology lightweight foam technology,Gravity uniformly dispersed in the feet, to achieve the effect of ultra-lightweight cushioning and flexibility.30% lighter than the ordinary PHYLON foam.

11 2-5.flyknite NIKE flyknite Innovative uppers completely the use of polyester filaments are tightly interwoven with various density: the need to enhance the flexibility or air permeability of the target area to provide a more open structure, while in the area supporting force is required to create a relatively tight design. The Flyknit line composed of lightweight single vamp, removal of surface design to reduce the weight and reduce waste.


13 2-6.others

14 3. Conclusions In the 20th,we are in a technical of age,so many item you can choose to fit what you sport,so let’s get off you seat and do some exercise.

15 4. Reference Shoes master.


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