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Chapter 29 Taking on Segregation.

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1 Chapter 29 Taking on Segregation


3 Thurgood Marshall NAACP 29 out of 32 Cases in Supreme Court
Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas

4 Ended legalized segregation in the entire United States
Brown v Board of Education, 1954 Ended legalized segregation in the entire United States



7 Rosa Parks Decided to fight segregation
Sat on the first row of seats on a bus When asked to move refused Arrested


9 Bus Boycott Organized by a little known pastor of local church who really did not want to do it. Refusal to ride buses Marched every where Rode in cars and organized rides for all Supreme court finally rued that bus segregation was illegal

10 The Little known Pastor was Martin Luther King Jr.

11 SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Non-violent protest against segregation

12 SNCC Students Nonviolent coordinating committees
Picture is Atlanta Division



15 Freedom Riders


17 The March on Washington (I have a dream Speech)

18 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Established Federal Commission of Civil Rights Established a Civil Right division in the Justice Department to enforce Civil Rights Laws Enlarged Federal power to protect voting rights

19 Civil Rights Act of 1964 Banned most discrimination in employment and in public accommodations Enlarged federal power to protect voting rights and speed up school desegregation Established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to ensure fair treatment in employment

20 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Eliminated voter literacy tests
Enable federal examiners to register voters

21 Civil Rights Act of 1968 Prohibited discrimination in the sale and rental of most housing Strengthened anti lynching laws Made it a crime to harm civil rights workers

22 Types of Segregation sought
De facto segregation Segregation that exists by practice and custom De jure segregation Segregation by law

23 One of the worst violent outbreaks in the history of the US
Watts, California


25 New Leaders begin to emerge

26 Stokely Carmichael Black Power Black Panthers

27 April 4, 1968

28 James Earl Ray

29 Affirmative Action Efforts to consciously hire or employ people who have been discriminated against

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