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Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers

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1 Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers
Komatsu Middle East Parts Depot Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers

2 Hydraulic breakers Applications Constructions Quarries Mines
Utility ,inside cities

3 Hydraulic breakers Which needs is a customer hammering into OUR head ?
One Face support Solution High Impact Energy Reliability & Durability Low running costs Ecological

4 YES, Komatsu has it ! High impact Energy
Dual power source, hydraulic and gas Long piston (stroke) Less lost energy transfer by Same diameter (weight), piston & chisel hydr. energy Long piston (stroke) gas energy same diameter

5 Reliability & Durability Low running cost
YES, Komatsu has it ! Reliability & Durability Low running cost A unique and simple design leads to: Only 2 moving parts Fewer parts item, approx. 30% less No internal accumulator ! Effect of gas cushion Effect of unique side bolts Effect of dust preventer

6 Effect of Unique Simple Structure
30% fewer parts than most other hammers Reduce large volume of inventory parts for DB and end users Reduce cost of repair and reassemble Only Two Moving Parts Control valve Moves to change oil flow direction Piston Moves up and down in cylinder Length ensures positive alignment with tool Control Valve Piston

7 Effect of unique side bolts
Side Bolt Nut Rubber Cushion Side Bolt Ring Side Bolts (4) Cylinder cover Cylinder Nut Chisel holder Helisert `Competitor

8 Unique side bolts (Detail)
Small differences ? … big results !

9 Effect of dust preventer (same as others)
Piston Chisel Patm Air P P Air Intake Valve

10 Effect of gas cushion (Same as others)
Hydraulic Cushioning Orifice on return side provides good hydraulic cushioning Protecting carrier’s hydraulic system from pulse Reducing the frequency of maintenance of Hy’d hammer Hydraulic Cushion

11 Effect of Nitrogen Cushion Chamber (Unique)
Absorbing recoil energy of piston filled at Komatsu pressure Reducing shock waves to carrier Reducing stress on seals by low gas pressure Easier maintenance compare to high/ low pressure chamber N2 Gas Chamber

12 Hydraulic Breaker Trend
1st generation Mechanical Spring Type (disappear) 2nd generation - Hy’d & Gas system with Accumulator (still Common) 3rd generation Hy’d & Gas system without Accumulator (Most recent)

13 First generation Mechanical Spring type
Steel spring installed in cylinder cover Short life – tried many kinds of spring Tried air spring type also

14 Second generation Accumulator type Accumulator installed
Filled Cushion gas in cylinder cover Additional bush and seals

15 Second generation Accumulator type: advantages
Pulse absorbed by diaphragm Low cushion gas ( Impact energy generated by hy’d pressure) Impact energy directly affected by oil flow Accumulator type: disadvantages Increasing number of consumable parts Life of consumable parts Low impact energy when diaphragm broken Maintenance of accumulator (Cause of closedown) Accumulator easy damage due to pump performance improved (improper oil flow adjustment)

16 Third generation Non-Accumulator type
Eliminate accumulator to lower the failure rate Decrease number of components Easy maintenance

17 Third generation, Non-Accumulator type
Difficult points for development of Non-Accumulator type A. How to Reduce the Pulse Restriction in IN and OUT circuit Accumulation of KNOW-HOW for degree of restriction Limit pressure fluctuation by change of piston stroke & large Dia dimension B. Holding Impact Energy Adjustment of cushion gas redesign hy’d circuit (improve efficiency) C. Impact Efficiency How to harness pressure energy efficiently under gas pressure from 3.5 to 8- 10kg/㎠ Adjustment of piston Dia

18 Rammer – Montabert - Furukawa – Krupp/Atlas – NPK
Competition Rammer – Montabert - Furukawa – Krupp/Atlas – NPK

19 Type of Hammer Gas Only: NPK High Cushion Gas Pressure
High Recoil (High Vibration Value) complicate to Refill Cushion Gas Hydraulic + Gas: Komatsu, Krupp, Okada, Furukawa Non Accumulator (Komatsu) Easy to Refill Cushion Gas Low Gas Pressure Fewer Component Parts Hydraulic Only: Montabert, Indeco Need Big Accumulator Impact Energy affected by PxQ directly Low Recoil

20 Competitors NPK Manufactured in Japan
Installing Accumulator on carrier required at customer’s expense Replacing a sleeve in a cylinder required High Cushion Gas Pressure ( 2.4 ~ 2.7 Mpa) 100% reply on Gas Pressure ( Hammer doesn’t work without gas pressure. Komatsu hammers run at half power without gas pressure.) Krupp Manufactured in Germany Accumulator installed on Hammer Montabert Manufactured in France Market confused by Ingersoll Rand acquisition Expensive component parts Use big accumulator Two speed as option (Called as Thinking Hammer), almost no need

21 Competitors Furukawa Manufactured in Japan Use Accumulator
Expensive component parts Rammer Manufactured in Finland Complex structure and many moving components Absorbing recoil energy by using springs & rubber buffer pad Body swings in housing (Loss of energy and high wear) Indeco Manufactured in Italy Low Unit Price Known to have tool ( Chisel ) problems Similar to Montabert Design

22 Competitors

23 PC200 Construction Industry Manufacturers Association

24 CIMA PC200/220

25 Product range Introduced in Middle East

26 Jordan – PC350 / JTHB230

27 Ireland – Mc Hale PC150 / JTHB100

28 Ireland – Mc Hale PC150 / JTHB100

29 Bosnia – Herzegovina TEIKOM PC450 / JTHB65

30 Finland – SRO PC27MR / JTHB30

31 Finland – SRO PC228 / JTHB150

32 Ireland – Mc Candless PC210 / JTHB190

33 Funzi Keys – Kenya PC200 / JTHB150

34 Sweden – Swelog PC340 / JTHB310

35 Croatia – TEIKOM PC450 / JTHB310

36 Croatia – TEIKOM PC340 / JTHB310

37 Iceland – Kraftvelar PC340 / JTHB310

38 Germany – GP Baumaschinen
PC450 / JTHB310

39 Germany – GP Baumaschinen
PC450 / JTHB310

40 Remember … Thank you for your interest in this great product !
High Impact Energy => Dual Power source Reliability & Durability Low running costs => Simple & efficient design => Built on experience => No internal accumulator ! Back Pressure resistant => Fits on any excavator Ecological

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