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Rastafarianism By Brandon Dombrowski, Thomas DiAntonio.

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1 Rastafarianism By Brandon Dombrowski, Thomas DiAntonio

2 Brief History Began in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica in 1930 Referred to as the Rastafarian, “Rasta” or “Rastafari” Movement Very similar to Christianity and Judaism Founder can be seen as Hailie Salessie I, but Marcus Garvey provided the founding prophecy

3 Important figures Hailie Selassie I ◦November 2, 1930 Ras Tafari Makonnen became Hailie Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia ◦ Founder of Rastafarian Movement ◦ Name means “Might of the Trinity” ◦ Seen as the fulfillment of Marcus Garvey’s prophecy ◦ Seen as the Supreme Being of the Rastafarian Movement ◦ Seen as Christ Reincarnate on earth

4 Important Figures Marcus Garvey  Born 1887 in Jamaica  The very first to preach Black Nationalism in the Western world  Seen as the founder of the Rasta movement for his stance on Black Power Prophecy: “look to Africa, where a black king shall be crowned, for the day of deliverance is near.” ◦ That year Selassie was coronated (1930)

5 Important Figures Leonard Howell  Early leader in Rastafarian movement  Teacher of Six Fundamental Principles  1. Hatred toward white race  2. Superiority of the black race  3. Revenge of the whites for their wickedness  4. teaches the negotiation, persecution, humiliation of government in Jamaica  5. Preparation to return to Africa  6. Hailie Selassie is the Supreme Being  Many of these principles were modified or abandoned

6 Major Beliefs Liberation from white oppression Black supremacy Doctrine of repatriation to Africa Haile Selassie is divine.

7 Seven Basic Beliefs of Rasta Movement 1. Black people were exiled to the West Indies because of their transgressions. 2. The white man is inferior to the black man. 3. The Jamaican situation is hopeless 4. Ethiopia is heaven 5. Haile Selassie is the living God 6. The Emperor of Abyssinia will arrange for expatriated persons of African descent to return to the homeland 7. Black men will get their revenge soon by compelling white men to serve them

8 Common Principles Vegetarian diet ◦“i-tal” – “essence” or “nature of things” ◦More holistic Prohibited from drinking alcohol Dreadlocks ◦Rejection of social norms “Nyahbinghi” ◦“Black victory” ◦Celebration involving dancing, drumming, and smoking ganja “I-talk” ◦The words “you” and “me” are not used. Only “I”

9 Christian Relation Rastafarian is not a form of Christianity Incorporates Christian elements ◦Africa as “Zion” ◦Outside of Africa “Babylon” ◦God as “Jah” from “Jehovah” Belief of Emperor Haile Selassie as being reincarnated ◦As the savior Jesus Christ

10 Modern Rastafarianism Associated with reggae music and dreadlocks ◦Which have a religious basis to them ◦Bible tells them to not cut their hair ◦Represent roots in Africa Bob Marley is the most famous Rastafarian His music promoted the use of peace ◦Quite significant to Rastas

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