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Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers Komatsu Middle East Parts Depot.

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1 Komatsu Hydraulic Breakers Komatsu Middle East Parts Depot

2 KME Parts Depot  Constructions  Mines  Quarries  Utility,inside cities Applications Hydraulic breakers

3 KME Parts Depot Which needs is a customer hammering into OUR head ?  High Impact Energy Hydraulic breakers  Low running costs  Ecological  Reliability & Durability  One Face support Solution

4 KME Parts Depot Less lost energy transfer by Same diameter (weight), piston & chisel Long piston (stroke) hydr. energy gas energy same diameter Dual power sourceDual power source, hydraulic and gas Long piston (stroke) YES, Komatsu has it ! High impact Energy

5 KME Parts Depot Reliability & Durability A unique and simple design leads to: Fewer parts item, approx. 30% less Only 2 moving parts No internal accumulator ! Effect of gas cushion Effect of unique side bolts Effect of dust preventer Low running cost YES, Komatsu has it !

6 KME Parts Depot Effect of Unique Simple Structure  30% fewer parts than most other hammers  Reduce large volume of inventory parts for DB and end users  Reduce cost of repair and reassemble Only Two Moving Parts 1. Control valve - Moves to change oil flow direction 2. Piston - Moves up and down in cylinder - Length ensures positive alignment with tool Control Valve Piston

7 KME Parts Depot Effect of unique side bolts Side Bolts (4) Cylinder cover Cylinder Chisel holder Rubber Cushion Helisert Side Bolt Nut Side Bolt Ring Side Bolt Nut`Competitor

8 KME Parts Depot Unique side bolts (Detail) Small differences ? … big results !

9 KME Parts Depot Piston Chisel Air Air Intake Valve Effect of dust preventer (same as others) P P atm P

10 KME Parts Depot Effect of gas cushion (Same as others) Hydraulic Cushioning  Orifice on return side provides good hydraulic cushioning  Protecting carrier’s hydraulic system from pulse  Reducing the frequency of maintenance of Hy’d hammer Hydraulic Cushion

11 KME Parts Depot Effect of Nitrogen Cushion Chamber (Unique)  Absorbing recoil energy of piston filled at Komatsu pressure  Reducing shock waves to carrier  Reducing stress on seals by low gas pressure  Easier maintenance compare to high/ low pressure chamber N2 Gas Chamber

12 KME Parts Depot Hydraulic Breaker Trend 1 st generation - Mechanical Spring Type (disappear) 2 nd generation - Hy’d & Gas system with Accumulator (still Common) 3 rd generation - Hy’d & Gas system without Accumulator (Most recent)

13 KME Parts Depot Mechanical Spring type  Steel spring installed in cylinder cover  Short life – tried many kinds of spring  Tried air spring type also First generation

14 KME Parts Depot Second generation Accumulator type  Accumulator installed  Filled Cushion gas in cylinder cover  Additional bush and seals

15 KME Parts Depot Second generation Accumulator type: advantages  Pulse absorbed by diaphragm  Low cushion gas ( Impact energy generated by hy’d pressure)  Impact energy directly affected by oil flow Accumulator type: disadvantages  Increasing number of consumable parts  Life of consumable parts  Low impact energy when diaphragm broken  Maintenance of accumulator (Cause of closedown)  Accumulator easy damage due to pump performance improved (improper oil flow adjustment)

16 KME Parts Depot Third generation Non-Accumulator type  Eliminate accumulator to lower the failure rate  Decrease number of components  Easy maintenance

17 KME Parts Depot Third generation, Non-Accumulator type Difficult points for development of Non-Accumulator type A. How to Reduce the Pulse  Restriction in IN and OUT circuit  Accumulation of KNOW-HOW for degree of restriction  Limit pressure fluctuation by change of piston stroke & large Dia dimension B. Holding Impact Energy  Adjustment of cushion gas  redesign hy’d circuit (improve efficiency) C. Impact Efficiency  How to harness pressure energy efficiently under gas pressure from 3.5 to 8- 10kg/ ㎠  Adjustment of piston Dia

18 KME Parts Depot Rammer – Montabert - Furukawa – Krupp/Atlas – NPK Competition

19 KME Parts Depot Type of Hammer Gas Only: NPK  High Cushion Gas Pressure  High Recoil (High Vibration Value)  complicate to Refill Cushion Gas Hydraulic + Gas: Komatsu, Krupp, Okada, Furukawa  Non Accumulator (Komatsu)  Easy to Refill Cushion Gas  Low Gas Pressure  Fewer Component Parts Hydraulic Only: Montabert, Indeco  Need Big Accumulator  Impact Energy affected by PxQ directly  Low Recoil

20 KME Parts Depot Competitors NPK  Manufactured in Japan  Installing Accumulator on carrier required at customer’s expense  Replacing a sleeve in a cylinder required  High Cushion Gas Pressure ( 2.4 ~ 2.7 Mpa)  100% reply on Gas Pressure ( Hammer doesn’t work without gas pressure. Komatsu hammers run at half power without gas pressure.) Krupp  Manufactured in Germany  Accumulator installed on Hammer Montabert Manufactured in France  Market confused by Ingersoll Rand acquisition  Expensive component parts  Use big accumulator  Two speed as option (Called as Thinking Hammer), almost no need

21 KME Parts Depot Competitors Furukawa  Manufactured in Japan  Use Accumulator  Expensive component parts Rammer  Manufactured in Finland  Complex structure and many moving components  Use Accumulator  Absorbing recoil energy by using springs & rubber buffer pad  Body swings in housing (Loss of energy and high wear) Indeco  Manufactured in Italy  Low Unit Price  Known to have tool ( Chisel ) problems  Expensive component parts  Similar to Montabert Design

22 KME Parts Depot Competitors

23 PC200 C onstruction I ndustry M anufacturers A ssociation

24 KME Parts Depot PC200/220 CIMA

25 KME Parts Depot Product range Introduced in Middle East

26 KME Parts Depot Jordan – PC350 / JTHB230

27 KME Parts Depot Ireland – Mc Hale PC150 / JTHB100

28 KME Parts Depot Ireland – Mc Hale PC150 / JTHB100

29 KME Parts Depot Bosnia – Herzegovina TEIKOM PC450 / JTHB65

30 KME Parts Depot Finland – SRO PC27MR / JTHB30

31 KME Parts Depot Finland – SRO PC228 / JTHB150

32 KME Parts Depot Ireland – Mc Candless PC210 / JTHB190

33 KME Parts Depot Funzi Keys – Kenya PC200 / JTHB150

34 KME Parts Depot Sweden – Swelog PC340 / JTHB310

35 KME Parts Depot Croatia – TEIKOM PC450 / JTHB310

36 KME Parts Depot Croatia – TEIKOM PC340 / JTHB310

37 KME Parts Depot Iceland – Kraftvelar PC340 / JTHB310

38 KME Parts Depot Germany – GP Baumaschinen PC450 / JTHB310

39 KME Parts Depot Germany – GP Baumaschinen PC450 / JTHB310

40 KME Parts Depot  High Impact Energy  Low running costs  Ecological  Reliability & Durability => Dual Power source => Simple & efficient design => Built on experience => No internal accumulator !  Back Pressure resistant => Fits on any excavator Remember … Thank you for your interest in this great product !

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