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9/21/11- Proverbs.  Complete your word families chart.

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1 9/21/11- Proverbs

2  Complete your word families chart.

3 Be an active listener and copy down the notes. Ask and answer questions. Raise your hand none. Make sure you SLANT- sit up, lean in, ask questions, nod Your head and take notes.

4  “folk wisdom,” general advice about how to act and live  Metaphorical not literal  Passed down orally- use alliteration, rhyme, parallel structure, repetition of key words or phrases, and strong imagery.  reflect the cultural values and physical environment from which they arise

5  Look before you _______.  Don’t throw the ____ out with the bathwater.  Where there’s a will, there’s a ____.  All’s well that ends ____.  Don’t count your ______ before they’ve hatched.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a _________.  A stitch in _______ saves nine.

6  Clichés are widely used, even overused, phrases that are often metaphorical in nature.  Clichés often have their origins in literature, television, or movies rather than in folk tradition.

7  She was white as a sheet.  He is bad to the bone.  The tension was so thick you could cut it like butter.  He stood as still as a deer in the headlights.  As easy as pie.  Like taking candy from a baby.  You could read her like an open book.

8  Read “The Voter” by Chinua Achebe p. 128-134  Complete proverb activity

9 Brainstorm and complete your cartoon. Be creative. Quiet voices with your partner or the teacher only. Help each other. If you need more assistance, Raise your hand And I will come to you. You may sharpen pencils and get supplies as needed Complete all parts of the activity. Keep sidebars to a minimum.

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