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SILVERS’ GARAGE (2008) LTD. Parts Priced to Move May/June In-Store Specials.

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1 SILVERS’ GARAGE (2008) LTD. Parts Priced to Move May/June In-Store Specials


3 $ 55.99 each Crankcase Ventilation Filter CV52001
High efficiency crankcase ventilation filter for Cummins ISB6.7 engines. $ each

4 $ 129.95 each Panasonic AM/FM CD Player with Remote CQCP137U4A
Play CDs, plug-in a portable MP3 player or smart phone using the front-panel input jack. Control the radio from your sleeper using the wireless remote. $ each

5 Battery COM31D Performance Edge Group 31 battery. 660 CCA, 180 RC stud post/SAE post, high cycle battery. Maintenance free, performance and quality. $62.99 w/exch

6 10 % off Reman Steering Gears
MTAS40042R, MTAS55001R, MTAS65001R and MTAS40040R Remanufactured to meet OEM specifications using ISO quality certified processes. 10 % off

7 $ 280.67 each Starter Motor LNM105602
Titan gear reduced starter motor, 5 kW, fits applications up to 11 L engines. $ each

8 $449.00 each Kysor K30 On/off Fan Clutch 2602141C91
Better by Design. Fewer moving parts and an innovative design that improves belt life, provides for easier maintenance and trouble-free service. $ each

9 Lube Filter LF9001 Venturi™ Combo Lube Filter. Cummins applied, REAL world tested. Extended service lube filter provides unmatched engine protection. $ each

10 $ 7.95 starting at Anti-Seize Lubricant PTX80208, PTX80078
Permatex® Anti-Seize Lubricant. Use during assembly to prevent galling, corrosion and seizing. Highly refined blend ensures easier disassembly. $ 7.95 starting at

11 $ 139.99 each ABS Modulator Valve BAN801481
QR modulator valve with 1/2" NPT ports and Packard connector. $ each

12 Headlamp GEH6054HO High output halogen hi/low headlamp, 200 mm. Up to 80 percent more light on the road. More light and twice the life of standard halogen lamps. $ each

13 Air Spring GY1R12303 Super-Cushion Air Spring. Replaces a wide range of competitors' parts. $ each

14 Motor Oil ES455556 1300 Super 15W-40. Premium CJ-4 heavy duty engine oil formulated for long engine life. 80 years heavy duty specialization. $ each

15 $ 634.00 each Charge Air Cooler 2608775C91
Cooler, charge air Freightliner. $ each

16 $ 179.99 each Alternator LN110555JHO
J-180 Mount Alternator. 12 V, 160 amp, brush type, triple nickel alternator. High temperature and vibration resistant, low speed performance. $ each

17 LED Lamp ZBJ53252 SuperNova® Stop/Tail/Turn Lamp. 4" round red, 10-diode pattern. Grommet mount. Tin-plated pin connection, solid brass pin terminals. $ each

18 $ 169.79 each Gear Lubricant ZJB236100C
75W-90, meets requirements of major axle manufacturers for extended service intervals. Case of 12. $ each

19 U-Joint 5675X Spicer Universal Joint Kit. $ each

20 $ 79.99 each Brake Chamber ZZGC3030LCW
Gold Seal Spring Brake. 3030L. 3.0" stroke with welded clevis. $ each

21 $ 210.25 each Clutch Replacement Kit FULK2468
Original product design with the latest engineering updates for optimum shift life and performance. For popular RT, RTO and RTX applications. $ each

22 A/C Compressor C91 7H15 with 6PV, 125 mm clutch, GWA head. Alternative compressor used on International Truck models 2006 and newer. $ each

23 $ 1450.95 each Air Slipper Trailer Side Skirt ZFA03402290
Durable 16 gauge ribbed aluminum trailer side skirt. Cuts fuel consumption by up to 6%. US EPA Smartway verified advanced and C.A.R.B. compliant. Also includes ZFA $ each

24 $ 35.95 each E-Flare Beacon GBTF250R
Compact, 360° high visibility. Advanced LED technology. Environmentally superior to chemical flares. Takes four AA batteries (not included). $ each

25 Seating S188900MW61, S188900MW62, S188900MW63, S188900MW64, S188900M Next Generation Legacy Silver HB. 22" cushion and back, air lumbar, isolator, full recline, adjustable armrests, 4-position cushion. EVC, Black Uleather. $ each

26 $ 7.75 starting at Donaldson Stepped SealClampsTM
DONX007785, DONX007784 Delivers full 360º clamping area, reduces noise and exhaust leaks. Order the everyday special M muffler with your clamps. $ 7.75 starting at

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